Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yaaa, a normal day looms.... am off to the gym to meet my walking buddies once I've taken the kids to school. Then I am going to finish wrapping Xmas presents and post them away to the family up north.
Then I am going to try and find who sells roller skates, cos I want to be able to skate behind the littlies when they are on their bikes! interesting mental picture me thinks! haa ha.... later...
I finished my shopping,and am now home having my lunch...I was such a good girl, I walked past heaps of coffe shops starving and didn't buy a thing! I am tracking my food, counting my points.... now I just have to continue being good for the rest of the day!

My Mum got home safe, had to circle Sydney for 1.5 hours due to a thunder and lightening storm tho. It was so lovely for her to come over, even though it was so short. later, the housework awaits....

Weird, I can watch my son get cut open but when Brylee hit her head on her scooter this afternoon... a totally different story! Luckily Steve was here to help me take her to the Doctor cos my legs went like jelly!!! They put some sort of glue on the cut to keep it closed and steri strips as well. It's right up by her hairline so won't be a problem when she's all grown up and gorgeous. Hmmm, now what was I doing before that happened?
Dinner: weightwatchers prepared meal, 6 points. So I am still being good. And for the first time in months I have already hung out tomorrow's washing, on the outside line too! So it better be fine tomorrow is all I can say, cos I'll be pissed off if it rains.

Brylee is bound to have a sore head tomorrow, and it's the school's visit to a park and pool with miniature train ride etc, they are supposed to be walking there but I think I'll drive Brylee down to meet her class. So she won't get there with a headache hopefully. She will not be able to have a swim though, but she does understand why.

I am not happy with how the nurse handled tending to Brylee's wound, and plan on having a word with our Doctor about that asap. The nurse used a special medical glue to try and join the edges of the cut, but she spilt it in Brylee's hair, then literally poured it all over her forehead and it almost spilt into her eye (would have been disastorous, it's like super glue !), then she mucked up the steri strips and ended up putting one over the top of the other .. and after all that the darn cut is not joined properly and it is still bleeding a bit. I am not a happy mummy! So, rant over on that front.... am going to get on the exercycle for a while.

TODAY: STEPS: 14728 (12.27 kms), STAIRS: 5 x's, WALK : yes, WATER : 1.5 litres, POINTS: 22


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  2. Awwe poor little Brylee, looks quite nasty and what a stupid, clumsy nurse that was supposed to help to make things heal better and the cut is still bleeding you say, yep I feel a complaint is maybe needed about the nurse that was SUPPOSED to be taking care of Brylee.

    I remember when I broke my foot, the nurse told me to just walk on it...HA I couldnt' and she just stood and watched me hop out of the room with no offer of help, crutches or nothing...absolutely disgusting.

    Some medical staff should not be in that line of work if they can't be understanding or compassionate.

    I hope Brylee gets better very quickly especially as Christmas is just around the corner.

    Take care
    Linda x


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