Thursday, January 27, 2022


 I'm really nervous!

Today I get my Booster jab.

I'm not looking forward to it of course, but then, who does look forward to injections?

Mine is booked for 1.30 pm this afternoon.  So I just have to keep myself occupied until then.

What can I do?

It always takes me about 45 minutes to get all the 'first thing in the morning' jobs done.  So that's first.

After that, I will probably get into my sewing room and do some more work on runners.

Even though there's no markets on my horizon for ages, there is no reason I can't keep building my stash.

Have the goldfish survived in the big glass bowl I wonder?  I am a bit hesitant to go and look to be honest.

I'll let ya know ... later.  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  How adorable are these two?  Coco is so loved by this boy (and all of us really).  Archer just loves our dogs.

9 am:  The fish in the bowl?

ALIVE !!!!
I am very happy about that.  Long may they last.

Today I've woken to a COOL wind and cloudy skies.  Excellent.  It makes it much more tolerable.

Right, off to get the washing on, do the pool maintenance, bla bla bla.

11.30 am:  And then the freaking clouds blew away and out came the sun.  HOT again.

I went into town and found some more little glass vases, then I went to a Hospice Op Shop and found a couple more.
So, my latest obsession/collection grows:

ABOVE:  When I'm a bit stressed,  I either eat, or shop.  Sometimes I do both... at the same time.  😖

2 pm:   I decided to go to the Base early, have a wander around then get me jab.
I ended up lining up 45 minutes EARLY at the Immunisation Centre.
And they took me early.
Which was great cos I was feeling like running!
The jab itself was fine.  It's just nerves and anticipation that get to me.
A blood test is way worse.

So, I'm home now and feeling fine.  But tired.
I think I tossed and turned a lot last night worrying about the jab.

Should sleep better tonight.

6.45 pm:  Dinner tonight was sausages, mashed spuds and coleslaw.
I'm taking tomorrow night off!  Fish 'n' chips probably.  😊😋

It's unbearably hot.  I went and brought in the washing half an hour ago, and the sun was still burning hot on my face!

Time to sign off ... it's going to be a quiet evening.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good on you for getting your jabs! They are super easy jabs, but tonight your arm will be sore (bruised feeling). I start physical therapy today, not sure what that will be like.

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    We just walked into the vax clinic and they asked how long it was since our second, we said nearly six months and they just invited us in and we waited about five minutes before a nurse came and did the jab. If you could have done that it would have prevented you having to wait around with trepidation. The booster isn't much different to the other two except felt more tired this time and I had an itchy arm for a few days (but then everything makes me itch!). All be over after this afternoon unless we have to have more boosters (not sure that I will, lol). Audrey

  3. I can honestly say that I didn't feel the booster at all! Now I can't say that about my shingles vaccine that I got last week - OMG, that hurt like hell when it went in but I'm glad it's done.

    1. Oh Ya. The Shingles jab was worse than Covid. But, what is worse than that is SHINGLES! I had it about 6 years ago and have permanent nerve damage on my back from it. Ironically, breaking my arm seemed to "take over" my pain receptors for the past 6 weeks. Now that my arm feels better the Shingles pain is creeping back in.

    2. Dogstars, yes... I was waiting to get the shingles vaccine until I was 65 when it's free here. I'd hate to get shingles but apparently the vaccine for that isn't 100% either. That's terrible that you still have pain.

  4. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I'm getting my booster shot at 1.18! Trying to drink heaps of water before then. I was told to drink water before the last 2 and had no side effects just sore arm. Kj

  5. We're not due for our booster until March my test was negative YUSS 💙💙

  6. I had blood taken this morning and booster booked for Tuesday

  7. Congrats on the booster. Keep well.

  8. When I got my booster shot, I could smell Burger King (Hungry Jack?) French fries for about 6 hours.


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