Sunday, August 14, 2016


Coco is a bit bothered.

The MENACE is in the house!

That would be Archer.  He loves the dogs so much, but they don't really love him back.

Coco is much more tolerant though, and will try and escape if she can from Archer's loves.

ABOVE:  Is this a 'save me' face?  Probably.  

 ABOVE:  He just wants to hug her!  Oh, and pull her hair, kiss her on the face, poke her eyes, and just BE with her.  

ABOVE:  Coco tries to get away from him, and at one point he held on too much and Coco just cried!  Stew did his best to allow Archer to hug Coco, but protect Coco at the same time.

Archer tried it with Tallulah too, but he got nipped on the hand!  Archer was gobsmacked, and just stood there frozen in shock!  Holding his little hand out ... then he toddled over to Bex and wanted a 'kiss better'.

There was NO damage thankfully.  We do try to keep him away from Tallulah, though she is pretty good at avoiding him 99% of the time.

She doesn't snarl at him or growl at him, and in fact seems to like the little kids, just not when they grab her or pull her hair.  Fair enough really.

Now, today.... the guys are going to assemble the Hobbit Playhouse.
While they do that, Bex, Archer and I are going into Hamilton.
Bex wants to check out David's Emporium, then we are going shopping for some things for a Special Event later on this year.

So, that's all for now... catch ya later.


Well everything is going like clockwork today.
Bex and I went into town, but sadly didn't find what we were looking for.  So, we will look at other options.
I got a soft muzzle for Tallulah, but it didn't fit, so I will take her into Hamilton and try and find one that does.

I heard from a dog trainer last night, and a muzzle is what she recommends (for now), until we can get her to stop biting/attacking/being nasty.

We got home to this:

 ABOVE:  Steve working on the Hobbit House...

ABOVE:  wood on my sewing room wall, so now I can attach the batting and calico.  Then I will finally have the design wall I so wanted.

I'm so happy!  THANKS a million Steve ♥.

More random photos:...

ABOVE:  The house is finished.  Steve will put a covered deck onto it... well it has the deck now, but we want to cover it eventually. It will give the kids even more room to play back there.

Dante thinks it's his new home, and he wants to live there.  So cute. 

It has been a really lovely day.  One of those days where everything goes right.
Looking forward to more days like that.


  1. You have a awesome son. And you and Stew are such great parents. The hobbit house is already looking cool. Have a awesome day.

  2. Gorgeous photos of Archer and Coco. The Hobbit house looks amazing-what fun for the little ones.

  3. Oh, I love the Hobbit House - what great fun your grandchildren are going to have with that. Well done Steve (and Stew). Really pleased to see how the house and garden have come together, and how much you're enjoying it.

  4. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Archer and Coco too cute... The house is cute as I can envision pottery hous4es toadstools and hanging baskets around ohhhhh one of those cool fairy doors on a tree trunk even lol.. Dante is too cute see the kids wont want to go home. It's me Blondie.

  5. I LOVE the hobbit house, the kids are going to have so much fun it

  6. I LOVE the hobbit house, the kids are going to have so much fun it

  7. What a fantastic little house for the kids! I love that it's in under the trees too... way more magical. Well done Steve, you are very handy indeed :)

  8. I love your hobbit house - I can see you having lots of fun fitting it out for the kids. Are you going to put in some plastic window flaps to stop the rain getting in the windows?

    1. Once Steve puts the roof over the deck, rain should not get in. The kit came with clear plastic pieces to put over the windows, but we didn't put them on as the kids love leaning out the windows! So cute.

  9. Oh you can just feel the love for the dogs from Archer!! That hobbit house is too cute - wish I had grandchildren to put in one!! x

  10. That hobbit house is adorable!

  11. Love the hobbit play house!!


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