Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A reader commented a couple of days ago that she thought I looked 'better' without my fringe/bangs.

What say you?  I am happy either way, though I have found having a fringe over summer made me hotter than 'normal' ... I've had sweat running into me eyes!  Ikkky.
So... tell me what you think?

This is what I did last night:

ABOVE:  most of my scraps...

ABOVE:  and now they are 'loosely' sorted.  I threw out a lot,  even I could see it was not enough for anything!  

ABOVE:  Bex bought Dante a little check shirt yesterday, it is supposed to fit a baby 3-6 months old... it fits him now.  Dante has almost never stayed in a item of clothing for longer than half an hour... and this shirt was no exception.  He gets too hot then cries.  

At some point he will have to get used to clothes, he can't live just a nappy forever.  *smiles*

DAY 6!.... and I still feel fantastic.  6 days with NO cravings.  6 days with no feelings of deprivation.  6 days of feeling motivated and strong.  6 days of healthy meals.  6 days with the support of my family and friends.
Feels great.

Plans for today?  Taking a few things to the Hospice shop, then home to have a quiet day.  


We have not gone out after all... my energy and enthusiasm for tidying up and taking stuff to the shop just ran out.
It's threatening to rain too... so I better go and put the washing under the roof of the morning patio.

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind... thank goodness... cos we ended up going out and about for almost 2 hours.  

We picked up the dog's shampoo from Animates (we had left it there by accident last time the dogs were there), then we popped down to Warehouse Stationery in Manukau.

Bex wanted to get herself some of the cute boxes I'd bought there.   Then we went to Spotlight where I bought some  plastic-fantastic tablecloth stuff and Bex got a few art supplies.  Dante stayed in his car seat from shop to shop and was a perfectly behaved wee man.

Home now and time to take a breather before the kids get home.  It's Bex's turn to cook dinner tonight.  She is doing devilled sausages.

Just remembered, the kids (Bex and Steve) are making Gnocchi to go with the devilled sausages.  We have never had gnocchi before, so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex making the Gnocchi. It was quite a process.

ABOVE: Steve cooking the gnocchi while Bex made the devilled sausages.

ABOVE:  Dinner.  I LOVED the devilled sausages.  Not so much the gnocchi. It was tasteless.  Maybe it needed some seasoning?  Dunno, but no matter, it was edible and filling.

End of Day: another good day, but I felt a bit hungry today.  Probably because I have sped up my metabolism by having a small snack at morning tea time, which I'm not used to doing.  My first food of the day WAS usually lunch.
Off to bed shortly.  It's not so hot tonight, so sleeping should be easier. Yaaa.
nite nite.


  1. Wahoo 6 days STRONG go chris :)

  2. You will notice that the photo you put up with no fringe showed your hair parted and pulled slightly to the sides. Just before you got your fringe, you used to pull it hard back which was not so flattering. It really is up to you but whatever you choose maybe just don't pull your hair hard back.

    Babies clothes are always wrong. I take them as a guide only. Does he wear something at night? It does chill down quite a bit in the evenings but I'm sure his doting mum and dad have it sorted :)

  3. I think I like both fringe or no fringe but it is what you decide I know not much help sorry, when I was a baby we lived in singapore needless to say one nakey brown baby, smauel lived in Nappy an dsinglet September through to March he had next to nothing on still does!!!! Dante I bet will be like Smauel just wearing a few items when cooler Samuel doesnt even wear jackets DOESNT like them reluctantly wears a polar fleece in winter as school uniform but will wear a tshirt under school shirt if he can get away with it instead!!

  4. Your writing even "sounds" happy! Personally I think no fringe shows off your beautiful eyes. You do what makes you feel good. I love you no matter what! Hugs...

  5. 6 days and going strong! Good on you :)

  6. I just wanted to check in to say hi and let you know I've been a little out of sorts lately. I look forward to having some time in the next day or two and catching up on all of your posts. When I do that I feel as if I've visited with an old friend!


  7. Fringe or not? I think a lighter fringe would suit. When you pull it back it's too severe. The fringe you have now is a bit heavy.

    Would you consider taking some supplements? If so I'll tell you what I'm doing later

  8. Congrats on 6 days with things going so good to hear.
    I just cut some light bangs and I am kind of liking them. I think you look good either way.

  9. Well done on the great results and feeling great - Very proud of you Chris!

  10. If you find a fringe too heavy get them to make it a bit lighter. At the end of the day you decide what you feel most comfortable with.

    Dante is such a cutie, I guess when he is feeling cooler he won't fuss so much with clothes. Just keep putting them on him until he gets used to them & leave them on for a bit longer each time.

  11. yeah, how is that gnocchi? I have been meaning to try it sometimes

  12. Such fun when others take over the kitchen and you can have the night off cooking. Give Dante a cuddle for me will you, he's so cute!

  13. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I tried your salmon quiche tonight, the family loved it and went back for seconds, it was yummy


  14. Good on you Chris!

    I think a lighter fringe, maybe layered into the sides of your hair could look good. Your choice though.

  15. Anonymous8:08 PM

    No fringe!!! And yes I agree with Lynda up there.. not pulled back so severely.
    Love gnocchi! Could eat it everyday,sadly my big ass shows that I love it lol

  16. When it comes to your hair it is what you like the best! Congrats on a solid day 6.

  17. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I say what ever is the easiest for you to deal with!!...debbie

  18. Always nice to have someone else make dinner!


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