Sunday, December 24, 2006


The excitment is building, Griffin was up and in bed covering me with kisses this morning.... and I got strict instructions to make sure I left out a drink and biscuits for Santa tonight.... coke no less! 'Cos Santa loves Coke it seems.
Today: finish tidying the house, go get food for tomorrow (BBQ type stuff), and relax cos I got nothing else to worry about till Boxing Day, when we will have to pack in readiness for going on holiday on Wednesday.

I am hoping that I can access the internet while we are away, otherwise this blog is going to be very quiet till the middle of January.... will keep my fingers crossed.
(I forgot to mention: yesterday I had a glass of diet coke at lunchtime, and two double Bacardi and cokes at dinnertime, I LOVED the coke!) But... I shall never ever start drinking 3 Litres a day again. So not good for me, my legs were blown up like balloons last night, and I'm darn sure it was the coke...

Ok, house and yard are as tidy as they are gunna be, been grocery shopping for tomorrow, we are having "rubbish" for lunch and a BBQ for dinner, nothing too stressful. Afterall, it's supposed to be a fun day, not one where I get all hot and bothered eh? I can't wait till tonight when the littlies are in bed and we get to put all the presents around the tree... it always looks so magical.

Ok, got lots to do this evening... santa is due soon, have to get him a drink and biscuit or two....catch ya !

TODAY: STEPS: 7944, WATER: 2 litres, EXERCYCLE: 30 minutes. That's all folks.



  1. Lachlan isn't up to asking 'how many sleeps?' yet, but it will be exciting when he does. All he knows is that Santa is taking his dummies away and leaving him presents (and he keeps telling everyone! hehe). I hope your Christmas is filled with joy, love and loads of happy moments. Have a great day and enjoy your holiday.

  2. Ohhh How exciting - I was saying to Mum just yesterday that I am so jealous of people who have kids to spend Christmas with. I can't wait to have my own. It just makes it extra special.

    Santa would most likely LOVE a coke! I mean he works ALL night and would need caffeine somewhere along the way. Hot Chocolate is great when you are on your way to bed and New Zealand is near the start of his list :P


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