Sunday, January 09, 2022


 There's a new advert on the telly for Toyota.

And there's background music that caught my attention.

I had to find out who sings it.  And I did.

I shall share, but it probably won't be to many people's taste.  Too bad!  I like it, and it's my blog!   😏

Sunday sleep in... pretty much like the past two weeks really!  Sadly, it will be Stew's last sleep in for a while.  He, like so many people, will be back at work tomorrow.

I feel a bit guilty.... but I'll get over it! 😂😃😉

10.26 am:  Where is LACY when ya need her eh?
Nowhere to be seen.  Hiding out from us that's for sure.  Too busy doing her own thing.
edit:  Seems Lacy is annoyed at my post!  Oh well... it FEELS like she's staying away from us.

But anyway... I could have done with her help today.   I groomed the dogs ears and tails... in readiness for them to get groomed 'properly' on Tuesday.

Coco's ears were not too bad, and one of Marley's was Ok too.  But Marley's left ear?  OMG.  Nightmare.  Can't think why it was so knotted.  

But as with all the big jobs, you just make a start and plod on.

Done now and I can send them off on Tuesday knot free.

It's wonderful having non-shedding dogs, but that means you have a much harder job keeping them knot free and smelling nice. 

We just had a shower of rain!   And now... sunshine.  It's gunna be a high humidity day for sure.

I got up at 5.55 am to get a photo of the sunrise.  Joke's on me.  We had a FOG!  Yep a bloody fog.  The weather is totally fucked up.

I will be doing a small grocery shop sometime today.  I expect to be taking a trip to Palmerston North soon, so will need to leave the fridge and freezer stocked up for Stew.

LYNDA:  Yes!  I totally forgot about SHAZAM.  I had it on my last phone.  I've reinstalled it now.  Thanks for the reminder.

ABOVE:  Food of summer.
Cheese, ham, chicken, coleslaw on a bun.

SBBs came over with lunch for us.
Wonderful kids, they love us, and show us virtually every day how much we mean to them.

It's the little things that matter.

After lunch Stew and I went to The Base.  He needed to pick up a prescription.
Then we went to Noel Leeming to find a beard trimmer.  For him of course! lol

ABOVE:  A good array to choose from.  As usual, it took a while to get an employee to come and give us some advice.
Noel Leeming can be relied upon to ignore you!
But Stew finally chose one.

ABOVE:  I stood in front of this tower fan that was blowing out really cool air. It was bliss.
I can't wait until we can get our Aircon units serviced, and up and running again.

After shopping we came home and I had a nana nap!  Stew had a swim and did some ironing in readiness for returning to work.
Poor man.

Dinner tonight was Chicken and pasta.  It as rather yum.

We are now just relaxing in front of fans, watching TV till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. That was a great song and fun video too! Gotta Love happy music!

  2. Hope Stew enjoyed his birthday. May he have many more of them 🎊

  3. Nice song and video :)

  4. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Awesome song. Can't say I've noticed it but I often record what I want to watch and ff the ads. Have a nice day. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow but I have no leave at all left. Boohoo

  5. Put the "Shazam" app on your phone. Every time you hear a song you like just push the button and it will tell you the song. I use it often while watching movies.

  6. Oi woman chill, not blinken avoiding you smelly oldies, just doing my thing, it's silly season and well your bat shit crazy as you are, don't need double trouble added 😜 egg 🤣
    Love #2
    #Lacy 💙

    1. Silly Season? I absolutely must have a silly season too!

  7. Love the song. We have shedding dogs but they don't get knotted. Well our long hair boy does a bit but they are such lovely dogs I forgive them.

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Great song - love it. Sarah

  9. When you get your air conditioning fixed, I have a suggestion, many other people have mentioned it previously too - turn it on and leave it on.

    It is very hard on the system and expensive to have it constantly trying to cool a very hot house. It is easier for it to maintain.

    You can set the temperature level slightly higher to reduce cost, and it will still feel much cooler than outside air.

    You can still use fans to supplement in the room you are using. If it is 85 and humid outside, even 75 will feel cooler with a fan on you inside.

    Depending on what you have, you can add an electronic thermostat to adjust the temperature for you. Ours is set warmer during the day/cooler at night. So it cools the house more so we can sleep better, when it is more efficient/the sun is down.

    In the winter we have the similar philosophy. The furnace clicks on to warm very early in the morning. The sun helps keep it slightly warmer during the day. It reduces the heat at night, we prefer to sleep in a cooler house.

  10. We'd die without AC. No one helps you with anything in the stores here. Even if someone came over they'd probably be 18 and not know anything lol.


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