Saturday, December 23, 2006


Every morning the kids wake up and immediately ask "how many more sleeps till Santa comes?", two more ! Then they are going to be riding their bikes non stop and staying outta my hair.... YAA HOO.

TODAY: I'm off to weight watchers with my friend Chris D, followed by our trip to our fav coffee shop for a "skinny" Latte. Then when I get home it will be an immediate turn around and back into town with Stew and the Kids for their saturday lunch in town... always McDonalds! But they only go there for the toy, so today I'm going to get some cheap $2 shop toys to give them when we take them to a decent place for lunch instead. I am sick of them only ever having McDonalds. It's not like its even cheap there, and the food is YUK. What else? Maybe give the house a thorough tidy up in readiness for Monday .... when it will be turned upside down with boxes, paper and toys everywhere. later....

Been into town and had a lovely lunch at Breakers... kids ate their lunches just fine and got thier wee toy ( that worked!). What a nice change from McD's. Then we did some last minute Xmas shopping, amid the mad crowds. Yee Gods, it's cold today! There is no way you could call this summer.
I have spent the last hour trying to upload a photo again for my profile, but Blogger is not letting me, I'll keep trying tho. later...

Got a photo on for me profile, it isn't the one I wanted, but Blogger just wouldn't upload it... darn. It was a nice one of me at goal too. The one up now is about 5 months old and not how I want to look.... working on it...

Here is "Madam Muck" lounging around in her improvised couch in the lounge... rather cute! I've just been for a walk with Izzy, 3.2 kms. Later on I'm getting on the exercyle and then having a sauna.... neat.

TODAY: STEPS: 14091, EXERCYCLE: 30 minutes, WATER: 1.5 litres. Nothing else!


  1. I'm off to the market and then the hairdressers so no WW for me today. Have a great weekened and if I don't get back here before Christmas - Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

  2. Yay for Christmas!! Good luck with your stand against McDonalds!
    Oh and I cant see your new profile pic?

  3. 2 more sleeps, hmmm just enough time to get my house clean for Monday as well. Enjoy your family lunch.

  4. You can buy Mc'Donalds toys without purchasing their meals or anything. Im a collector of topys so I do it all the time.

  5. Well done for making lunch fun without having to go to McD's... such a pain when all they want is the toy.

    2 sleeps woohooo



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