Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Griffin came home from school yesterday with a notice about the Intermediate Camp, which is to be held from Monday 11th August until Friday 15th August, on Motutapu Island.

Two years ago Brylee went on a very similar camp, and it rained virtually EVERY day the kids were there, so the activities planned for the camp were severely restricted.  In fact most of the water based activities were not held at all.  I might add, there was no refund for all those activities the kids didn't get to do.

So, Griffin brings home this advance notice.  And I am thinking... why the hell would I want to pay $275 for a 5 day trip that is bound to have half the activities rained off?  

WOULD YOU be happy for your kid to go to a camp, on an island, in the middle of winter?

The last camp Griffin went on, Stew went too... to make sure Griffin coped, and returned with all of his clothes/shoes/bedding etc.

So, I've kinda told Griffin he possibly won't be going.  So he's packed a shit.

Like he does.  Often. 

I sent an email to the teacher organising the camp last night, asking a few pertinent questions, like the weather, and what alternative activities they had in mind.  She said there would be other things there to do if it rained.

I expressed my concern that in the weeks leading up to camp, would all the kids be working on 'camp related' projects in class?  And if so, what about any child/children who were NOT going?  Would they have to do all the camp work, and end up very unhappy because they were not going?  Surely my kid is not the only one possibly NOT going?  She didn't have an answer to that one.  

I asked about WHY the school kept doing these camps in the middle of winter, and she said they were working on getting the camp dates changed for 2016.  Yeah, good one.  

I asked her would Stew be able to attend as a Parent Helper, so he could help keep Griffin organised?  Answer:  no idea.  They already have more than enough volunteers, and Stew would have to pitch his name in 'the hat' and hope to be chosen, OR he could pay to attend.  God knows how much THAT would cost.

So, not that happy with either choice (stay or go) for Griffin right now.

What would you do?  Let him go?  Make him stay here?

Today?  I'm thinking of reading a few blogs, then doing a bit of housework, and some sewing.  In no particular order.

Right.  That's ME for now.  


Doing the housework first it would appear.  I've even hung washing out, in drizzle.  There was a really heavy fog this morning too.

Kids at school, Bex and Dante at Playcentre.  My morning is QUIET!  I'm trying to rip me facial hair off with some stuff I bought ages ago... ya heat it in the microwave then apply to chin/upper lip.  It seems to be working fairly well... not as good as at the place in the mall.  But, I was starting to look like I had grown a woolly jumper on me face!

CAMP:  it's really isn't about the MONEY side of things.  It's the time of year they choose to go.  And when you are paying a decent amount of money for your kid to experience certain things, and they don't get to do them due to rain... well it just annoys me.

AND as for Stew going.  Yep, I kinda agree on reflection, he doesn't need to go.  (even though he'd love to)

Griffin does need to start taking responsibility for his own gear/safety.

Soooooo.... thanks for all your opinions, which is an OVERWHELMING ... LET HIM GO!

He can go.   I am sure he will be super excited when I tell him.   

There will be some jobs set for him to 'earn' some money towards the camp, that's an excellent idea.

I always pack each day's clothes in separate bags, so he SHOULD be able to manage that eh?

gem:  Griffin is quite a nice boy, except when he's packing a shitty!  Stew and I will actually miss him.

So, I'm sitting here with a stinging face.  I think I did pretty well with the hair removal.  Not as fast or accurate as in the mall, but good enough.  

I used a product called 'Nair Sensitive Wax'.  Anyone used it?  Do you know of a better one?

TRACY:  true true! Wonder how I can take THAT photo... I will give it a go, or maybe Bex can take it.

Happy Elf Mom:  again, so true, I do.

When Griffin got home I told him to sit down as I had something to discuss with him.... then Bex and I started asking him what had he done 'wrong' lately?

Of course, he had no idea, he reckons he's done NOTHING wrong!  It was fun for a little while, then...

I told him that thanks to lots of my friends on my blog, he was going to camp afterall!

ABOVE:  one happy boy.  "Thanks ladies", from Griffin.

I just went out to get more potatoes for dinner, we have none!  
And by the time I got home I was really angry and tried ringing the Police, but the buggers don't answer their phones after 4 pm, unless it's an emergency, then you dial 111.  
So, that's something to do tomorrow.  I will tell you about it tomorrow.  
Right now, I must get started on dinner.

End of Day:  time for bed. It's been a nice evening, good to wind down after a busy day.
nite nite


  1. I'd let him go so he wasn't left out. They do Science Camp here for a week and pretty much everyone goes and parents aren't allowed. I'd hate for my kid to feel left out.

  2. I have made mine do all school camps when they would rather not go, it's all part of the school experience ... fortunately though for my kids their camps were always either in early December or March when the weather was definitely better.

  3. Absolutely he should go and he is well old enough to not have Stew take him. That is entirely the point of a school camp. If he looses something then so be it. My son lost his brand new track pants back in the day. You have enough notice to put the money away. To say he can't go is simply wrong in my opinion.

  4. Griffin should go, he will have a ball, rain or not. Also Stew doesn't need to be there, one of our grandkids is so forgetful but when he has do, he manages ok. All part of growing up. I do agree the timing could be better but he will have fun.

