Monday, December 04, 2006


Well another wet day in Palmy, and I've got lots to do today.... kids to school, visit Stew, ring Aorangi Hospital and get information Re: Mikes wee op on Wednesday, and HOPEFULLY get to the gym as well. Oh yeah, and do the housework and get a plumber to come and fix the kitchen tap, it is leaking (think the seals have gone) and we keep getting up to water all over the bench, tho today it was all over the floor as well... oh just what ya wanna get up to. NOT !
And my poor puppy is spending far too much time on her own and I feel so guilty ... must try and have her inside with me much much more.... trouble is she's like an annoying toddler under foot all the time... BUT she is beautiful and I love her.
AND... I am going to take a leaf outta Sue's book and BE GOOD, BE HONEST WITH MYSELF, and no more cheating on the diet.... I AM GUNNA TRACK - TRACK - TRACK, and stick to my points allowance. 20 points and no more, and make healthy choices. So there ! I want to fit me gorgeous jeans again.
11.30 am... YAAAAAA...he's being let out. I can go get him sometime this afternoon, and as long as he doesn't trip and break his bloody leg, he ain't going back.
I'm now waiting for the plumber, we have to get a new kitchen mixer/tap thingee, 2 - 3 hundred dollars later.... just what ya need right before Xmas, more darn bills. Might just have some lunch, something HEALTHY and not fatttening.....

My gorgeous Izzy, is a twit! She has a lovely kennel, her own couch to lie on and what does she do? Perch on a chair gazing inside wistfully! What a silly tart. She had been inside for ages today and we go tired of her antics and put her out again at dinnertime.... cute.

Stew is feeling a bit sore and tired so he's taking tomorrow off work, lucky he has unlimited sick leave where he works. Might get to the gym tomorrow thank goodness, I want to see if they have the new Power Plate machine yet, so can't wait to try it. I think maybe I'm hoping it will do the trick for me and get me losing weight again. We will see....
Today : STEPS: 7633, STAIRS: 8, WATER: 1.5 Litres. No gym or walk.


  1. I have a golden retriever too - nearly 2 years old! he is such a dope! but sooo cute! Love that photo!

  2. What a CUTE photo!!!!!!!


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