Friday, May 13, 2011


Been dreaming.... of doing stuff around this house/section that I had put on the 'back burner' due to our uncertain future (like maybe moving to Wellington), well now that is not happening I can concentrate on HERE and NOW.

And I know that moving to the next suburb over is not a really good idea....we are in the very  BEST area right now... and the kids are settled in a really decent school, so we will stay here.

BUT... we need more room!
So I am investigating getting a sleep out.... as an added room.  We have no room for a conservatory, and can't add on to the house.  So, a sleep out is the next best thing.

I'm looking at something like this... only longer and with a board and batten exterior.  Just waiting for quotes now.  I think Steve is quite keen on having it... his own space out of the house.

So today is going to be spent dreaming about it!
One has to dream.  And in this case it might even happen.
I also am dreaming about redecorating!  Can anyone remember all the painting I did in our last home, in Palmerston North?  I can... so this place does not daunt me at all as it is so much smaller!  lol

I just want SOMETHING to do to so I feel happy being here... this house hasn't really felt like 'home' for a while...


Now we all know what happened to the rest of the day!  BLOGGER went and died for the day and ate all our posts.
I have re-created this post so I don't have a gap in me blog!
End of Day: went to bed very cross with BLOGGER. 
nite nite


  1. Love the little room!! Sooo cute!

    Also wondered what was going on yesterday with blogger :)

  2. Yay! Blogger is up again! I love that idea of a little sleepout. :)

  3. Have you looked at the rent a room option. My friend hires one for a really reasonable price and it's perfect for a sleep out. The one she's got in Hastings is ample sized and beautifully decorated. And when you don't need it they take it away.

  4. Sleepouts now are so cool and even retro look on trade me too for a doer upper may be way cheaper.

  5. I was going to post something witty yesterday but being old and stuff I completely forgot what it was.

    But I must say Steve will really appreciate having his own space, and as an extra room it will be invaluable! xx

  6. Sometimes I'd like something like that to sneak off to when everyone is bugging me lol

  7. I was miffed at Blogger too!
    Love your idea.

  8. Wonder if they have those in the States? I love that--my house is so tiny, I can't turn around in it.

    But the, I couldn't afford this either! Good luck in getting it--it looks great!


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