Monday, March 25, 2013


Does anyone remember that Clint Eastwood movie, 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly'?

Nah ... nor do I.  But I do know that I loved it as a pre-teen... many moons ago.

But ... that actually doesn't have a thing to do with today's post!  lol

I have some photos to show you...

ABOVE:  this is the GOOD!   I can see me bones again.  Awesome eh? (ignore the badly chipped nail polish ...  I blame Bex.  She wouldn't get it off for me!)  *smiles*

ABOVE:  this is the BAD.  Teddy not only has to wear the Bark Collar, now he is gnawing himself AGAIN, and is in the damn cone again.

ABOVE:  this is the Ugly.  Goodness knows how long it will take to heal, and for him to leave his skin alone once he gets the cone off AGAIN.  

He has only been out of the cone for a couple of weeks, and now he's had another go at himself.  I am so over this.  He must be too.

I searched all over him for a flea, because I am sure his itching is caused by fleas.  But I couldn't find any sign (flea dirt) on him at all.
But, to be safe, I've put Frontline on him and Coco again.
Fingers crossed they don't react to that like last time.  *sigh*


The Flooring guys are due back to RIP UP the laminate on the stairs and re-do it.  That is going to take them a full two days.  So we are stuck at home for the next two days.  Oh yaaa.

Bex and I will both do some sewing I think.
I want to finish Sophie's bag... and I think Bex has a little project to work on too.  Just can't think what it is right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!  I hope you have a really lovely day.


Anonymous said...

-Have you had Teddy thoroughly checked by a vet? 
Yes, numerous times. 
-His itching just can't continue! Imagine if you itched all over and someone tied up your hands so you couldn't scratch! It's pure torture. 
If we don't put the cone on him, he gnaws himself until he has taken all the skin off... then he CRIES and CRIES because he still gnaws it and it hurts.  He is a 'picker', so will NOT leave it alone to heal.  We have ointment to put on him.  We have Steroids to give him when he's having a rough patch.

-Constant itching in animals is often caused by allergies, often times caused by commercial dog food. Ask the vet if prescription food is in order.
We have tried all types of food ... even home cooked.  NOTHING makes a difference.  The Vet seems to think he is allergic to grass seed or something like that in the environment.
-He might also be allergic to his shampoo.
We use a very special shampoo, supplied from the Vet's to help with his skin.  We even take it with them to be used at the Groomers.
-He should be regularly treated for fleas, not just when he starts itching. If he reacts to one type of flea medicine, another brand should be tried.
We have tried FOUR different types of flea treatment.  Advantage, Comfortis, Frontline and Flea Shampoo.  We have not seen a flea on either dog in years.  We put flea treatment on them every 6-8 weeks, depending on which one we are using.  We DO NOT 'wait until he has fleas'!  Both dogs are flea free.
I will give the Lucas Paw Paw Ointment a try I suppose, thanks for the suggestion.

Right, the flooring guys couldn't come today afterall... so Bex, Dante and I went back to St Lukes mall!  Bex wanted to get a couple of skirts like mine.
So off we went.  And we had a lovely time.

ABOVE:  my lunch.  It was lovely too.

ABOVE:  baby boy liked licking the fruit!  So we went to the supermarket and bought some baby food (fruit mostly).  

ABOVE:  as I took this photo of Dante asleep... a security officer approached me and said taking photos in the mall was not allowed.  WTF?  I said I was only taking a photo of my grandson, still didn't matter!
Didn't stop me taking a photo of me lunch!

Home now and time to relax before getting dinner on.  I'm making a beef stew.

Beef stew is cooking.... and I have steam coming out my ears.   FURIOUS in fact.
God help a certain person if he comes near me ever again.  

BLOG HIJACKED.......................................

