Tuesday, May 17, 2011


ABOVE:  more photos of our newest granddaughter Sienna... I have to go on their Facebook sites to get them!  So I am on Facebook a bit more often than usual ... otherwise I wouldn't get to see her!

Isn't she just precious! 

Today:  no idea yet... but I'll be back later for sure...


After a bit of housework... and watching Steve vacum out me car I decided to put a huge pot of green pea and bacon bones soup on:

ABOVE:  dinner is cooking!  And I should have enough to freeze heaps too.  Awesome.

Decided to dedicate this morning to reading blogs.... off to continue that...

BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST IT!!!  I had a dog lined up to 'mate' with Coco when she comes into season, which should be some time this month.  But the bloke just text'd me with his fee.  $700!  Holy hell there is NO WAY I can pay that!  I am gutted. 
Does anyone out there have a BOY SHIH TZU who wants to bonk Coco for about $200????????

Right, I'm done ... not reading any more blogs today.  Time to have some lunch... get away from this computer for a while.  Facebook is becoming a part of my 'daily' doings... which is weird.  But nice too I SUPPOSE. 

There is a glimmer of hope.... The dog owner has got back to me.... might be prepared to drop his price.... fingers crossed....

End of Day: have not heard back from the dog man.  *sigh*
DIET: utter crap
nite nite.


  1. shes beautiful!!!

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous, Chris. I sure hope you get to see her in person soon - I'm sure you are just dying to hold her!



  3. so adorable would love to sniff that hair and cuddle her and love on her.

  4. I hope you get to get your hands on her soon. My two youngest granddaughters are just 4 months apart (both 3 now) and they are great friends. I hope Emily and Sienna will be able to get together enough to be buddies.

  5. Penny, NZ11:41 AM

    Steve is such a good help around the house, you must be enjoying having him around. Soup is a great idea. Must make some myself...

  6. Sienna is beautiful you could do more craft days and use the money earned to save up for a trip...

  7. Soup and Babies - two wonderful topics to discuss. She is drop dead gorgeous !Aren't they so precious as they study you - studying them! LOL

    I got to hold my last one who is 6 months old now and feed him and actually got a good burp out of him. He is just like his Daddy when it comes to the tv. I was trying to talk to him and he was leaning every which way to look around my head, and then he would smile at me.

    Here he is 6 months old and his Dad already has him picking out his clothes. I would not have believed it , if I had not seen it with my own eyes. LOL

  8. Congrats Chris & Stew!!!!

    LOL @ wants to bonk Coco.....

  9. What a beautiful bubba :) And in the top photo she looks soooo content...if only life stayed nice and cozy like that forever!

  10. Darn Pimp, does he think his dogs worth $700, it better be good for that sort of money. He should be paying you, for the privilage of his dog bonking yours lol

  11. Hi there!
    Friend me on Facebook?
    Lynda Hatfield..
    How lush is Sienna??

  12. Now, when Mommas and Grand-Mommas start putting silly hats on babies, that's just taking it too far!
    At least it's not a boy! A pic like this could ruin a boys life!

  13. The baby is very yummy!
    You are prostituting your poor Coco?!? When we were trying to breed our pug, she wouldn't let anyone in. The vet said we could artificialy inceminate [SP?] her with the boy of choice. But we didn't do it and after 3 years of trying, we got her fixed. If she din't want to be a mum, so be it.
    You could contact a breeders group to find out if there are other boys out there.
    [Poor Coco]

  14. Congrats on the latest member of the family. Another wonderful girl. Almost done with my audit should be back to blogging soon. I did manage to have a quiet weekend, thanks for asking. Keep well.

  15. Lovely little girl!

    That soup sounds absolutely delicious!

    Sorry to hear about the whole mix up with Coco's paramour!

  16. I love Sienna! She is so cute. Kiss those cheeks for me.

  17. Sheesh you could almost just buy a male dog for that much lol.

    Sienna is so pretty! Mama is too :)

  18. Good grief! Seriously, I would let your dog have fun with mine (if it was a match) for free as a friend. At one time I was gonna let my boy chihuahua do that but I would NEVER ever charge someone $700. That's ridiculous. Even $200 would be a decent amount to get.

  19. If we have another baby, it's going to be your fault for posting another cute baby photo.


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