Friday, January 14, 2022


 My first market of 2022 is on the 31st of January.

I'm not feeling excited about it at all.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, anyone attending the market (stall holders and customers) have to prove they are vaccinated.

I think that will affect the number of people who attend the market.

So it will be interesting to see how it goes.

I think I have enough stock for it, but just in case I need a few more,  today I will work on a couple more cat table runners.

Yesterday I forced the girls to lie on the 'cooling mat'....

ABOVE:  Coco lay there for a little while, but wasn't keen on staying on it.

ABOVE:  And OMG Marley! What a pose.  She really didn't want to be on it at all.  

Isn't she just gorgeous though?  Love them both to bits.

Coco has a double chin!  You couldn't see it when her hair was long.  She's really starting to show her age now... she's coming up 12 in March.

Marley on the other hand is still quite young at 4 and a half. 

Right, time to roll over and look at the news until I feel like getting out of bed, and actually starting me day.

Oh just remembered.  I was talking to someone the other day about gift shops, and she mentioned a fairly new one out my way.  In Horsham Downs.

I'd not heard of it at all, so I might just go and check it out later on today.  It's always good to know what's out there eh?  😊

NO names, but know that I am thinking of you, and love you very much.  Always will. 💙💜💚

10.15 am:

What have I done so far today?

Well... the usual housework.

Sprayed weed killer down the 'dogs' side of the house, which means the girls are stuck inside for a few hours.

I've also done pool maintenance, which meant topping it up with water, putting the pump on and adding chlorine.  Not a hard job at all.

I've also watered some plants, even though you shouldn't do that in the morning.  I do.  I've not killed anything in the garden... YET.

I just saw a sneaky little FBG girl sticking something in my letterbox.

OOOOooooo it's a SECRETE Random Act of Kindness!   I might just go and see what she's left me.

This is fun.

11.14 am: ...

ABOVE:  Well how lovely!  A really nice little candle in a glass jar.  Thanks sneaky little FBGer!

How many times do you think I can re-arrange my sewing room?

Yep.   I had a dream about moving things AGAIN... 

ABOVE:  I took out the 2nd large trestle, and replaced it with a smaller one, then I turned a few things around and.... there ya go.  

It LOOKS crowded in the photo eh?


ABOVE:  I have space at the end of the trestles to actually open the cupboard door for the first time ever...

ABOVE:  and just LOOK at the floor space!  I can swing a bloody cat in here now.  

I hope I keep it this way.  Moving shit is tiring.

I think I'll go and check out that gift shop now.

1.10 pm:  And a nice little block of shops.  Eateries. Liquor store. Hair salon and Barber.  Grocery shop.  All open.
EXCEPT the gift shop.  
It was closed today for some reason.  Open again tomorrow.  *sigh*  😕
I might go back tomorrow.  Or not.

After that I popped into the New World supermarket for a couple of things for dinner this evening.
Now home, got me feet up and just chillin' for a while.

It's stinkin' hot.

I spent 2 hours in and out of the pool this afternoon!
It was amazing.
Then SBBs arrived and jumped in the pool, so I got back in.

God I'm so happy we have the pool.

SBBs were having McDonalds for dinner.  Now we are too.

ABOVE:  Finally a decent photo of this little scallywag (Dante).  Gosh the girls are adorable too!

10.06 pm:  Well dinner was nice, even though McDonalds stuffed up our order and Steve had to go down there and get my burger!  

He's now been banned from their store for yelling at the Manager.

But by the sound of it, he had it coming! The Manager just shoved my burger at Steve, no apology at all.
We had used Uber to bring our dinner, so having to go and collect the missing burger got right up Steve's nose. 

Quiet here now... just Stew and I, watching TV.

Off to bed soon... all that sun and pool time makes for a tired me.


  1. A new gift shop? What will we be seeing later on today? Surely, you must bring something home from the new shop!

  2. I always wondered about the cooling mats guess they're a bust 🥺 batten down the hatches for Cyclone Cody apparently we're going to cop a shit load of rain 💙💙

  3. I did a market here in the United States where I live this past November. Covid was still heavy, but there was no rules for showing proof of vaccination. People and vendors were all supposed to wear masks or leave the building. Guess what, people blatantly walked around with NO MASKS on and even some of the vendors were mask-less! And nobody got asked to leave!!!! I was a nervous wreck all day! Whenever a shopper came into my small space area, I would politely ask them to put on a mask, and they would look right at me and reply "fuck off" even in front of their children! But that's the United States for you. So anyway, having to show proof of vaccination may affect the amount of shoppers willing to come to the event, but at least you wont have to go through what I had to.

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Try a rug on top of the cooling pad. They don't like the feel of it against their skin. I made "pillowcases" for my sisters heatpad one for her cat. Kj

  5. Siobhan puts the cat's cooling mat under her sheet on the bed.

    I might come down for that market, Sio will be working but I will have the day off :-)

    1. It would be wonderful to see you... come for the weekend.. we have spare beds.

  6. I like the layout in the sewing room now. I don’t think I have any options to move mine around but I’m fairly happy with it.

  7. Just finished mowing front lawn its not a big lawn but its getting hotter than i like but its done now and im having a cold drink and feet up. Then will think about lunch.

  8. Obviously your site is working today. Enjoy the heat, deep freeze here with -25C on the way.

  9. You certainly do not have much luck with people getting things right for you Chris be it painters, carpet layers, asphalt workers and even a hamburger 🤦‍♀️ Very frustrating. Can’t imagine Steve being so angry with the Manager to be barred from that McDonalds shop. I know a Manager of McDonald's store in Australia and apparently being barred from a store here is considered last resort with a possible report to police. Unfortunately human error happens all the time and it’s very annoying. A lot of the staff employed at McDonald’s are young kids earning a pittance for their shifts. Glad you got to enjoy your burger in the end though.


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