Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Keera and Dante are both sick.
Bex is going to get an appointment for Dante first thing this morning, and Lacy has made one for Keera at 11.45 am.

Stew and I are off to Papatoetoe first thing this morning to get a new tyre for his car, then we shall pick up Lacy and Keera and take them to the Doctor.

Last night was pretty rough for Dante.  He's got a very heavy cold, a nasty cough AND conjunctivitis.  The kid is utterly miserable.
I'm sure Keera is feeling rotten too, I just hope she doesn't have conjunctivitis too.   

So, apart from two sick babes, everyone else is well... for now!
I don't think I could handle anyone else getting sick right now.
There is just too much going on in this family right now.   

Our son in Australia is going through HELL right now.
He is being denied the RIGHT to see his own children, and it is killing him inside. 

All I can say about his EX on here is : 'What goes around comes around'... and the sooner the better thanks.

I'm getting more and more nervous as the days go by.  Next week Stew has his job interview for the 'new position' that is replacing his existing job.  I am literally shitting bricks whenever I think about it.  
I hate to think how Stew feels about it?

Time... it's such a waiting game... and as I said, it's getting to me.

Trying very hard to eat well, and not let emotional eating take over.  

Once again, I don't have any photos for the start of the day!  Oh well... I'll take me camera with me to Papatoetoe, who knows, there might be something there to take a picture of?
Ya never know...


Home.  We have had a very busy few hours out and about.  First off, Stew's car got it's new tyre and alignment.  While that was being done we had a look around Papatoetoe.

ABOVE: I had been told about a craft shop in Papatoetoe before, but hadn't been able to find it.  Today, I did.   I thought it would be run of the mill, but once inside I was pleasantly surprised.  It's set back from the road, that's why I hadn't found it before.

It does not have an enormous amount of fabrics, but some were really lovely.  I managed to find a few to bring home... thanks to Stew paying for them, thanks Darling.  

We then wandered down to Hunter's Plaza, which I didn't even know existed!   It was a very nice little mall... not many people in it.  We had a hot chocolate at a nice cafe in there.

Then we picked up Stew's car and then we picked up Lacy and Keera, and headed off to the Doctor's.  
Funnily enough, we met Bex and Dante at the Doctors too.
So, Keera saw a Dr and was prescribed some asthma medication for her cough, Dante was given more paracetemol for his cold, his chest was clear so nothing else for him.  

He looks so puffy right now too... the Dr said it was down to the virus he's got.

Stew saw his Diabetes nurse, who changed his medications as the metformin wasn't working for his blood sugar levels.

In a minute I shall take a photo or two of my pretty fabric and pop them on here. 

End of Day: sorry I forgot about the fabric photos!  I'll get them on here tomorrow.  It's been a really lovely evening here, just winding down after spending virtually all day going to and fro.  
nite nite


  1. Have a perfect day, you deserve it

  2. Things have got to settle down for you soon. I really wish for the best for you with Stew's job. I can't imagine the emotional turmoil you are going through with that along with everything else. Kudos to you for keeping your eating in control with all that is going on.

  3. Aw poor wee mites, hope they get on the mend soon. We are madly downing Vit C garlic and fresh vegetable homemade juices everyday lemon and honey drinks with school production looming we can't afford for anyone namely Samuel to be sick!!!

  4. Can Russ get legal help? I had to take my ex through the legal system over here. Different circumstances (he took my son and wouldn't return him). It cost a small fortune to get it sorted but worth it in the end. Happy to talk to him about anything if he wants too...

  5. I hope the kids get better soon.

  6. Sorry to hear the little ones are sick. Nice you managed a little bit of time to yourselves. Hopefully everyone is feeling better quickly.


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