Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Dante has his 12 week Immunisations today.  Bex is probably going to cry again.
Dante will for sure.

He was a little 'off' yesterday, so hopefully he won't be too grumpy after his jabs.

I am going to make a little bag or two again today... might even try making one bigger... shouldn't be too hard!  Just make one taller, then I can give it to someone for Christmas with a bottle of wine in it!

I have a feeling I shall have everyone's Christmas presents made and put away before the end of June!

I am going to be making Mug Rugs too... (fabric coasters).  They are quick and easy, and fun to make.

Bex wants to make mug rugs too... so I shall be teaching her at the same time.  

For now I've no photos for the day... except one I took of Teddy last night.  Experts say taking photos of kids and animals are the hardest to do.   I don't agree about kids, but my dogs?  Hell yes!  Teddy is a shocker to get a decent photo of... he does not like my camera!

ABOVE:  See?  He would not open his eyes, and after I got this one he would not keep still at all.   
I tried with Coco, but she wasn't having a bar of it.  *sigh*

Today I am going to do my best to keep portions down, not over eat at lunch (did that yesterday) and just finish my day feeling happy about how I've done.  There is NO better feeling than knowing that you have stuck to your guns and not let yourself down.

Also... acknowledge that when you have had a semi-silly day, tomorrow is another day and therefore another chance to do better.

And I CAN DO BETTER.  Having a positive attitude sure helps!

I plan on making a 'Picture Board' of things I want for next summer and beyond.  It may be certain clothes, or shoes, or me swimming in public without feeling embarrassed, or just smiling more!  

It will be a kind of 'goal' I suppose.  

DO YOU have a goal for yourself?  Is it a number, or a size, or a feeling?  For me ... it's a certain FEELING.  

Feeling GOOD about myself as a whole.  No self loathing anymore.  No embarrassment. Being happy is my goal.

I don't think there is a better goal actually.


ABOVE:  Dante was sound asleep when we put him down... but he didn't like the hard scales and woke up.  He's doing so well! 
Then they jabbed him in both thighs, and he screamed the house down.
Lucky for milk on tap... *smiles*

Poor Bex had a massive overheating episode at the Doctors!  She had sweat running off her!  I said "Welcome to my world"!
It was rather random though, I think she just got over heated holding onto Dante, added to the stress of why we were there.
At least she didn't cry this time.

After that I took them home and then went out to get a couple of Music CD's, but could only find one that I wanted.  I ended up getting a movie too.

Now it's time for lunch...  a VERY LITTLE LUNCH!

Whoops!  Not been on much today.  Well.. I am thrilled to bits with myself.  IT was an AWESOME today.  Kept my appetite in check... ate totally wholesome food, climbed a few flights of steps... and now I can go to bed happy with myself.
That is the BEST FEELING EVER... well apart from n**ky. lol

Played Monopoly with Steve and Bex after dinner.  I totally expected Steve to win, cos he was buying everything!  But... um.... I wiped him out first, then I wiped out Bex as well.  ha ha ha.  
Better not crow though, cos the next time we play it will be me bankrupt for sure.  *smiles*

End of Day:  a happy day... Dante seems to be just fine after his injections this morning, so should sleep for his parents tonight.  He is almost sleeping all night now!  
nite nite.


  1. My goal is to pick my wife up when her plane arrives at 7:30

  2. My goal is a feeling but also a number. I know how I felt when I was smaller and the benefits are amazing, the positive feelings it oozed.

    You can do it, today is another day :) another day to inch a bit closer to your "happy goal".

  3. Oh hope Dante's injections go ok today. I love fabric coasters! I got my sister some as part of her christmas present a couple of years ago and she just loves them too!
    Love the idea of the picture board - may look at doing something similar to keep me motivated... Yes I do have a goal and unfortunately it is a number but deep down it will be all about feeling great about myself and being able to do some much than I am now!

  4. ohhh coasters fabric are so cool, the wine bag sounds a neat idea wheat bags? they are also handy.. Here's hoping Bex and Dante don't cry too much.

  5. Love MarkD60's comment - best he achieve his goal I think!
    A vision board is a great Idea Chris! and definitely feelings are a biggie for me - now to just do it!!!!
    Keep up the inspiration!

  6. Anonymous8:46 AM

    My goal is to pray for the people of Cyprus. They are going through a difficult time financially and economically and the hardworking citizens are the ones that are suppose to cough up other folks blunders! They need support and love.

  7. I agree, it is never a size or a number - it is a feeling!! That is why I hated that WW always gave me a goal weight and if I didn't make it, I'd failed. Feeling happy is the best goal :)

  8. I always cry at my kids injections, I send Craig now and refuse to go, can't handle it (woose I know)...

    Great idea about the picture board and I need to take your advice on putting yesterday (or in my case last week) behind me (today's post on my blog) ... thanks :)

  9. Poor Dante & Bex. Still it is all done for now and she can give him lots of cuddles to make it all better (for both of them).

    I love the inspiration board idea.

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM


    Poor Bex! and Dante is a beautiful baby!



  11. Sweating is a common stress reaction. It seems to hit us redheads more too!

  12. Poor Dante.

    I am not sure what my goal is but short-term it is to recover from this surgery w/o gaining too much weight. :)

  13. my wife would always make ME go for my son's injections, because he would get so upset she couldnt handle it

  14. Great goal!

    I have a number goal but most of my goals now are more of the athletic nature. I want to run a half marathon in May.


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