Dear anon,

Thank you for your concern in regards to Bex & I feeding Dante solids when he is only 14 weeks old, if this comment was brought on by the photo of Dante tasting the fruit at the mall, then you will be happy to know that when I got home from work today I proceeded to spoon feed Dante mashed apple & pear. As I expected Dante loved it, and there has been no adverse effects to him, despite the 'early' transition into solids. As much as some people believe in waiting until a certain age to feed their baby solids, Bex & I believe that every baby is different, & each baby will let you know when they are ready, and Dante is certainly ready!! I was also feed solids around the same time by my mum, and I turned out just fine. So although your concern is noted, it is also kindly disregarded. I welcome constructive comments in regards to my parenting, although there is a difference between a constructive comment & trying to impress ones opinion on others.

Kind regards,


P.S. The blog will now be returned to Chris, Steve out :)

End of Day:  well thanks for hijacking me blog Steve!

A lovely day... until this afternoon anyway.
I now await developments.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Happy Birthday Kelly, oh your getting old lol, Lots of Love from your Big Sis Lacy and your Niece Keera xoxoxoxox

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Have you had Teddy thoroughly checked by a vet? His itching just can't continue! Imagine if you itched all over and someone tied up your hands so you couldn't scratch! It's pure torture.

    Constant itching in animals is often caused by allergies, often times caused by commercial dog food. Ask the vet if prescription food is in order. He might also be allergic to his shampoo. He should be regularly treated for fleas, not just when he starts itching. If he reacts to one type of flea medicine, another brand should be tried.

    Please get him some help!

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    For fleas - the tablets Comfortis. Just give them one each month, and it prevents them getting fleas, and kills any they do get, before they can breed and cause and infestation.

    For the skin where it is already broken and irritated - try Lucas Paw Paw Ointment in the red container or tube. Sold in chemist and supermarket in Aus so should be in NZ too. Safe for open wounds and also if they eat it (unless allergic to paw paw I guess). My dog injured herself, had weeping sore where fur had been torn out, put on this ointment and wound was healed incredibly fast. I also put it on insect bites that she wants to lick at and make worse, she leaves them alone.

  4. I use the paw paw cream for heaps of skin things on us and the kids and it's fantastic!! (especially nappy rash and cradle cap) and it's reasonably priced. Most supermarkets sell it here Chris, like above comment said just look out for the red tube. Hope he gets better soon :) (thanks for your beautiful comment on my post, very encouraging)

  5. I've been reading a thread on a message board this last week about the exact same thing happening to cats. It was, in all cases, an allergy to wheat in the food. When the cats were given raw meat and came off the cat food they never had a recurrance. You'd know if it was fleas and normally dogs don't do this over and over just for fleas. I feel so sad for him in that cone because as the above poster said, it must be torture for him to be itchy and not able to scratch it.

    Forget that it is me talking about the wheat, google it. It is the number one reason dogs get itchy skin. Wheat is not a natural food for dogs (or cats) yet all the commercial food is made from it. Good luck :)

  6. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Happy birthday to Kelly, hope you have a lovely day from Richard, Lucinda , Mikayla and Sophie

  7. Poor Teddy he may have to just live with forever itchy skin... like me I did with psoriasis would scratch till I bled, then keep on scratching!! flax oil capsules? Hope the sewing is going well.

  8. Poor Teddy :) Looks like you've tried everything. There must be something - it must be horrible to see him this way so often.

    No photos in the mall? What utter madness. The world has gone crazy.

  9. Hummm... WHO just made a pass at you???

    And no pics in the mall? Weird.

  10. Poor Teddy. Hopefully the cooler weather may help? I dunno... I'm no expert. He seems to get that a lot huh? And Coco doesn't?

    As for the other "problem"... deep breath!! Deep breath!

    :) dinner sounds yum at your house!

    Catch ya.


  11. Anonymous4:31 PM

    KARMA C*#T KARMA....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Blood Is Boiling Right Now....But We WILL NOT SINK TO YOUR LEVEL......
    L&K......From #2

  12. Sheldon (the red cat) has a gnawing problem too. But only occasionally. I put it down to the fact he's neurotic and stressed, missing his owner and having to bear the indignity of sharing with another male. :)

    He also has fleas, despite my best efforts to keep them under control. I think my daughter's pets cultivate mutants that are resistant to everything...

