Tuesday, December 19, 2006


TODAY: Kids to school, gym, walk, last minute Xmas shopping....
I don't really need to get anything else, but I just love the Christmas atmosphere around town, so am going in to soak some of it up!
Woke up this morning and got on the scales.... shouldn't have! I've gone up 2kg!!! 83.5...... hmmmmm, wonder if that is all the grog I drunk the other night?? Or was it the pavlova, cheesecake and cream??? Shit, the rate I'm going I shall be huge again in no time!
Time to STOP and seriously think about what I really want, to be fit and healthy, and a "normal" weight .....I must remember just how fantastic I felt down in the low 70's, and get back there.

My girlfriend tried the Vibration machine today, she loved it! It's not called a Power Plate by the way, our machine is called a "FIT X", and it is cool! Remains to be seen if it actually will help with weight loss, toning, fitness etc. I am going to take all my measurements today (eeeewwww) and compare on a monthly basis. Wonder if I dare post me measurements??? I have darn sore calves and inner thighs today, but thats because I did 120 bloody squats yesterday at the gym, first time in months I did the whole lot in one session. And I got heaps of cramps in my calves after drinking so much on sunday night, seems alcohol can do that !! NASTY STUFF. later....

I've had a lovely afternoon, fell asleep after lunch!! Then went into town for a few essentials, man it's hot out there today! Ok, not as hot as Aussy, but hot for here. Ain't it neat seeing kids doing some work? Wish it was MY CAR they were cleaning tho! Steve even hung out the washing today, hmmmmm ... wonder what he's done? Or was he just being nice? Time will tell eh? lol later....

Today: STEPS: 10193, GYM: yes, WALK: yes, WATER: 1.5 litres


  1. I feel your pain mate, I have seen more pavlova in the last week then I have all year..........blinkin Xmas parties *sigh*.

    Stay strong!

  2. 2kg is nothing. I have certainly gained more than that. And I have been dreaming about pav. Thanks for your email. Still no news, hopefully later today. I think the machines sounds like fun. Go for it Chris you can lose the 2kgs..


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