Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Ezibuy are having their Boxing Day "Nothing over $30 Sale" today, can't wait to get there! They have some really nice clothes that are usually up to and over $100, so I'm hoping to pick up a dress or two for $30....

The rest of today is going to be spent packing the cars for tomorrow, and getting the house tidy AGAIN. later...

Well, queues and queues of people.... and the clothes I was most interested in were not on sale for only $30, typical. I did however, pick up two more pair of workout pants, so all good. We are now doing the big clean up and pack up... this is the time when I get all ratty and start screaming at people usually, so LOOK OUT ! Wish I could just for once skip this part. later...

Here we have one totally EMPTY wardrobe......

And HERE we have all the clothes... I am just about ready to chuck the whole bloody lot out the window onto the roof ! I don't know how these two pigs find anything to wear that's clean... I know I'm not the only mother with PIGS in her house, but really!!! I am just getting so annoyed. Is that some floor I can see in the middle?

We are outta here tomorrow, and if it's still like this when I get home they are gunna be sorry.... it will all go in a rubbish bag and get chukked out of my house.

RANT OVER... kinda.... it's not just clothes on the floor, it's everything they own, and dirty dishes, rotting food, mould growing on top of left over drinks... get the drift??? And my favourtie word is "TIDY".... I'm not an obsessive compulsive tidier, but it's close!

We are slowly getting there re: packing.... had to get all the washing up to date first, and put away before we could start.... got another mountain of towels to fold... buggar.

LOOK AT THAT!!! Having a rant and rave works !!!! So, now all they have to do is about 6 loads of washing while we are away, haha ha.


  1. Have a great holiday Chris. What a mess....

  2. mi ma canto peixe e que caro vai!!! eu quixera saber xq todas as rubias dese país tedes a mesma cara de muñeca de nenos pequenos?


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