    Oh, and I put a photo of my hair on my blog too. :)

  13. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I just saw this and thought Bex might be interested.

  14. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Hahahaha just love it......steve you sure know how to 'put' it, sorry no disraspect intended to anon for your comment, just love it when my little bro goes all 'pc' lol, dont rock the boat baby lol..... L&K #2

  15. Steve & Bex.... I had a really big boy (9lb 11oz) who had his first solids at 12 week's old. He still continued to breastfeed until 2 years old and is now 6'1" tall, weighs 99 kg (he isn't at all fat) and he's still growing! sometimes Big boys just need more!

  16. Geez you have some weirdo anonymous noseyparkers Chris. As if you don't know how to look after Teddy and babies. And for your anon baby specialist my son was on baby rice at 3 weeks old because my milk was not enough for a new born 11lb 5oz and 2' tall. And it never harmed him. In fact he's the only one in the family who has perfect health.

  17. happy happy joy joy
    love your hijackers comments :)
    keep doing what your doing :)

  18. Anonymous8:56 PM

    lol not my opinion - it was an article I happened to see TODAY after reading your mum's blog & I thought you might be interested in it due to it being the CDC saying that they are concerned about mothers receiving incorrect advice in regard to solid foods and age from even doctors. You know more about nutrition than them though I'm sure.

  19. I agree with Steve. Every baby is different and decent parents can notice what their baby wants and needs.

    Corby (2yo) was also ready for solids at about 18 weeks and I started him on pureéd carrot. From memory, I think my 7yo Guy was very similar.

    At lest no-one can harass Bex for not breast-feeding! I didn't breast-feed and I got some unpleasant comments. She's doing everything perfectly as far as I can tell... but really, who's business is it anyway????

  20. Hey Steve and Bex, my 22month old was eating solids at pretty much the same age too. She started because she grabbed a bit of pineapple from my hand and shoved it in her mouth. :) Most recent studies recommend early feeding now anyway.

  21. Well written Steve. Like so many aspects of childrearing everyone has their own opinion on how it should be done. You & Bex are intelligent enough to make informed decision on what is best for your baby, plus you are surrounded by your patents who have raised a kid or 8 themselves and can offer advice or opinions when needed.

    To be fair to Anonymous, maybe she was just offering something to think on, not necessarily being critical.

  22. Everyone can read something different into a comment. If you read it as being helpful, that is good. If you read it as being interfering or critical ... then one is likely to react... like Steve.
    I read a comment or two today and took it personally ... more on that tomorrow.

    I did laugh at you Tracy,saying: "you are surrounded by your parents who have raised a kid or 8 themselves"...

    Not many people get to raise 8... but I'd not have it any other way now... even if I do yearn for some 'Stew and Me" time down the track.


  23. Oh Chris, I am so sorry . I was well and truly hacked . I have had BT clear my laptop . I can assure you that nothing else should come through to you.
    I have put an apology on my blog

  24. I saw an article today that said you shouldn't give babies solid foods for the first six months. I am sure, had I read the article, that it would specify that Mothers shouldn't give solids to babies but it is OK for men to do it.

  25. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Or perhaps you could consider why you immediately assume that I was being interfering or critical?

    Maybe I just gave a shit when I saw the article on the same day as reading your blog and thought maybe you would be interested in the facts given by the CDC - NOT MY OPINION.

    Won't give a shit again. Like I said before, you clearly all know more about nutrition than the CDC.

    It's ok for you guys to overreact and jump on someone, but no thought to the person who had no ill intention and how they might feel?

  26. Never a dull moment here Chris!!! I have no opinion on baby feeding :0)

    Poor Teddy. My MIL has a dreadful itch too at the moment. Don't think she's too keen on wearing the cone though. Hope that made you giggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wow, I just love catching up on all of the fun. :)

    Seems I missed a lot!



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