Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 *sigh*, yesterday's Dog Runner was too busy, too much going on.  So today I'm going to have a 2nd go at getting it right.

ABOVE:  I made a start on a 2nd on late yesterday, but I'm going to unpick some of it, otherwise it's gunna be too busy too.  😤😣😟

Once I've done that one, I have a special order for a 'Need Wine... NOW' runner.

ABOVE: The cat is gunna be PURPLE, and the word Wine will be changed to Beer.  So... can you guess who wants it?

I have a niggling feeling I'm forgetting something today?  Meh... it will probably come back to me later on.  Hope it's not important!

Does that happen to you too? 

10.25 am:  Got the 2nd one done:

ABOVE:  Still too busy?
It's not quite as bad as yesterday's .. I think.

I feel sick.  Just too hot.  Even with the air con on in the sewing room!  It looks like we MIGHT get some rain?  Certainly more overcast today and a few big dark clouds around.  
Cross everything we get some rain!

MEH.  I just looked at the weather forecast.  MIGHT get some rain tomorrow.
Then we have a prediction of rain next Mon/Tue/Wed.

ABOVE:  WELL.... I liked it.
Sharing is caring, right?

12.15 pm:  I've now got a pounding headache.
So taking a break for the rest of the day.
No sewing.  No blogging.  Just gunna chill.

9.21 pm:  FINALLY... feeling better!

The headache from HELL today.  Nothing I did helped.  I tried having a sleep.  Nope.  Couldn't sleep. Too hot.
Then SBB's arrived for a swim.
I thought about joining them, but was feeling rather 'throw upish', so decided that probably wasn't a good idea.

Stew arrived home and had to cook his own dinner.

Several Nurofen tablets later, and I'm feeling quite a bit better.  NOT 100%, but good enough to finally manage some dinner.

Now, I am going to call it a day, and hopefully I won't have another day like today in a very long time.


  1. Always forgetting something. The beer cat will be fun! There is no end to the sillyness you can create!

  2. Gorgeous purple fabric...i love the rock statement too...of course probably anyone under 50 wouldny get the joke. Have a great day

  3. I'm sure Lacy will love it!!
    Today seems to be a day of waiting for the other shoe to drop for a lot of us all around the world. Weird.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Enjoy your time out :-)

  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I don't think you are "into" the dog runners. ;-) Sometimes life is like that.

    Enjoy your break. XO, Ky Girl

  6. Yip that has Lacy all over it purple lol!
    It’s stinkin hot here too I’m about to start work ugh!

  7. Looking at the dog fabric I think you need to take the freshest colour and highlight that. Just use the large dog picture and use the little ones for something else. I hope you are feeling better... I've certainly paid that much for two items in a cafe. I miss the days of small sausage rolls, a savoury and a small cake. These days everything is large size and doesn't taste as good as the old days!

  8. Anonymous5:40 PM

    It is too hot for me too. I hate it. Kj

  9. Hope you are feeling better Chris

  10. Hope you have a much better day tomorrow.

  11. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

  12. Hope you are feeling better.
    Still bit too busy in my opinion, try to pick another colour from the dogs.
    I will send you some of our freezing temps for some heat.


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