Saturday, January 22, 2022


 Well... here we are.  About to hit the road and go about 3 hours south to New Plymouth.

We are both quite excited, it's an area we have not explored at all.

While it is the West Coast, so not my favourite side of the North Island, it is usually still very beautiful.

I love the wild seas you can get on the west coast.

Maybe we will be lucky and get to see some lovely rocky beaches?

ABOVE:  One of Bex's cute crochet creations.  

You get that to gaze upon cos I ain't got anything else to show ya right now!  😂😋😊

In case you didn't know, Bex crochets toys and the like, and sells them at markets.

She does very well too.

ABOVE:  And yes, another funny I saw on friggin Facebook.  

You can see and laugh at dozens of things every day on Facebook.  It's very entertaining.

And addictive.  Great way to keep in contact with friends and family, but such a time waster.

I probably wouldn't go on it much at all if it wasn't for my walking group.

It's our MAIN avenue to keep in touch, and keep up to date with EVENTS/WALKS as they are posted.

So yeah, I go on Facebook most days. 😕

Right, enough waffling!   I have to get up and get moving.

Catch ya later on.

12 noon.
We are safely in New Plymouth .
We have had a fantastic drive here. Right now we are about to have lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea. 

ABOVE: It's gorgeous here. 

We got a real BONUS experience just outside New Plymouth... more later.

ABOVE:  some of the gorgeous rocky hills out in the boon docks!

ABOVE:  as we approached New Plymouth, we noticed several planes doing stunts.  So we detoured to the airport and watched them for a while.
It was rather neat!  

ABOVE:  Yes Angela, we did lunch at SALT.  We both had our first ever Eggs Benedict!   And it was delicious.  And you couldn't ask for a nicer setting to have lunch.

ABOVE:  We followed lunch up with a short walk along the waterfront, then popped into an Art Gallery, before coming to our Hotel.

Settling in now.... might go have a swim in the pool before heading out to take a walk through Pukekura Park.

ABOVE:  We had a swim.  It is a salt water pool, so a bit different to what we are used to.  And it is a 'heated' pool, so was luke warm.  But still nice.
After our swim, we took off for Pukekura Park.

ABOVE:  What a gorgeous park!  And we found a little place selling Kapiti Ice Cream in the grounds.  
Why not?
Indeed.  Delicious.

After wandering around there for half an hour, we drove over to look at the famed Te Rewa Rewa Bridge.

ABOVE:  it is a very pretty footbridge, purpose built to showcase Mt Taranaki in the distance.
I want to come back here in winter to get the iconic photo with the mountain covered in snow.

ABOVE:  my darling.  
We have had a most wonderful day so far.
Just waiting to have dinner in the Hotel's Restaurant next.

Bet it's just lovely too.  This is a very nice hotel.

Whoops.  Forgot to end the day.  Will talk about dinner in the morning.


  1. Enjoy your weekend away and have lots of fun exploring New Plymouth :) xx

  2. Have a great trip 😁

  3. Have fun, I'm sure you'll have fantastic pictures for us :)

  4. Enjoy your weekend away. I love Bex's crocheted flower creation ... it's gorgeous 🙂.

  5. Gosh Bex is so clever 😍 have shitloads of fun you two 💙💙

  6. Enjoy your tiki touring, you and Stew have the best time.

  7. Have a great trip. Bex is indeed very clever - she must get it from her mother in law!!
    I'm with you on Facebook. I keep saying I will leave but need it for a couple of groups I would be lost without.

  8. I certainly hope that you are going to explain that giant thing sticking into the sky!

    1. That is the New Plymouth Wind Wand. Just sculptural.

  9. You must be lunching at Salt! New Plymouth is just beautiful, make sure you check out Len Lye and Puke Ariki.

  10. Ew Plymouth is gorgeous love it and Puke park just
    Love it have to go back and take kids festival of the lights!!

  11. What a beautiful day! Great pictures! Waffle Cone!

  12. Coming back online for a second comment of the day. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you and Stew have had a lovely day. I can't believe you've never tried Eggs Benedict before ... my favourite breakfast 😊. Have another lovely day tomorrow!

  13. I can't believe you've just had your first eggs benny. Hopefully not the last.
    Enjoy your mini break. I wish I lived somewhere I could see snow in winter.

  14. Lovely lovely photos of you two and New Plymouth. Magnificent ice cream!

  15. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Love the picture of the waterfall (and your dress is cute!). Glad you were able to get away. Sarah (Melbs)

  16. Such beautiful scenery.....glad you are enjoying your mini-break. I had my first ever eggs benedict in New Zealand....I'd never fancied it as I'm not keen on a soft egg yolk, but I asked for the eggs to be cooked a little more and it was scrumptious ! It's a favourite breakfast treat now if we are away from home. We are having a reasonable winter weather-wise, very little rain but oh so cold when the wind blows (our house name is "Westwinds" - can ye guess why ? 😁) I am so envious of the heat you are having. I know it can get a bit too much sometimes but I'd trade my jeans & jumpers for shorts & jandals any day !

  17. Beautiful! Makes me want to go on vacation


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