Sunday, March 24, 2013


Can't think of a suitable title for today.
Probably because we have no plans for today... except perhaps taking Bex to a mall she has not been to before?
St Lukes.  

But, I think we are now starting to feel that we have reached saturation point with visiting malls.  

I know I kinda have.  

I took a few more photos of when Josh was here yesterday:

 ABOVE: Josh has two young children of his own, so holding a baby didn't faze him at all.  I'm sure Dante could tell his Uncle Josh knew what he was doing too. 

ABOVE:  Dante managed to spit up milk on his Uncle a few times too!  Josh just laughed it off... he's been there, done that before.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Love this photo.  Dante was happy as there with his Uncle Josh.  It was sad to see Josh leave, he was only here for a half a day.
Hopefully next time he's up he can stay longer.

 ABOVE:  I like watching music on YouTube, so does Dante.... this one is of a New Zealand group... 

ABOVE:  Dante is mesmerised by them!  Lol, the look on his face is hysterical.  Poor kid might have nightmares.  Or not.  We breed well rounded kids around here.  Not too many nursery rhymes, lots of local flavour!

ABOVE:  a 'dance/song' JGeeks performed on New Zealand's Got Talent show.  You will see what kept Dante's attention if you watch it!  

Right... best make a start to the day.  I'll be back later ...


Well!  St Lukes was great!  It was really nice to wander around the mall.  We hadn't been there for a while, and end of season sales were rather good!
I got 4... YES 4, items for NEXT SUMMER!  They are going to be on my 'Inspiration Board' ... which has nothing on it yet.

Also, the whole family had lunch there... and I ate my One Square Meal cereal bar... and felt fine about that. 

ABOVE: crossing over the Manukau Harbour.  The bridge in the foreground was the original crossing bridge when I lived in Auckland 30 odd years ago.  It is only used by foot traffic now... and people fishing off it.

ABOVE:  A rather cool footbridge over the motorway.

ABOVE X's 4:  my new (for next summer) clothes.  The two skirts are the same colour, but different in subtle ways.  I can't wait to fit them.

FEELING so motivated to do well at my next weigh in... although I know it will NOT be anything like 8 kilos again... that was the 'shock to the system' loss!  Now the hard work kicks in!

I am up for it!  I have a full 9 months to get where I want to be.  

LEE-ANNE:  me legs are not that good anymore! I will probably have to wear tights with those skirts to hide me legs!  *smiles*

SPARKLING:  ha ha ha!  Yes my CAT top is awesome.  It's a Leopard mate, NOT a domestic cat... that can shit behind ya couch!  lol  ... AND it's got blue eyes!  Gotta love that. *smiles*

End of Day: it's been a really neat day, loved shopping for next summer!
nite nite


  1. J Geeks Rule!!! Great choice Dante
    Hope you have a great day Chris and Co

  2. Living here in the USA I've never seen anything like this - Amazing!!!! I'm off to YouTube to watch some more.

  3. Dante is a lucky little boy. He has so many people that love him and to show him all that is out there for him to see and learn. He is definitely all eyes watching the video.

  4. Why don't you go to see Rena today? She would have been so disappointed yesterday

  5. J Geeks rule in our house too!! We were gutted they didn't place in the NZGT finals but enjoyed the roadshow, Dante Josh and Bex look so much like family no mistkes there! I like the blue skirts very you ONE day I may get too AKLD to shop again I miss the markets Otara the mall St Lukes, I miss the flower markets the fish markets, and I REALLY miss the pizzeria!

  6. Love the new clothes. I bet you can't wait til they fit & that will be soon.

  7. I love the skirts and I do know you have lovely legs.

  8. Wow. Haven't been to st lukes for ages. We stayed home today and I SEWED!!! I felt sorry for Paige because she was basically bored out of her tree but I made a knitting bag for my mum and am so proud of myself (even though the tension on my machine is not 100% so there are a few "loops"...mide need a lesson or two ;)

    Dante! How cute. He is just adorable.

    Have a good week!


  9. I love the top with the CAT on it!!!! :)

  10. I do love the new skirts! Fabulous! :)
    Great photos of Bex, Josh and Dante too!
    Have a great week.

  11. Dante is a darling boy and I can so see you in those clothes. The white top with a longish necklace with blues in it :)

  12. grace from ireland12:33 PM

    U dont really think so


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