Friday, December 22, 2006


Today I am having my last aqua jog of the year, and next year I don't know if I'll do it anymore, I am just not getting anything out of it.... I think I'd be better off to do 40 laps of the pool instead. So I am going to give it some thought over the holidays and maybe change to swimming.

Stew finishes work this afternoon for 3 weeks, so that will be great. He is almost back to 100% on the health front, thank god. We are so looking forward to getting to the beach and unwinding, I'm taking one of our kayaks, the orange one, and will get a photo of me and Brylee in it, as a comparison to the one taken 3.5 years ago, where I was so huge it's a wonder the bloody thing didn't sink! I havn't been on it since then either and I'm really looking forward to it.

Today I'm off to the gym, then home to do the usual... housework. later...
I just put a new photo on my profile page, it's of me 2 years ago, at goal... and that is where I am going to be again, SOON. roll on 007...

11.20... OK, I've decided not to do Aqua today afterall, the sun is shining and I'm gunna get a start on me tan! Did 40 minutes on the treadmill then 25 minutes on the Vibration Machine, and now I've just finished vacuming half the downstairs. Thats me for now... going to find me togs (eeww) and lie in the sun. later...

Ain't this cute??? I'm seriously thinking of getting one once we are back from holidays..... it will cost $5 a fortnight for me to get to the gym and back every day compared to $80 for my car !! Hmmmmm, I want one NOW.

It has been a fairly quite afternoon, lay in the sun for about 45 minutes then the kids, Stew and I went into town to look at scooters, had some McDonalds for afternoon tea (YUK YUK), then home. Town was Mad, a million trillion people spewing out of shops and businesses. later...

Ever felt like smashing your compter??? Honestly I do often, and it's not even the computers' fault, it's TELECOM and their bloody useless internet .... grrrrr.

TODAY: STEPS: 11023, GYM: yes, VIBE: yes. Did 30 mins exercycle this evening too. POINTS: 25, WATER: 2.2 Litres.


  1. Nice photo Chris. You can get there in 07 I have no doubt.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Chris.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog recently.
    Congratulations on your weight loss so far and have a great 2007.


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