Tuesday, February 03, 2015


I'm drawing a total blank on what to yabber on about right now!

It's just another normal day.  Sorry.

It's day's like this I think I should stop blogging, cos NOTHING is happening.

And who wants to read about nothing?  
I will do some housework.
I might do some sewing.
But that's about it.

So, unless the situation changes.  Catch ya later.


Oh I do remember something.  I've got a bloody sore ear.  One of the new piercings that I got in me earlobe is throbbing.  It was 100% OK until about 4 days ago, then boom, outta nowhere it's sore.
Not nice.  I hope it settles soon.  I hate the idea of taking the earring out and having it close up on me.

I haven't even had a chance to put in my new Christmas diamond studs yet.  Pffffft.

DOGSTAR:  The new earrings have been in about 3-4 weeks I think.  I'm too scared to take them out right now!  It will hurt.  I'm a sook.

ABOVE: Yesterday's treasure.  I got the twirly spice thingee for Brylee, she can put her nail polishes in it.
And the old mirror...well I love old mirrors.  It doesn't have much detail, but it's in good nick and I'm sure I can find somewhere to hang it.

Because I'm a bit bored, I'm taking myself off to Botany for a wander around.

Well I didn't go to Botany... I went to Onehunga. And I went shopping .... now about to have lunch with Stew in Greenlane.  I've bought something I sure didn't expect to buy today!

Wait till I get home and can show you!

OK.  So Botany didn't thrill me, so I decided to go to check out fabrics in Sewing Machine World in Onehunga.

I get there, I park, I wander down the road and before I got to the fabric shop I pass an SPCA Op shop.  So I go in.

I see two things immediately and grab them, then continue around the shop.

I pass this item of FURNITURE.  I stop.  I look.  I have this long, long conversation in my head, it went something like this:

"Wow that's nice.  Yeah, but do I NEED it?  No I don't, but oh, it's so nice.  It would look nice somewhere in my house.  BUT.  I really don't need it dammit.  Maybe if I wander around some more, it will get sold and I won't have to worry about it". 

So, I wander some more.  And end up right back in front of it.  There's some old fulla looking at it, stroking it... and I'm like  .... "DAMN, he's gunna buy it!"   

But he moves on.  So I sit down on a couch near it, take a photo and send it to Stew, asking him what he thinks of it?

And he takes 10 seconds too long to reply, so I ring him!  And yep, he likes it and says if I like it that much he's sure we can find somewhere to put it!

So's... I buys it!  And it fits in me car.  So I load it in, then finally go to the fabric shop!

Where I buy some fabric.  Cos well... that's why I went to Onehunga after all!


 ABOVE:  the two 'small' items I got from the op shop.  A Tupperware craft box (excellent! Now I have two for me sewing shit), and an enormous ceramic bowl, perfect for big salads etc.  And it's a perfect match for stuff in me dining room.

ABOVE:  The fabrics I bought.  How gorgeous is that shell fabric?  I can see it matches that vibrant blue perfectly.  Now... what to make with it?

The item of furniture is still waiting at the foot of the stairs, I can't carry it up on me own and Bex is all puffy and tired.  So I have to wait for Griffin to get home before I can take a photo.

So... ya have to wait too!

ABOVE:  Well... there it is.  What do ya think???  I'm thinking about painting it distressed white like the other stuff in there, but I will think about it for a while first.

Dante is in the photo because when my camera comes out he is now starting to say 'ME, ME' and posing!

OMG!  Bex just went into the kitchen to find water all over the floor... under the sink has sprung a leak AGAIN.
I raced outside and turned off the water mains.  Now we await the menfolk.  They can find out what's leaking.  We could hear a high pitched hiss under the sink, I think it's coming from the water purifier.  I think.

I can't bear the thought of another flood!!!

Crisis averted with the mini flood.  Stew got home shortly after I turned off the water and disconnected the water purifier. It has shat itself.  So, we will get a new one at some point.  In the meantime, regular tap water will have to do for those who drink that ikkky shit.

End of Day:  well it started out pretty ho-humm... but got better!
Gotta love a good buy.
nite nite


  1. It's all right if you have nothing to say. I just like how you update regularly whether anything is going on or not. Bummer about your ear. I wonder what happened. My teenage son wants to get a ear piecing soon. How long has the earring been in? It may be long enough that you can take it out and clean everything and put it back.... I guess I don't know though. It has been about 30 plus years since I had mine done.

  2. Might be a bit infected. Get something to put on it, you can do it with the earring still in. I remember having to do it when I first got my ear pierced. From memory it is just the antiseptic they give you when you get them done, assuming they still do that.

  3. Hiya Chris. Do you have any pure lavender oil? If so, put a few drops around the piercing each day. Lavender oil has great natural antiseptic/antibiotic properties. I use to work with a wee boy who had a stomach gastrostomy feeding tube and we use to put a couple of drops of lavender oil at the point where his tube went into his tummy. The hospital said it was the cleanest neatest tube entry point they had seen - they are apparently notoriously known for getting easily infected etc.

    1. I don't have any, but certainly will consider it if me ear is still sore in a day or two. I cared for a wee girl for over two years who had a gastrostomy, and we never tried lavender oil. Her ostomy was always getting mucky.

  4. ... mmm (kid-free) lunch and shopping: my perfect day! xxxx

  5. At least Dante is co ordinated with the rest of the decor LOL

    Bugger about the leak but at least is was found before it got too bad.

  6. I can see why you wanted it. It's lovely....Bugga about the water hope it doesn't take much to fix it

  7. Wow loving the rack! Score can't wait to see everything all in place! Hope the water issue isn't a problem.

  8. Don't paint it white - it will take away from the items that are on it.

  9. Pretty! LOL on Dante! Glad the leak wasn't too bad.

  10. Hopefully your ear gets better. Another nice find, enjoy.

  11. Shame about the water purifer......hope your ear is better.....used to put antiseptic on mine and try to turn it......I know it hurts but you have to try!! Love the shell fabric!


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