Friday, April 15, 2011


ABOVE:  this little Darling only has to whimper and someone jumps up to cluck over her!  Seriously, Steve and I almost fight over her... who gets to her first gets the cuddles...  She is one of most happy babies I've ever come across.

ABOVE:  Teddy and Coco have checked her out... Teddy is not in the least bit interested, Coco thinks she's pretty neat to sleep beside.  So damn cute.

TODAY:  last day of school for two weeks.  The kids will be at home with me and Steve for the first week... then we are having our Grandson Joshua and his brother Damien to stay for the second week as well.  At least Steve can help me entertain them this time!  Yaaaa for small mercies. 

What else... oh yes... Kelly and Rena are arriving this evening for the weekend too... so a full house again. 

And I have decided that the quilt will have med/dark blue sashings!  I got some gorgeous fabric that really goes well with the blues... not too dark.  I will show you all later...

Well as you can probably guess... I've been a busy Tart today... what with doing the washing, vacuming, washing the floors and  clucking over this wee one:

 ABOVE:  Would you believe she slept all night!  10 pm till about 5am.  What a good wee girl.

ABOVE: the other thing I got done today:  I finished sewing all the blades together into their 'flowers'... and now I'm just washing the last lot before appliqueing them to the white blocks.  I want to start on THAT tonight!   It's so exciting seeing a gorgeous quilt coming together.
AND see the blue fabric I found for the sashings?  What do ya think?  It's not a total dark blue, it has variations in the dye and I love it.. it's VIBRANT!  *smiles*

End of Day:  well Kelly and Rena arrived  and now all I can say is "let the fun begin".
DIET: good
nite nite.


  1. Girl if i was there neither of you would stand a chance. I wouldn't set her down. How long is she in the braces? Looks like casts. Is she still miserable or feeling better? Looks happy!

  2. She's a lucky baby to have such a large and loving family around her. That's why she is so happy!

  3. She is just a doll baby! You are so blessed, Chris, to have such a big and wonderful family - and that includes Teddy and Coco! :o)



  4. Can I come and stay at your house too Chris? I need some of the sunshine that you spread. Baby Emily would just melt all my worries away.

  5. Babies are like puppies and kittens - they are so Perfect at that age! LOL -except they take a LOT more work.I have decided that is why God gives them to young people. Just a half hour with one of our grand babies or greatgrandbabies and my back is shot.
    So Yea for young mothers and fathers! :)

    Your little angel is a heart-breaker. I got to see our last one last night because they had to put him in the hospital for bronchitis . He looked so small and wounded because he had an iv in his little hand and it was all taped up so he could not pull it out-but it made it appear like a splint .
    When everybody left the room to go smoke I had him laughing -but he still was conjested and I hated to hear him like that. They are just so innocent -until they turn into a teen-ager???????? Then what in the world happens?????????? LOL

  6. such a proud Grandma!!! Love it!

  7. Penny, NZ7:11 PM

    Hi Chris, I love the blue sashings, looks gorgeous! I can't believe how quick you are at making them! Emily is so sweet, love her expressions.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Anonymous9:39 PM

    That blue fabric is perfect for the background. Goes well with all the blues in the "flowers". Would love to see that pattern done in black and red with oriental patterned fabric! WOMBAT

  9. Anonymous9:39 PM

    That blue fabric is perfect for the background. Goes well with all the blues in the "flowers". Would love to see that pattern done in black and red with oriental patterned fabric! WOMBAT

  10. Anonymous2:42 AM

    I like the blue fabric ~ can't wait to see it done. Emily is growing!! Lucky her to have people fight over her!! lol Babies do that!! ...debbie

  11. What a precious baby!

    I'll be thinking of you...hang in there with that VERY full house of yours!

  12. Oh my goodness she is soo cute!!

  13. It's amazing you have time to do anything with that wee one there. I'd just want to sit and hold her all day :)

    The quilt is looking fabulous!!

  14. She's sure happy a lot. You must be doing something right. Our little one seems to be cranky a lot.


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