Wednesday, December 20, 2006


TODAY: Kids to school, it's their last day, like, how come they have to have holidays??? 6 weeks of "Mum, can I ?.... Mum, Griffin's annoying me.....Mum, can we have?....Mummmmmm", shit I hope I don't kill em ! I am so over kids. For all you out there yet to have em.... they don't stay cute, adorable babies, you will spend 2 years teaching them to talk and walk, then the next 15 telling them to bloody well shut up and sit still !!
Anyway, I digress.... after dropping them off, it's the gym for my 2nd Vibe session, no hangover this time! Yaaa. Then at 12 I'm doing aqua jogging. So most of the morning will be physical stuff. Cool.

My God Telecom sucks!!!! I have been trying to get online for 2.5 hours already, and finally it's working again! I've had a lovely morning, did my gym workout, followed by the Vibration Machine workout, then home to do some housework and then back to the gym for Aqua Jogging..... Steve stayed home and looked after Brylee and Griffin for me.
We are lucky to still have the Vibration Machine to use, someone broke into our gym last night and tried to steal it! It would appear it was too heavy for them cos they left it lying on it's side and only got away with the steroeo system instead. Nasty bastards!
At least they didn't damage the machine, cos I sure enjoyed using it today, no nasty headache today. I did the beginners programme on Monday, and the intermediate programme today, which was a bit more strenuous. On Friday I'm going to try the Expert programme.... later...

Kinda a quiet afternoon, made dinner for family, lamb chops and veges, then took Izzy for a nice long walk. Have watched the telly mostly since then.... talk about lazy!
STEPS: 13972, GYM: yes, VIBE: yes, AQUA: yes, WATER: 1.5 Litres
I'm pleased with my exercise today, good no# of steps. Wasn't that good with food, I am going to have to change what I do at home, so I don't get bored and eat.... that's what I have been doing! Boredom = eat myself silly. nite nite


  1. Yes you rlife will certainly be noisier for the next 6 weeks, but think of all the laughter they will give you as well. Enjoy the gym today. I am trying to get some inspiration from you and get there myself.

  2. You gave me a laugh about the kids and their first 2 years of life then the next 15!

    Should see you Friday - had a stinker headache today. Have a great week.


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