Friday, December 08, 2006


Bit of a mad morning, woke to no network connection, then spent 30 minutes talking to some dude in Auckland, who I think has fixed the problem... YAY
My visitors arrived en masse, and we all went grocery shopping for tomorrow night... $500 later, meat, buns, cheeses, etc etc. (lucky it wasn't my credit card being used) hee he

Once they go I'm off to Aqua Jogging, and it's raining, cool!
Later....Just got a phone call from my Mum in Australia, she is flying over here today! Staying for 4 days and then going home again! I just about cried, was so happy! I havn't seen her since April, and certainly wasn't expecting her today!!!
Gotta rush, aqua jogging awaits..... Did the aqua jogging (inside) so am feeling good about that.
I AM SO EXCITED !!!! Mum is due in 2 hours! And there is a chance that a girl I was BEST FRIENDS with in intermediate school is visiting tonight as well.... I havn't seen her in 35 years !!! OH MY GOD, I am nervous as hell. Apparently so is she, so I will wait and see if she comes, it will be so neat if she does.
Why do so many exciting things happen all at once !! ....
Picked up me Mum, that was so nice, my littlies didn't recognise her! It's been over a year since they saw her, and she's so brown now!!! All that lovely sun in Aussy, I am so envious.
Then my old school friend turned up with her husband from Marton (about 35 inutes away from Palmerston North), and we spent a lovely 45 minutes catching up on the last 35 years !!! We are not going to leave it so long again! This has been an awesome day! I am so lucky I think! ...

Here is my Mum and the little kids....

Today: STEPS: 9225 (7.68 kms), STAIRS: 8, AQUA JOGGING: yes, WATER: 2 litres

Nite nite !


  1. Hi there,
    Sounds like your having a busy week. Had to laugh at your puppy, our spaniel would also rather sit himself with his nose pressed firmly against the screen door rather then sit in comfort in his basket. If I change rooms he runs around the deck and sits directly outside whatever room I am in.
    I have had to lock my blog (long story) but if you try to log in my username is
    Password: Lynise1970

  2. Have fun and enjoy the time with your mum! Will also be great for you to catch up with your old friend:) Sounds lile you will have an fun weekend. See you next week.


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