Wednesday, June 01, 2011


WHY?... do you ask..

Well... it's the middle of the year and I weigh even more than when the year started... and it's just not happening in me head to lose it.

AND... I am finding it really hard to take negative comments  on my blog... sometimes I'm sure 'said comments' are not meant to be negative... maybe I misinterpret them?  Maybe not.

But when they happen I wonder why do some people only comment when they have something negative to say?  Or criticise? Or just be downright nasty?  (I almost always do not publish these comments)

What have I ever done to them?
Are they just being Nasty?
Or jealous of me or WHAT?
Do YOU have this problem?

Perhaps I need to make my blog less 'personal' so no one can take pop shots at me?

Now that I have that off me chest (ample chest too I might add!)  *smiles*...  I'm off to Hospice Shop today.

I miss it.  I miss the interaction with other grown ups!  Oh and let's not forget the bargins to be found!


HI... I'm back from the Hospice Shop.. where we had a fairly busy morning... I did find a couple of items to buy.... but didn't bring them home today..kinda broke today!
Hopefully our finances will get a boost and I can get them out of 'hock'.... lol!

THANKS for all the lovely comments... it helps knowing my blog is not a waste of time...  sometimes I do wonder if I should stop... but then I would not be in touch with so many really lovely people.

MARY H:  hell no girl, you have never said a thing to upset me!  

Occasionally I do publish a comment that has upset me, AND I usually say something about it on me blog.  But there are a lot of 'Anonymous' Haters out there who don't sign their names... so there is nothing you or I can do about that.  Publishing them would only validate their vindictiveness... and I ain't gunna do that!

I am listening to Brylee and Steve talking.  It sounds like Brylee's so-called new freinds are being really mean to her.  Hmmm... I might have to talk to her teacher about it.  Brylee is being hurt by their actions. 

What else?  I feel the NEED for a strong drink... just finding myself getting wound up about stuff lately....

QUOTE FROM STEVE'S COMMENT: "there is a small X in the top right hand corner of the screen, click it"... THAT MADE ME LAUGH!

End of Day:  I made Butter Chicken for dinner... and as I was eating mine I looked at Stew's and thought: "OMG, I dish up FAR TOO MUCH FOOD"... and the penny dropped.  We have HUGE portions.  I mean... HUGE!  What I gave Stew should have fed 2 men, if not 3!   This is going to stop.  Let's see how long it takes for the men (and me) to start feeling more energetic .... too much food is not good for one's energy levels eh? 
nite nite.


  1. Chris, I am 100% sure it is that old "tall poppy" syndrome, where people try and cut people down if they perceive them as being liked or yes I think jealousy.

    The other factor, is that is could just be that people misunderstand your sense of humour, but hard to say when as you mentioned you don't publish the comments, although I can understand exactly why you don't.

    I think that is your blog and you have every right to keep it the way you want it. You shouldn't censor it for others.

  2. I honestly reckon that most people hit the "OK" button far too quickly in all areas!
    Be it an email, or a comment, or an opinion on a forum.... I have a rule: I type out what I want to say (be it negative or positive), read it, re-read it again, leave it for 5 minutes, then re-read it again. I then ask myself how I would feel if the comment/email was sent to me.
    If, after these 3 re-reads, I still feel the same, then I will hit "send".
    I believe that if you don't have anything nice to say, then why bother hurting someone just to make yourself feel better...
    We all have differing opinions and that is completely fine, cos if we were all the same, what a boring old world this would be!
    And as for the weight thing.... I can't get my head in the losing zone at the moment either!! This baby weight is gonna be with me forever! hehe..
    Have a great day!
    Oh yeah - and thanks to you.... I can now be found in Hospice shops hunting for bargains quite often!! :)

  3. Nicole7:37 AM

    I love your blog and all that you post - you've got an amazing family, a great sense of humor and two wonderful dogs. Lucky lady so please enjoy your life and all that you love and do. Anyone who says otherwise can take a leap! You're fantastic!
    All the way from California,

  4. Bloody weight! join the club, Chris, I too weigh MORE than I did in January. It's an endless struggle. I don't know whether to give up or keep on battling. I guess I'll keep on struggle - for now.

    Nasty comments? Why does anyone do this? Beats me. It's your blog, your life, what is it to anyone else that they feel they should judge you? There are some small-minded people about. Maybe you should publish the comments so that everyone else who knows and loves your blog can see them and the commenters aren't protected by anonymity.

    Anyway - keep on keeping on, Chris! You have a lot of readers who respect and admire you and enjoy your daily doings.

  5. Mum your not gona win the whole world over with your awesome wit and charm, and yes a % of people are going to be exremely jealous that they cant be where you are in your life, or that they cant be as fantastically creative as you.
    Dont worry bout their pot shots, people should no if they dont have anything nice to say then DONT SAY IT AT ALL. And if they cant "handle" you, then yes they are gona take offense and fire back. Regardless of how you intent to put it out there.
    Dont worry, be happy, there are so many HUNDREDS of people that have your back. Why let the tiny few try and make you feel any less that what you awesomely are.

