Saturday, May 10, 2014


But I'm probably not.
Someone has to get up and sort Keera out, feed her, change her, all the usual stuff you do with a toddler.

I was lucky yesterday morning, Bex did the preliminary care of her until I got up.

Bex has been a godsend actually, she often helps care for Keera... so I do get a break sometimes.

Last night Bex bathed both toddlers, then I cut Keera's fringe (bangs), and did her hair.

 ABOVE:  when I take those bands off, I expect her hair will be all kinky!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Every Friday night, Stew arrives home with the drinks for the next few days.  And Dante helps unload them into the fridge, which is really cute as he huffs and puffs while doing it!
Keera helped the guys last night too.  Little kids just love to 'help'... unlike bigger kids!

I must remind Griffin (as suggested), that he has to do more jobs to help pay for that school camp!  Maybe if I do, he will do the jobs with better grace?  One would hope so anyway.

Lacy is due back here mid-afternoon to pick up Miss Keera.

After doing that knitting recently, then getting on with some sewing,  I've come to realise that SEWING is definitely my passion, not knitting.

It will, of course, be nice to do some knitting in the evenings in the lounge, that is fairly sociable.  Whereas when I'm sewing, I'm down in the garage on me own.

I wonder how long my passion for sewing will last?
I used to be passionate about pottery, and did it for quite some years.  Now?  It's the last thing I want to do!

Have any of you done that?  Been passionate about a craft, then years later not like it at all?

I hope I don't stop loving sewing, now that I have McDreamy! (my Brother Dreamweaver)   

I decided to name my baby Brother sewing machine too... she is now McAnn, because she is a special 'Limited Edition', to celebrate Brother's 100 year Anniversary.  I feel she is special in her own way, being a limited edition machine.  *smiles*  

At some point I intend making both my Brothers a pretty new fabric cover.

Right, I better go and sort out that toddler.  And get the washing on.  Life is so....  predictable lately.  Which is good, cos it means there is no drama going on!


LYNDA: I saw this on your blog and thought it was a very good message to share, so I'm sharing it:

We are probably ALL guilty of not taking the time to actually LIVE in the moment, instead of having our faces looking at a small screen.

I also totally agree, we may have "XYZ" number of 'friends' through social media, but in real life?

I was dreadfully lonely when I first moved to Auckland, even though I seemed to have heaps of 'friends'.  That hasn't really changed.  The only reason I don't spend half my days feeling lonely is because Bex and Dante are here in our home now. 

ABOVE:  Dante isn't feeling well today.  He's a bit hot and lethargic, and kept Bex and Steve awake a lot overnight.  It's probably just teething issues.  But still, we shall be keeping a close eye on him.  And Keera, well,  she seems 100% well and happy.

She's having a nap right now, so it's only Dante up at the moment.

MARKD60:  I do have SKYPE, and if I can remember how to use it I will add you.  Then we can say 'Hi' in person!  

ABOVE:  Fluffy, kinky hair.  And she loves it.  She has been walking around tossing her head around and running her hands through it!  What a typical girl!

Dante has been really 'off' today.  And the likely reason?  Constipation!  He has been trying to 'go' for the last hour or so, and with the help of some strategically applied Vaseline, he has finally gone.
I do believe the neighbours must be able to smell him!

Lacy in nearly back from her trip away too.  

Lacy arrived back bang on time, stayed for dinner, then Stew took her and Keera home.
I've watched a couple of TV programmes and now... I might just do some sewing.  Or watch something on YouTube.

End of Day:  not a bad day at all.  Sad Dante wasn't feeling well, but he did chirp up a bit in the evening.
nite nite


  1. Have a great weekend Chris. Hope the dramas stay at bay for a few days anyway. Hope there is a good resolution soon on the job front fir Stew. How very unfair of the company to leave it hanging

  2. You did a great job on Keera's hair. Did it turn out kinky? Little kids love to help, so take advantage of it.

  3. Oh yes, the little ones are much more into helping than the bigger ones who could really be some help.
    I agree with the comment above hoping that there is no drama for you for now and that you have some resolution with Stew's job situation very soon.

  4. Do you have Skype? If you do, add MarkD60.

  5. Can't wait to see keera's hair.
    I have tried a lot of crafts, but my passion for quilting has stayed.

  6. It would be so nice if we were able to see some of our really beautiful friends we have made on line. I have found some truly lovely people and I often think of how I would like them to be a friend in person and not just on line. I have my husband with me all day, and he yes wonderful, but I am more of less housebound because of illness and I miss the days of just being able to do things. You are right about no drama, who needs it? all we want is love and peace and to just get along with others.

  7. Most of my best friends are friends I met online and have met in person.
    Love Keera's hair…did it go all kinky.

  8. Keera's hair looks so pretty girly girly how cute. Hope Dnate is feeling better tomorrow. A lovely sunny day down here but coolish but a great day to throw open all the windows and doors. Have a lovely mothers day/morning and day.

  9. Good girl Lacy :-). Enjoy your Mothers day tomorrow with your wee cutie of a daughter.

  10. What a cutie with her hair! Hope Dante is all better!

    If it wasn't for online friends I don't know how I would have made it through a lot of sad and lonely times.


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