Thursday, May 05, 2011


Getting back into the groove of the school week.
Brylee is going back to school today, she has certainly picked up since starting antibiotics.

Taking Griffin to his Speld lesson this morning, might go to Pukekohe and check out the local shops.... not sure yet.

I think Amanda and Emily are coming up today sometime too?  Not sure if it's today or Saturday, she hasn't said.

Either way, I will get to cluck over Emily again soon, which is always lovely.


Gawd I feel like the WORST mother ever!
I was getting out of the shower this morning (after the kids had gone to school) when I realised that I hadn't sent a note with Brylee to excuse her from PE ... (sports)... so I rang the school and bugger me!

Her class was already out on the field practising for CROSS COUNTRY running!  AND Brylee had participated!
So I jumped in the car and went up to the school to check on her... luckily she seemed ok... but I felt so BAD!  She is skin and bones again and should NOT be doing any physical exercise.  BAD MOTHER, BAD, BAD, BAD.

Mid afternoon, kids are home from school... Brylee had her afternoon tea and is now having a 'Brylee nap'... and we are clucking over Emily... who is being a fussy girl this afternoon.

ABOVE:  Griffin and Emily watching the telly... both have square eyes!

ABOVE: it's never too early to teach a girl to appreciate *bling*!  She's supposed to be having a sleep, but it ain't happening!  lol


  1. Glad Brylee is feeling better, and have a wonderful day and baby cuddles how lovely :-)

  2. get to cluck over I LOVE it... I cluck daily ! some times more than once a day LOL

  3. And in times of rushing we at times do forget, foggy morning here you know like ATIAMURI fog morning!!!! yuck sun trying to peek through.

  4. Little Emily is gorgeous! Lucky you, Im looing forward to being a Grandma one day. Glad to hear Brylee is feeling better.

  5. Have fun cuddling the gorgeous Emily! xx

  6. you're not a bad mother!!! life is crazy, sometimes the chaos just wins. doesn't make you bad!!!

  7. Don't worry we have all had those "Bad Mum" moments. I made Samyson go to school because I didn't believe he really was ill, he puked all morning & ended up home for 3 days.

    We told Siobhan to stop complaining about walking and when we took her shoes off she had huge blisters which had burst so in the Bad Mummy stakes I am a champion :-)

  8. Your Emily is such a cute, alert wee babe. I can tell she is thoroughly spoilt. I'm enjoying catching up and looking at her pics. So pleased you get to see plenty of her.

  9. I say, if Brylee wants to run, then let her run. Noting is more embarassing for a child than a parent telling the teachers she can't do something that she knows she can!

  10. Ugh don't you hate when you forget something for the kids! I was trying to get Trevor's ball uniform washed in 15 minutes yesterday lol.

    Emily and Griffin are so cute :)


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