  6. Sorry you are dealing with negative Nellies. It's hard enough without all that. I am heavier now than at year's beginning as well. :(

  7. Hi Chris

    It's your blog and you can post whatever you want when you want. Don't let the haters win.
    Enjoy your day with your friends at the shop and look forward to seeing what treasures you find today.

    Michelle x

  8. dont change a thing abotu you... your blog... its your place... i dont censor comments so good bag ugly are all posted... i think the other who posted before me hit it on the head...
    love you heaps!

  9. keep the blog exactly has it is yours, do as you please!
    If others don't like like it...they don't need to read it !!

    Have fun at the shop today...hope you find a bargain !!

  10. Do people really have so much time on their hands that they have to read others blogs and formulate and type out nasty comments? *Who does that???*

    Are they anonymous? Maybe you should post them and we could all reply to their blogs with nasty comments and see how they like it!!!

    But people like this are very, VERY cowardly and I bet they always comment anonymously right?

    Losers! They must be very small people with very small lives....

  11. What?! Why would anyone leave you an unkind comment?

  12. Dude! Don't change who you are just because a few people want to be butts (ha!).

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Read it every day!

    Lisa :)

  13. Hey Chris! I agree with the other are an awesome person, you're funny, entertaining, interesting, have a great family and friends....and yes, it's your blog so you shouldn't have to change it for a few "nasty" people. You know, you can block them from commenting on your blog. I've had to do that with a couple of people that have been nasty to me and...problem solved! Just don't let them get you down...we all love you just as you are!



  14. Humm me no see my comment...

    Cripes I knew I was going to do this wrong HA!

    Anywho if you see this one- love ya blog- never change who you are- people are butts-


  15. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Chris, I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt. Sometimes people just don't think before they type and maybe some think they are helping, thinking if they say those things, perhaps you'll stop eating...but I know from experience, when that happens to me, it only makes me eat more....debbie

  16. My gosh, I'm so sorry people do that. I do get them sometimes and they hurt. You are a lovable person. People must be pretty miserable to spend their time crapping on someone else's blog.

  17. I always wonder why people leave negative feedback. Rude if you ask me. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    Please rest assured that I would never be critical or negative, so if I say something that you may take that way, don't, because it's never intended that way.

    Oh, and you'll find out in a couple weeks what the costume hunting is for :-)


  18. Hi Chris,
    I rarely comment, but read your blog nearly every day. I really enjoy reading it and hope you keep posting just like you have been :-)
    If people don't like it they don't have to read it (or comment).

  19. Anonymous1:57 PM

    hey Chris, sorry to hear you're a bit down, we all know the only way to lose is to have it right in your head - don't be too hard on yourself and maybe take the focus off it for a bit - just leaving it in your peripheral vision... You're not alone by any means! xxx

    As for the negatives in this world, they are called levellers, they try to bring you down so they don't feel so low themselves, but we're all equal and all deserve to be treated the same and it's their problem not yours! Easy to say but just ignore them, better still publish the comment so we can all tell them to get fucked on your behalf, excuse my language...



  20. Gosh Chris, I hope you never stop blogging. I love reading your posts. It's my daily read unless I'm really busy. And I have to say having read your writing for so long, I've never had a negative thought cross my mind while reading. I hardly get any comments for my posts so it's not an issue with me. Spams are my problems. But I do get negative emails - always from folks I know from craft markets. They try to "advise" me on what not to publish on my blog. The nerve! You just have to believe in yourself.

  21. I agree with Judith... let the people who care bout you show the haters just where to go! Publish and let your friends do what is their job to do best.... Have your back and be your friends! Bet it will be the last time they make dumb comments.

  22. I now I don't comment often but when I do I try to make sure I've got something positive or constructive to say, and not criticise! Keep doing what your doing doll, it's your blog, so say whatever the hell you want :)

    And as for your weight - you're definitely not the only one who's heavier now than at the beginning of the year, I will very unhappily admit to being in the same boat. But ya know what - that's life!

  23. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I vote you publish them & then list the nasty ones.
    On 2nd thoughts I hope it wasn't me!
    Your blog is great. If hubby ok with how you look then who cares. Once you get over thinking constanly about the weigh issue you will probably get motivated. I thing right I am going to aussie in October & set a lose target then put money in a travel account with every kg lost BUT you can't take it out when you gain!!!

    Mary H

  24. Hey Chris - sorry to hear you've attracted some nasty dimwits.

    BUGGER OFF you dimwitted morons & leave Chris alone. If you haven't anything nice to say then keep your trap shut. RIGHT!!!

    sorry about that Chris. Just wanted to be sure they got MY point of view :0)


  25. I love reading your blog and would be really disappointed if you stopped.

    Sometimes I don't necessarily agree with something you say or do - that's the real world, we all say or do things someone may disagree with but I would never dream of attacking or leaving a nasty comment. If I really felt strongly enough I might leave a comment to say I didn't agree, but never as a personal attack on you or your family.

    I think there are people out there who just look to say nasty things to & about other people because they have nothing better to do than sit on their arses and spit poison hoping for a reaction.

