Sunday, January 22, 2012


So... not too sure what the weather is thinking of doing today... but we will wait and see I suppose.

As we don't have any real plans, I think today will be just chilling out with friends and family...  and I want to do a drive by our old house.   See if it's changed at all?

So, until I something to yabber on about, here's a few more photos:

ABOVE:  family shots.  Mike, Joyce, Brylee and Griffin.  Mike is my 'baby'... so he's a bit special.
We miss him so much.

ABOVE: Sandra's dog, Honey.   She had already pinched and eaten one of those biscuits off the coffee table, so Sandra gave her another one.  The poor dog held that biscuit in her mouth for ages... you could see her mind ticking over :  "Hmmm... is this a trap?  Has she set me up for some reason?"  cos she does not usually get given biscuits!
Sandra had to encourage her to eat it in the end.  Very cute.

Rigthy ho... that's me till later...


Well.. we ended up going to Wellington for the day.  The weather was total crap everywhere, so travelling in the car was fine.
We had a picnic in the car as it was raining when we found a grassy area to have our picnic.... so ... it was still nice to spend time with Mike!

Did I mention Mike came with us?  NO... well... he did ... lol.   His girlfriend Joyce had to stay back in Palmy for netball practice. 

After lunch we went to Dressmart, outlet stores, where Mike got some new basketball shoes for $150 LESS than the shop in Palmy.  He was rapt.

After that we headed back to Palmy, and picked up some sushi for dinner with Chris D.  We WERE going to buy some whitebait and make whitebait fritters for dinner, but whitebait was OMG... $126 a kilo!   Obviously, we did not buy any. 

Just finished dinner... which was OK.  I'm thinking sushi is not THAT lovely, but it fills a gap.

Going back to Sandra's a bit later.... where I will upload some photos from today, and post them tomorrow.

End of Day:  any day spent with Mike is a good day... he's my baby and I adore him. 
ON TRACK:  and loving it... even though sometimes I really, really crave cake!
nite nite.


  1. Gotta love hanging with the kids!!

    My mom has a westie too, he loves to steal tissue, crazy dog.

  2. Enjoyed your family photos. Honey is pretty cute with that cookie hanging from her mouth!! lol...debbie

  3. From these pictures Mike and Steve look very much alike. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Don't buy too much "stuff"!

  4. Mike and Joyce cute photos the dog and biscuit even cuter hundreds n thousands biscuits my favourite.

  5. I agree with Bella - Mike & Steve do look So much alike!They would pass as twins!
    Of course Honey is so sweet - loved her with her cookie! LOL

    You have a precious family .

  6. Mike and Steve look a like. Enjoy your break. I adore adore Westies, they are cute as buttons. Glad you are having a lovely time, Martine

  7. Looks like nice relaxing family time!

  8. Now, don't yell at me, but I think you should have cake, why don't you have it once a week, after weighin or when you are having coffee with a friend. You do get 49 points bonus, You are going to following this plan for a while, so don't be too hard on yourself. Just my opinion Chris.

    Also be careful with the sushi you buy, it is so easy to get food poisoning.

    No more lectures from me.

    Have a great holiday


  9. Tanya, US10:23 PM

    See, told ya!

  10. I'm happy for you seeing Mike for a day. I have forbidden my two younger kids to move far from me. The older one can go as far away as she likes ;o)
    Jason [my baby] has Aspergers and i think he'll be living with us forever. He's 12 next month and can barely make toast without having a overwelmed melt down in the corner!
    The dog looks like that biscuit is her spotty tongue lol

  11. everything always sound so expensive there! I'm always looking up your conversions haha


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