Friday, May 02, 2014


I saw this little 40 second video on Facebook, and just had to share it.  

I am sure you will all agree!

This is what I ordered at the Playcentre Tupperware Party last night:

 ABOVE:  Yaaa.  A really decent rolling pin, which has inserts you can add on the ends to vary the thickness of the pastry as you roll it out, and the inserts also double as cookie cutters.  The pastry sheet is an excellent size too.  I've got an old Tupperware Pastry sheet, but it's nothing compared to the new one.

The new one has conversion tables on it too.  Handy dandy!

ABOVE:  I wanted some more containers for fridge left overs etc, but the actual 'Fridge containers' were three times the price of these 'Freezer' ones.  So I got the freezer ones to use in the fridge.  Works for me.

Bex and I are already booked to attend another party in a couple of weeks!  AND I've got a little list, but really, there's not too much more I want or need from the latest product lines.

So today?  Bit of this 'n' that.  Thought I might go down to the Hospice Shop in Takanini, I've not been down to that one in months.  


Another day where I forgot to update!

But really, I've been doing bugger all.   I didn't find anything to buy at the Takanini shop.  I don't really like that shop, I don't know why?

Oh well.  The kids went for a walk with Bex and Dante.  Once they were all home again, I made lunch and sat down and did some knitting.

Totally boring, and I don't blame ya if you are less than impressed with me post!

I'm going to try and do something 'fancy' with beef tonight.  I bought two thick slabs of beef steak and I hope to slice it through the middle and add bacon/cheese and mushrooms, then tie them up and bake them.  

Fingers crossed it is nice.

KATE:  yes Hospice Shop in Manukau is open on Saturdays till early afternoon, I'm not sure of closing time though.  

I am happy thanks MAGPIE, but I do worry my blog is on the wane and sometimes I feel like I should just stop now before it makes me downhearted.

I don't want to move to Facebook like so many bloggers have.  I love my blog.  And my readers... well... pretty much most of them!  *smiles*

To be honest, there are some fairly nasty minded people out there, and when they leave me a nasty comment, it hurts, and I start to doubt if I should be blogging at all.

I simply REFUSE to publish very nasty comments anymore, as it can cause a shit storm, and I've got enough shit in my 'real' life without adding more!

*sigh*... anyway, I shall go and knit a few more rows until it's time to get dinner on.

Thanks for popping in girls.

MICHELLE FROM SYDNEY:  I did sell Tupperware many, many years ago.  I sold it because I love it, and believe it is an amazing product, and the fact that it has a LIFETIME warranty is very appealing too.

I wouldn't sell it now though, cos I doubt I would enjoy the pressure and stress that would entail!

I just burnt my HEAD.  I was searing the outside of the meat before stuffing and wrapping the parcels for baking, and one of the really big slabs of meat sploshed down heavily into the boiling oil and it splashed up and got me on the hairline and forehead.  OUCH!
I'm sure I will have a blister or two by tomorrow.  What a twit.

I just hope dinner is super yummy now.  I made a huge mess of the kitchen too!  

Thanks girls.  I am feeling a bit low right now... the situation with Stew's job is close to a resolution, and I'm really stressed, as is Stew I'm sure.
We don't talk about it much as it's been 'hanging over us' for months and months now, and it's really depressing.  

I think I'll partake of a few tipples tonight. Because I get silly when I've had a few, and it helps quieten the evil thoughts.

I'm really happy with the two long Chevron Strips I've knitted.  Now I will have to tidy up all the 'ends'... a nightmare job.  Then decide what I should do with it?

End of Day:  I am actually going to bed early tonight.... OMG!  I JUST LOOKED AT THE CLOCK AND IT'S LIKE... AFTER 11 pm.  SO MUCH FOR 'EARLY'.  Oh well... it is my bedtime now, so I will bugger off.  
nite nite


  1. Love the video. Must admit I kept wondering why poor Cooper had to wait until Daisy has hers - then it all became clear. Enjoy your shopping.

  2. Love that video, boring is ok, if you are happy that's all that matters

  3. I love that video. So gorgeous. We've been out to manukau school shoe shopping. Was meaning to go to the hospice shop and forgot! ! Are they open Saturday?

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I love reading your blog as it is so different to mine. You give me inspiration to be able to keep to deal with the bullcrap in my life, your never boring i ready your blog as if i was getting advice how to deal with certain things i.e bratty teenage daughter with a mouth i wish i could see up permanently hehe.

    So thank you for continuing to blog.

    1. Anonymous10:08 PM

      Omg cant believe how many words were replaced. Dumb auto correct, correcting my sentence i guess that what happens when I'm out and about bored and check your blog daily. Lmao my fault.

  5. I had seen this and love it Cooper gutsy piggy! Tuipperware has some really neat things out now. But yes pricey.

  6. Anonymous4:23 PM

    That clip is so funny ... thanks for sharing! Have you ever considered having your own tupperware party - I imagine you would make some good savings if you wanted to buy a lot. No, I don't sell it :-) Just a suggestion.
    Michelle from Sydney.

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Oh my gosh that video is just too cute!!! I love tupperware. I tidy my cupboard all the time and everytime I look for something it explodes out. No one in my house puts it away neatly.

  8. You have so many followers, may people like myself would read everyday but not comment because they are a bit shy or don't know what to say. Don't give up, don't be downhearted, everyday life is the best as long as you have family and friends who love you. You are blessed to have your creativeness, I want to sew and knit, but I always think what will I do with the item. I am trying to minimise stuff in my house so if I make more things where will I keep it.

  9. dont even continplate stopping blogging young lady
    I think we have all sold tupperware at some time in life lol

  10. Anonymous5:24 PM

    You are not boring Chris, if anything, it is a relief to see you having days that aren't filled with drama! I agree, I find it sad that people go to FB - I know they do it for good reasons for them but I am trying to get away from FB! Penny xo

  11. I hope there is a good resolution with Stew's job. When will you know? It's just so unfair to be put under this stress for so long.

  12. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Please don't go to Face Book, I will not join it and know others that feel the same.
    As many in my family including my Mother have passed, and we don't have family get togethers anymore. I look forward to reading about your daily activities, it reminds me of my once large family, sharing the laughter and tears but always being there for each other, something that I can relate to when you share your day with us all.
    I also enjoy reading about your hobbies and admire how talented you are. Keep on blogging and make a lot of people happy. Maree

  13. Your blog is never boring. It has become a daily ritual fir me that I love. I understand why you are down. It must be very stressful

  14. Never boring. Love reading it everyday. Hole there is a good resolution to the job situation. Very stressful for you both. Have a good weekend.

  15. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Love your blog Chris I read it daily, keep your head up hunny

  16. I agree never boring...I love reading your blog everyday...please please don't stop.loved the video. My god that Dante is soo cute!!

  17. Cute video. Hope you get some good news with regard to Stew's job. Take care and hope have a good weekend.

  18. Hardly anyone comments on my blog lately but that's ok. I like it for myself. I'm always looking things up on when they happened or for pictures I posted.

  19. I love your blog. Even on "boring" days.

  20. And remember, there are lots of people like me who read and enjoy - but never comment.


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