  5. Let him go... like the others have said he'll have a great time regardless of the weather... You could always set him some jobs to 'earn' some money towards it...? My stepdaughter came home with a notice about a camp to Ayers Rock... $1200!! We said she could go, but I suggested she check if any of her friends were going - I had my doubts as her school is not in a 'wealthy' area... sure enough, they weren't, so she didn't want to go. Phew! :-)

  6. Definately he should go, it is a goid experience and a sharing experience with his classmates. Often they form new relationships & get to know each other better. Also, Stew not being there means he has to learn to deal with stuff himself, there are also plenty if parent helpers and teachers and if you let them know your concerns they will keep a special eye on him nut without singling him out. It does seem to be a silly time to go but even if it pisses with rain, the kids have that shred experience, if he stays behind, he will possibly feel even more isolated when the others return all talking about the camp, what happemed, laughing about who said or did something so funny they all cracked up etc.

  7. He should go rain or shine.

  8. He most deffinately should go without Stew. Just think 5 days Griffin free worth every penny.

  9. I agree that he should go and think it is a good idea for him to do some jobs to help pay for it. It will be a good experience if he goes alone and has to be responsible for his own things.

  10. He should go - camps are about forming connections with your peers and sharing the experiences...such up the cost :)

  11. I think he should go. Life isn't about money but creating memories. Even if it rains im sure 'its something that he will remember for the rest of his life. As for Stu I think he should stay at home and make Griffin responsible for his belongings. I raise both my boys on my own and have for many years and we go without a few things so they can go to camp. This year I want to send Liam (17) skiing with the school but he isn't keen. Its at 18 hr. drive from the Gold Coast to the snow! :(

  12. Anonymous10:18 AM

    What they said :-) my grown up kids still reminisce about their school camps today, even though at the time they usually came home exhausted, sick and hungry because they are fussy buggers. They also lost stuff but I knew that would happen. Just don't send his best gear. You won't be the only one! It's a very special bonding time with their peers rain, hail or shine.

  13. Hey Chris, yes, I recon he should go too for all the reasons everyone has noted above. I also think it's a good idea to have him contribute financially - as also noted above - some responsible paid chores etc between now & then would be good for him!!!

  14. Oh yes camp camp in the rain for boys they still have fun, boys rain mud how could they not have fun. I hope Stew gets to go if not perhaps setting Griffin challenges now so he is geared up for camp I always got Samuel to write on a list things he took as he packed once the list was done we laminated it and he checked it off when packing to come home his responsibility at that end

  15. Let him go and without Stew. Get him some clothes you are worried about and tell him you trust him to bring them home again. I have in the past put my sons clothes into a daily bag, he then just pulls that bag out dresses and puts the dirty clothes back in that bag. No parents are usually required at high school so be good practice for him.

  16. Let him go Chris, I myself loathe school camps, but he will feel so left out and knowing how kids can be cruel, he might get teased if he doesn't. When the other kids come back from camp he will feel really unhappy as they talk about camp and they will most likely do projects or some school work related. God knows that boy needs to feel special, after the way he has been treated by some people.

  17. I'm glad he will go. Very, very important part of his school life and life experience. Now instead of "what if it rains" how about "wow, imagine if the weather is amazing!!" Turn the thought around. He will have a blast whether it rains, blows or freezes.

  18. See this is one of the reasons you keep blogging!! You have heaps of people to "discuss" things with :-). Please take a photo of Griffins face when you tell him he can go.

  19. Ohhh I just signed Elf and Emperor up for two separate camps this summer. They're both autistic. And will be going alone. I am crazy. But home all summer isn't good either? I go back and forth on that one too, but I've already paid and you know how that goes.

  20. I don't know why they don't play in GLAD you decided to let him go kids love it. With all the drama that has been going on he will like a break. He sure is growing up!!!! He is a handsome boy!

  21. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Shot those f***ers they cant get away with that shit....specially when they have inocent members of the public in there hands.....

  22. I'm late to the party but I join the chorus of "Let him go!" and I'm glad that you decided that way. (Love the pics of his reaction...what a good-looking boy!) I also agree that Stew doesn't need to go, Griffin is old enough to take responsibility for his own belongings. And yes, good idea to let him earn some money to contribute to costs. Win win all round!

  23. Why did Bex ask Griffin what he had done wrong? You are his mother.

    1. Anonymous7:50 PM

      Well if you actualy read the caption, you will see that Bex and mum both asked him together what he had done was a joke...and correction...I actually am biologically but hay...its Algds.

  24. Sorry, I misunderstood, I didn't realise you were teasing him about if he done anything wrong lately. So glad he is happy, what beautiful photos of him. He looks so happy.

    1. He is a happy boy Magpie. He is loved by us and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

  25. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Yay Griffin! Hope you get to do some cool stuff at camp. I still have fond memories of being brave enough to abseil. Actually, I wasn't, but a girl in my class called me chicken and I couldn't have that! Penny xo

  26. Message for Griffin - you had better have an awesome time at camp mate :-).

    I am looking forward to hearing the drama that apparantly ensued whilst on a potato purchasing trip.

  27. Have a fun trip Griffin.

  28. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Omg, he's adorable! So glad you are letting him go. Camp is great for learning to be independent. For me camp trips are some of my fondest memories growing-up even when it rained. :)
    ~Nicole in CA


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