Thursday, April 21, 2011


ABOVE:  even when he's tired and grumpy Teddy just looks adorable!  And he is a grumpy boy... he hates having his photo taken! lol

I'm hoping to get back into my sewing today.... I'd love to get more of the 'flowers' sewn onto the white backing blocks.  I think it's going to take a long time though.  No whizz bang it's finished with this one.

Bla... I think I need to do some blasted housework too... hmmm... maybe I can entice Steve to do some??


Holy crap!  Just spent an hour or so going through all of Brylee's clothes... and I have a huge black sack full of stuff that is too small for her now!

Her drawers look a bit empty... but in fact she has plenty of stuff to wear still... except pyjamas.  Yaaa... more to buy.

AS I type... Steve is folding the washing!  AND he hung some out... AND he's vacumed too!  OMG what a lovely boy!

ABOVE:  just when Steve thought he was finished helping me... I found another job for him to do, taking down Griffin's curtains and putting up a blind...

ABOVE:  Steve showing Griffin the differences between screws... phillips and flat heads...

ABOVE:  nearly done...

ABOVE:  taaa daaa.  DONE.  And I'm really happy with how his room looks now...

End of Day:  had a totally lazy evening doing diddly squat!  Cooked roast pork for dinner... was yum as per usual.
DIET:  ok.. as long as ya don't count the Easter Eggs I ate!
nite nite


  1. Teddy does look totally adorable!! Housework really gets is the way of having fun doesn't it???

  2. teddie is just tooo cute... cant wait to see the quilt... and send steve to do some cleaning for me when hes done helping you... scratch that you come we will forgo all cleaning and just relax and enjoy each others company :O)

  3. Does Brylee permit you to go through her clothes? I bet you're getting rid of something you aren't supposed to!
    I dunno about cute, your dog looks pretty menacing with all those fangs poking up!!!

  4. You know how I love Teddy. Cute Cute and doubly Cute. Martinex

  5. Damn, you need to reward that lovely boy! LOL

  6. I'm over jobs now too BUT I CAN see the light at the end of the tunnel....

  7. wowwww Griffin's room looks it !

  8. Housework is never ending! Good thing you have someone around to help you out these days.

  9. Teddy doesn't like pictures . . . I wonder why!?! Steve has been such a help to you since he has come home. Nice!

  10. The room looks super cute!

  11. Oh my goodness... so much to get caught up on! Love all your pictures of the grandkiddos! Sigh... I so wish my house was tidy like yours!


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