Thursday, January 06, 2022


 Today I'm going to the nail salon, to see if they will give me acrylic nails?

I really want them done so I can get some relief from the cracking and splitting that I constantly live with.

I decided to shave me legs last night.  First time in weeks and weeks.

Usually I use a hair removal cream, which is probably the best option.

But last night I decided to use a razor.  WTF was I thinking?

ABOVE:  Took a nice nick outta me leg... and about 5 smaller ones scattered around me legs.

Stupid.  Not doing that again, even if it means I have to use the removal cream more often.

NO ONE suggest waxing either!   That shit hurts!

So, back to today.








Sounds about right.

12.15 pm:  And that's done!
It took about an hour and a half...  and I kept them short so I could still type.

ABOVE:  I'm probably not 100% thrilled about the colours I got... there was just too much choice!
And the bottles didn't have the colour on the top, so it was hard to say what colour I wanted where.
I will be better prepared next time and have the colour choices made before I'm sitting there getting them done.

We've just had lunch, and now it's do nothing time. lol
It's overcast today, so nowhere near as hot as the past 2 weeks.

4 pm:  SBBs came over for a swim.  I joined them.  It was slightly cooler in the water today, so just fantastic!

ABOVE:  I am FINALLY working on my tan!   It's only the second day... so a long way to go.
I just haven't been bothered till now.

I've got chicken out for our dinner... it should be nice with some salad.

SBBs =  Steve, Bex and the Boys.
I'm tired of typing it all out.  SBBs it is from now on!

It is a bit cooler today, which is making it much more bearable.
We are supposed to get thunderstorms and rain later on today.

I can't see it.

IF we do get rain, I might have to do a rain dance!  

Time to sort out dinner I think.

Dinner was amazing.  Butterflied chicken, baked in the oven with veges.  Brown Onion gravy with added onions.

Goddam hot as hell now.

ABOVE:   I don't think I can get the fan any closer to me face than this.  My eyes are watering!

Absolutely NO SIGN of friggin rain.  Dammit.

ABOVE:  In Cambridge right now!  Rain.  Pffffft.  Wonder if it will come this way?

I went out and watered the garden/pots etc.
Almost finished and it started to rain.
BIT, FAT raindrops!!!
All 10 of them.

ABOVE:  I had to take a photo for proof.

It has stopped now of course.  Rather glad I did the watering.

ABOVE:  Our sunset tonight.  With the stormy sky, promising rain.  Yeah right.

8.23 pm:   Signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Good luck with the nails can't wait to see them 💙💙

  2. Cooler weather might be on its way lovely 12 degrees here today and scattered showers hoping showers will stay all day.

  3. Have you had acrylic nails before? I have not. Can't wait to see the end results.

    1. Yes, years ago. I love how they look, maybe not the expense though.

  4. Ohhhhh I love the bright colours…….

    It’s a muggy hot day here too.

  5. Love the nail colours. 💅

  6. Love the nails. I get my legs & underarms waxed, not painless but no blood 😁

  7. I forgot to say I sleep when I get waxed including the nether regions 😂…

  8. We just had a massive hailstorm 28mm of hail in the rain gauge, a river from the front of the block to the back. Holes in the laserlight roof on the deck and friends have dents on the caravan and one car. Lucky the 2 good cars were under cover

  9. I hate this bloody hot weather, I really wish It would rain just to cool down. I have been a fat hot sweaty mess for the last few weeks and am over it 😊


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