Saturday, January 29, 2022


 Today we are working on the back yard. 

Ripping down the posts, concrete edging etc.

We might have a big load ready for the dump by tomorrow.

I will make sure Stew paces himself, it's going to be a stinking hot day.

My arm is still sore, so there might not be much I can do to help, but I'll do my best.

I'm going to get out there soon, while it's still not too hot.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Stew mocked me last night.

I had said I didn't want to 'clutter up' this bench top, many times.

Now I've cluttered it up.


But it's so pretty!

12.56 pm:  Been a busy morning.
Stew went down to the supermarket to do 'his' normal weekly shop.  Mostly snacks, diet coke and personal toiletries.
Then once he was home I went down to Nick Scali and paid the balance of our new lounge suite, as it is supposed to arrive at the end of the week.

Then I've been fluffing around in the house, just doing the washing etc.

Stew is out in the yard.  Luckily we have some cloud cover today.

ABOVE:  He is taking down that section of fencing.  Then ripping up the grapevine, concrete edging and all the stones.  Grass is going there instead.

ABOVE:  Of course, when I suggest these things, I think it's a simple job!  Yeah right.  Poor man is going to take days to get it all done, even with my minimal help.
We will lose about two shrubs.  One tall tree is staying and having grass around it.

3 pm:  And Stew's been digging, chopping and clearing for about 3 hours.  He's finally stopped for the day.

SBB's came over for a swim and chat.  

ABOVE: 4 shrubs ended up getting removed.  One tall tree got to stay as it will look lovely with lawn around it.

ABOVE:  Just the old posts and wooden edging to remove from the old trellis now.  There's quite a bit more to do, but we can pace it out over 2-3 weekends if necessary.

Dinner tonight is going to be something simple... just not sure what yet.
Won't have to cook tomorrow.... Yaaaa!
Steve is doing Lasagne for all of us.

All the green netting that was on the trellis got balled up and put in a cardboard box out on the grass verge with FREE written on the box.
Went in minutes.  BOOM.  Good deed done for the day.

11 pm:  a bit late.... but here it is.  It's been a quiet evening.  We had an easy dinner, just meats, coleslaw etc on buns.
Watched some TV.  YouTube etc.  Time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. It's a NO from me about all the vases you are collecting. You don't need that obsession. Keep the ones you love the most and donate the rest. We pulled out a fence the other day... horrible in the heat! I'm so glad things went better for Steve yesterday. I was also worried about my daughter but her scan seems not as serious as we first thought too. Kids huh? You never stop worrying.

  2. Maybe an ice pack for a couple of minutes sporadically throughout the day might help?? Not much planned here this weekend the other half told his boss to shove his job yesterday!! 💙💙

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    What are you going to do when you need the bench space - imagine having to move all the vases each time!! Before we moved I donated over 15 vases to the Salvation Army Op Shop and still have 7 left - most of them never saw the light of day. I have window sills in this new place so I have put them on a window sill and they catch the light - so beautiful now instead of in a cupboard. Audrey

  4. good morning!... I've got a few bottles like that, I put them on a window sill -- so pretty when the sun filters through. Might be a good alternative to "cluttering" the bench

  5. Ok I LOVE the vases but dont put them on windowsills the sun goes through and boom sun heat fire! True story lol
    A swimmultiple times maybe in order today

  6. I missed the Steve update yesterday. Thankfully, I saw a comment that prompted me to go back to yesterdays post. Glad he got some good news! What a relief!

  7. Enjoy your vases. I like the idea of them on window sills. When you are over them they can go back to the op shop

  8. I would redonate the white ones and keep the pretty glass ones and place them together somewhere. Or in threes and fives around the house.

  9. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Buy a pretty tray to group all the little vases in, easier to move off the bench then

    1. OMG Best idea ever! Thanks so much. I already have a few trays, I'm sure one will be perfect for the 'job'.

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Great idea Anonymous. I never thought of that when I was saying imagine having to move them every time you wanted to use the bench. So many minds all solving the problems as they arise. Audrey


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