Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It bloody rained on me washing! And it looks like an iffy day for the school trip to the park too.... oh well, we'll just have to wait and see if it's still on.

The POWER PLATE machine is definitly arriving today, so after I drop Brylee off (with Steve to look after her), I'm going to the gym to check it out and have my medical, so I am allowed to use it. Seems you have to be medically fit to use it, hmmmm, think I'll pass that one! I'm as fit as a horse.

10.30... Been to the gym, Brylee at school, picking her up and driving her to park later.... am home having some breakfast/lunch, and me dog is licking me legs...eeeew! must be sweaty eh? Hope to get to aqua jogging at lunchtime.... will have to see if Steve is going to be with Brylee or not so I can leave her.

Stew and I are going to the movies tonight to see the new James Bond movie... I havn't seen one of those in years! Sean Connery was THE BEST, so don't know what I'll think of this new one. Hope I can resist the lollies.... no.... I WILL RESIST THE LOLLIES, Lets be positive! later....

4.30 pm... been to aqua jogging, sun was out so lovely, then walked home from gym (2 kms) and waited for Steve and Kids to get home from school trip. All went well with them, so I left them to it and went into town for some more gym pants from Ezibuy. Success, they had some! Dinner is in the oven, casseroled chicken thighs with a sweet and sour sauce, potaotes and veges.


Well.... Daniel Craig made a wonderful Bond! Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and the lollies DOH ! But didn't have many, forgive me sorry self! Am looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully I will get my first turn on the power plate machine finally!

TODAY : STEPS: 16081 (13.40 KMS), STAIRS: 10, WATER: 2 litres, GYM: yes, POINTS: yep, too many.


  1. So what about the Power Plate machine?
    Did you enjoy the movie - Mark and I tried to go on Saturday night, but it sold out while we were in the queue!

  2. Hi deary,,,
    How did you find the vibra thingy?
    I found that once I got used to the odd feeling (especially when sitting on it to help cellulite in the legs) it was good. Bit strange at first but you quickly learn what to expect. You really must be super woman with the amount of things you get done. At 10.00 this morning I had only just cleaned up the breakfast mess and made the beds, can't imagine trying to fit in exercise that early in the morning.


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