Sunday, January 02, 2022


It doesn't take long for the first birthday to come around !

ABOVE:  It's Amanda's Birthday today.


I just noticed those bruises/marks on her arm, must ask her what happened? 

ABOVE:  Opening her Christmas presents yesterday.  I think she liked them.  And YES, she also got freakin' socks!

ABOVE:  Stew took two of my paintings to his offices.  He wanted to put them on the interview room walls.  Everyone comments on how lovely they look there apparently.

I think they look awesome on those blue walls!

It's supposed to be stinking hot again today, so apart from continuing to wash the fabrics and get them put away, we will probably live in the pool, and hang out with the kids and grandkids.

12.29 pm:  Washing fabric and hanging it on the line all morning.
Folding it as it dries.

Meantime, ...

ABOVE:  First swim of the day, and Mike even got in.  Reluctantly.

edit:  It's too bloody hot for me to even think about getting in the pool!
By the time you get out and get dressed again, you are all hot again.

It's about 29-30 degrees out there right now.
Great for getting all the fabric dry.

Mike, Joyce, Dante and Archer have gone shopping in town.

Bex is waiting for Steve to get back from Thames then they will come back around here.

Steve had to go to Thames  first thing this morning for work, an insurance 'Make Safe' after a flood in a building.

Such a shame he has to be 'on call' while his brother is here.
But work comes first.

Amanda is due here soon.  So it's still like we have a revolving door here.

Tonight's dinner was various flavours of sausages, coleslaw and grated cheese and Kumera Poppas, Kumera rissoles and Mushroom Poppas.

ABOVE: We didn't have a birthday cake.... didn't know Amanda would be here for dinner!
But as we had PLENTY of food, her and the little kids stayed.
I gave her a Kumera Poppa 'birthday cake' !

ABOVE:  There ya go.  The first birthday done and dusted.  lol

ABOVE:  Sparkling... that's a Poppa.  We all love the Kumera ones the best.

It is finally quiet in our home.  Only Mike and Joyce here after dinner.
Amanda left with a car load of  Mrs C's stuff.
One load left for her to take away and it's DONE DONE DONE.

My car is back in the garage!!!
And of that happy note, it's ....


  1. Happy Birthday Amanda! Looks like you got some great gifts! Hope you all have a lovely family day together

  2. Kiwionholidays12:31 PM

    Can’t get over the effects that those pics you did have on that wall,
    Usually putting different shade’s together is tricky but hey you guys have nailed it ,

    Lovely to see your artworks being enjoyed ,,

    Lovely pics last few days

    Catchup soon

    Cheers 🥂

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Those paintings really look good on the blue wall. You are so talented Chris.kj

  4. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Do you see the big white splash looks like a big white dog on the 2nd to the last picture of Mike getting into the water? Ky Girl

  5. The pictures look fantastic. Interview room and tissues? What the hell does he do in there?!

    1. Stews company works in the Wills, Family Trusts, Power of Attorney, funeral planning etc business. He talks with people who are dealing with grief after loosing a loved one. Privacy and tissues are necessary.

    2. That makes sense. And your pictures add a calming vibe.

  6. lolololol who knew Mike was such a big baby with the pool water (although I am exactly the same) xxxxx

  7. Happy birthday to Amanda. Your paintings look perfect for the interview room at Stew's work. The pool looks so blue and inviting ... it's great that you were able to get installed so quickly after you bought your house ... it's so easy to see how much enjoyment family members are getting from it. 🙂

  8. Leeann3:22 PM

    Steve is great, he is such an good son and employee (work needs to come first sometimes) Very dependable, what an amazing example he is giving his boys. Would have got that from You and Stew

  9. Well, that's ironic. Today I am dealing with horribly COLD temps. It is -25 F or -31 C. That is BELOW ZERO by quite a lot! Dogs are freezing their feet in about 1 minute. Why oh why don't I live in New Zealand?

  10. Replies
    1. Explanation and photo on the blog chick.

  11. I think you said you kept quilting magazines and fabric. Anything else from your haul? How fabulous that you got it on a weekend when you had help and Amanda is able to take the extras. I forgot about her shops.

  12. Happy Birthday to Amanda!

    I'm like Mike, takes me awhile to get in the water lol


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