Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hi!  I'm back...
But blogger ATE my post yesterday, and half of Thursday's too.

So, I will try to get my post back somehow....

Today will be dedicated to getting me blog right again!

So thanks to Google Reader having a copy of me post I could re-write it.
But knowing my luck Blogger will repost it anyway at some point as they said they would.
What a carry on!

I'm sure lots of you didn't even notice blogger was down!  But I sure did.  AND I got WELL OVER 600 'views' on my blog yesterday, which tells me I was missed!  So thanks for hanging in there... and for the emails asking me where I was!  That was very nice.

Shall we go back to 'normal' transmissons now then?  OK.

TODAY: well first off, I'm bloody well going back to bed!  Tis me sleep in day.  And I ain't sleeping.

Back later....

Dammit, can't get back to sleep.  Too awake now and got stuff running around in me head.
Grrrrr... suppose I will get up then.

Got up, saw another sleep out on Tradme just up the road in Drury so we all jumped in the car and went for a look-see.

ABOVE:  it isn't as "pretty" as the other one, but it's built solid as, and is already wired for power... AND he will deliver and assemble on our property for no extra charge!  I was impressed. We will get one custom built to our requirements by him I think.  Just have to sort out the finance's now!

After that we went to Botany Town Centre for a look around.  There was a small craft market on, Stew bought me a necklace and earring set... guess what colour?
We had lunch and for once I actually did not have a kebab!  I had butter chicken with rice and OMG it was rather nice.  I surprised myself by liking it.

Home now and about to go and scrub out my shower... don't go getting jealous now!

Well, the shower and floors have been scrubbed to within an inch of their lives, with pure unadulterated bleach.  My eyes are still streaming and me nose is running... not that nice!  But at least me ensuite is shiny clean.

Stew is cooking dinner, so I'm going to sit on me bum now and chill out.  I'm freakin tired.

End of Day:  totally lazy evening, watching TV... so sad... American Idol sent James home!  I found that hard to believe. 
DIET: at lollies all evening, feel sick.  STUPID ME.
nite nite.


  1. blogger sure is being temperamental lately most frustrating.

  2. Hi. I couldn't even begin to get in so no reading for me. I never thought of going to Google Reader direct .... and I'm not blond!

    I was getting really concerned as more than 24 hours is a long time for a large internet org to be down. I need to back up because I have a lot of stuff that will be lost forever if Blogger had a major crash. UNTHINKABLE but possible.

    Keep dreaming. Dreams are the beginning of possibilities.


  3. Welcome back Chris! Missed you yesterday :)

  4. Yep, I too had massive problems with Blogger yesterday. It deleted my last post and my precious two comments!! sux

  5. I missed blogger too and writing! I was soooo sad not blogging since Wednesday. Then I noticed all my friends couldn't either.

  6. Blogger ate my post from yesterday too! I thought it was just me! So frustrating!

  7. Penny, NZ12:44 PM

    Yes Chris, you were missed! Hope you have a better day today. Re the sleeping, I have that problem. My partner tells me to concentrate on breathing so much you can't think about the other things racing around in your head, but it is hard.

  8. Hmmm if I could get my husband's crap out of the shed in my back yard it's about like that lol.

  9. I like the sleep out idea. He can have his own man cave!! Although, you should turn it into your crafty girl cave and make him have the garage!!

  10. I like Nola's idea:-)

  11. Sounds like you had a productive day.

    I bet you will have fun decorating the shed when you get it.

  12. I should build one of those in our backyard and move the kids in there.


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