Sunday, January 30, 2022


 Yesterday I mentioned how my lovely little vases were 'cluttering up' me bench.

I didn't actually MIND, it was just that Stew had to rub it in that I'd harped on about not wanting anything on it!

So anyway, thanks for all the ideas on how to de-clutter my little vases off the bench!

Late yesterday an ANONYMOUS person gave me the PERFECT, BRILLIANT solution!

Thanks ANON.

She/he suggested I buy a nice tray and put the vases on it, making it easier to move them.


ABOVE:  I have a lovely stash of trays already!

Stew chose the one I opted to use:

ABOVE:  I also chose to move most of them to the coffee table.  They look gorgeous there.

AND of course, they can be easily moved if we wish to play cards on the table, as we do sometimes with Steve, Bex and the boys.

ABOVE:  I decided to keep the three taller vases on the benchtop... cos I still wanted some there.

I'm very happy with the move around now.

I was never going to 'get rid' of any of my vases.  I just got them!

If, in the future, I get sick of them... they will of course be donated to family/friends or to the Hospice Shop.

Stew is going to do some more work in the back yard today.  He's not exactly looking forward to it.

He's bleating about me wanting it done NOW!  So he has to get on with it.

He's too used to me wanting things done IMMEDIATELY, or better yet, YESTERDAY!

As I told him yesterday, I don't mind if it takes a few weekends.  (but secretly, yeah, I want it done YESTERDAY 😂😅😋)

I will wait.  I don't want him to crash and burn.

AND Yes, I realise none of the above makes sense.  Take ya time/hurry up/nah, take ya time.... 😂😅😫

While he's doing that, I might just get into the sewing room and finish off a runner I started a week ago.

Catch ya later.

12.45 pm: Well, the backyard transformation is going to be a longer process than I thought.

Moving the stones... is going to take forever!

There's millions of them.

So, slow but steady.

I got all but two of the goldfish out of the pond, put them in an old bucket and stuck them out by the road... FREE on the bucket.

Just had a neighbour come to the door and offer to take them.... so off they went.  Such a relief.  

If I can catch the last two before there's no water left ... well and good.  Otherwise I'm a murderer.

We also put a really big mirror out by the road, it went immediately.

Gosh it's a great way to re-home stuff!

We got visitors, just when I really needed to stop with the stones due to the heat.

Sandra and Neil from Palmerston North popped in.

They'd just been up to Auckland to trade in their BMW on an Audi convertable.

ABOVE:  Super choice car!   I told Stew I wouldn't mind one of them.

IN my dreams of course.

ABOVE: There they go... off home with the top down.  

You can see my bucket of goldfish under our tree... it was only 5 minutes later they got a new home.

ABOVE:  Sandra and I.  

There will be NO MORE photos taken in front of my cow painting!

Neil said "Look, three cows!"

I think Sandra needs to stab him 16 times in the chest!

Cheeky bugger.

And now... it's knock off time for me, it's way, way too hot out there.  

Lunchtime I think.

ABOVE:  Stew, all hot and sweaty after working in the back yard all morning.

After he cleaned himself up a bit, we both jumped in the pool.

It was heaven.

ABOVE:  He got heaps done today.  There was a concrete edge to the left, swooping around to the fence.  You could hardly see it as it was covered by the garden.  Stew had to smash it up with a sledge hammer, took him quite a while.

ABOVE:  Back here the three posts have to be dug out, of course, they are concreted in.

And all the stones (millions of them) have to be taken out.  Big job that one.

While we were in the pool, Steve, Bex and the boys arrived and they jumped in the pool too.

Then, after that...

ABOVE: Steve got to work in my kitchen making Lasagne from scratch!  He even makes the freakin' pasta!

What a man.  Bex is helping him I might add.  Best not forget to mention her!

ABOVE:  Steve showing how it's done.

ABOVE:  Dinner was AMAZING.  So tasty.  Thanks Steve and Bex, Dad and I appreciated it very much.

They have now gone home, and Stew and I are left here... in a food coma.

Might sign off for the day now.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Yep - that tray was a good idea. Now you can move "one" thing around if need be.

  2. Oh I love the tray on the table with the pretty runner!

  3. The vases look perfect there.

  4. Anonymous4:23 PM

    You're welcome!(from the tray suggestor lol) Vases look great on that tray!

  5. It's smoking hot here too bugger it !! How lovely to have your friends pop in a nice way to end the weekend 💙💙

  6. Leeann5:16 PM

    Get the little boys onto the stones, one can full up the trolley and hopefully you have a wheelbarrow or similar for the other. They can see who fills theirs up first

    1. I did think of that but there's just too many stones for them to move. And there's a sloping grassed area to push them up to get them around the front to get them to the pond area Even I struggled with a full trolley full of stones. I will just move them using a small bucket at a time over the next week or so.

  7. Every time you mention Steve's homemade lasagna - I get so jealous !
    Lasagna is my FAVE!

  8. Leeann7:44 PM

    I think we all need Steves recipe

  9. We all need a Steve. And a Bex

  10. About those posts that need to be dug out? We cut ours off below ground level. Stu drilled into them to weaken them so no need to dig them out if your are only covering them!

  11. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Stew does look beat. But good exercise when your job is a pen pusher lol. But an excellent one of course !!!
    Wow Steve is amazing, how many other guys would make the pasts from scratch let alone cook a meal for their parents. It looked delicious. Kj

  12. You sure have some nice looking men to hang around ;)

    I've never made pasta but my son gave it a try once.


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