    Why are these people more often than not quick to write sometimes some really vile personal attacks yet do not have the balls to actually leave a name or a blog link but are anonymous.

    Keep doing what you are doing, as you can see from the comments above - there are many more that love you than don't :-).

  26. Steve3:59 PM

    Hater's are always gonna hate, that's just how they work. They can't handle the fact that they can't be who they want to be, so they take out their frustration out on people who they see as someone they would like to be. It's a pathetic and worthless attempt at making themselves feel a little better about their sad little lives. They are never gonna change, so I say let them b*tches say what they want, because I can guarantee that they would never have the guts to say that stuff face to face, although it isn't entirely their fault they have no spines :)

    For all those that read this comment and think I'm being too harsh, or nasty, realise that this is MY mothers' blog, in which she dictates what is said and done here, if you don't like it, there is a small X in the top right corner of your screen, click it!


  27. I cannot understand why people bother wasting their time leaving negative comments. I agree with the others... expose the comments for the world to see, let you readers have their might teach the culprit a thing or two. I love to visit.. nearly everyday but I dont always leave a comment as Im busy somedays. I hope you get some motivation to get those extra pounds off and remember you arent back to where you once were..

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  29. nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  30. Can you not take the anonymous option off the comment choice ( not sure if that is possible)

    The genuine anon's will have to create an id but I guess that is a small price to pay to allow harmony in your life.

    one saying that sticks with me is 'what others say about you is none of your business'

    Chin up. You do not deserve to be destroyed by blog land.


  31. Love Steve's comment:-)

  32. Or you could try the two finger salute!!!! OR send the biggest FILES ever I'm sure you know a computer minded person *** wink wink***

  33. Sorry to hear you have attracted ignorant people.
    X click it!!! Lol good one :)

  34. What awesome children you have Chris. Love Steve's comment. Hope my children champion me on cyberspace one day ;-)

    BTW - keep your blog exactly as it is. You (and Diet Coke) rock!

  35. I almost wish this was Facebook so I could go through and "like" all your supporters' comments. If people don't like what you write, what the hell are they doing reading it? This is YOUR blog Chris - so just be yourself and write what YOU want. You sound like an awesome lady - and I hope that maybe one day I will have the chance to meet you.

  36. I make our normal sized dinners now and immediately make a lunch for Mr M and I for the next day, and then dish up the rest. It has cut our bills in half as we now eat the same amount over two weeks instead of one and we also eat less at dinner! Double win!

  37. It can be hard but you just have to ignore the haters and continue doing what you want to do and writing what you want to write. This is your place and you should have the bouncers throw the mean bastards and trouble makers out the door and ban them from returning.

    Don't give up the fight on the weight loss front. Do your best to make small changes in the right direction and you will get to where you want to be. It may not happen quickly but it can and will happen.

    Have a great day!

  38. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Hi, I never comment here but I love your blog and I think you are such a great person - don't let other people's mean comments get you down. You are super cool!!!oxo
    >Steph in Paris

  39. Read the comment and say "up yours" and move on , simple!11--cottonreel

  40. Hi Chris! Sorry you are getting some negative comments, just ignore them, they probably have really boring lives and are jealous of yours! I too weigh more than I did at Christmas despite a spell at Weightwatchers, so am going to try walking more and not focus on food so much - let's see if that works!! Hugs X

  41. When you next get a nasty comment, just read thru the comments above to see how much support you really have and how many people love reading your blog. Pay particular attention to the 2 comments from your kids - you have the support of your family - the haters are just jealous.

  42. I think you *rock*! and I just bought some diet coke even though I try not to drink it anymore. But I need it to go with my whiskey ;)

  43. I TOTALLY agree with everything Steve said, (that boy should study psychology, lol) Unfortunately for whatever reason it appears to be human nature that some people feel the need to pull others down in a somewhat deranged attempt to make themselves feel better.

    Don't let unhappy people bring you down, just remember they are talking from a place of unhappiness and are just trying make everyone feel as miserable as them, don't let them succeed because you have SOoooo many positives in your life that are real and tangible, so don't allow some keyboard trigger happy bag of misery ruin your day. (ever)

  44. I know you know that I am sensitive about comments too. Follow your heart, don't publish what you don't want to.
    I think you weigh what God wants you to weigh, but God also gave you the desire to loose weight. You take the action, God handles the results. Don't sit around and beat yourself up over something you can't control.

  45. Sorry to hear some people have been leaving you nasty comments. Don't let them get you down. I know easier said than done. ((Take care))

  46. I loved Steve's comment - and so many of the others too! Mean people SUCK!

    I loved what Steve said about people never saying those mean, nasty things in person. I say people that leave comments like that have "internet balls" - they are tough because they are saying things over the computer, and only the computer.

  47. I just don't understand why some people leave mean comments!! I guess we just have to say to ourselves that they are mean people in real life.

    I am having a major weight issue.....I've told myself for several months now that I need to get busy and get this weight off and what have I done fact I've gain and now it's summer. I'm so mad at myself.

    Take care and keep writing the way you do!!

  48. I hate negative comments too. I don't understand why some people are like that.


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