Sunday, December 22, 2019


I am sure if the previous owners turned up now they would be horrified at what we've done to the gardens on the side of the house!

70% of it has been ripped out.  

ABOVE:  The guys went mad once we decided to put the pool on the lawn!

But it's going to look wonderful once it's all done, and the new lawn is sown etc.

Today the guys are taking shrubbery to the organic dump, then breaking up the existing concrete edging.

Bex and I will finish off the Studio.  We are down to about 3 boxes left to unpack!
There will be some fluffing around in the Studio after that of course, but it should be 'done' by the end of the day.

 ABOVE: Found in the garden, minus her left arm.  I think she's going to the dump.

 ABOVE:  Also found... a retaining wall!  The guys are going to leave it there and level that area around the ROCK... and sow grass.

ABOVE:  I always feel a bit guilty when I strip gardens of all their plants.  But, it was a necessary evil.

We will be planting more shrubs and flowers eventually.


11.26:  we all had a bit of a sleep in today.  Even the little boys!  
Then it was back into it.

The guys have taken a load of foliage to the dump.  Bex and I went shopping for blinds, and a shoe rack for the front door.

 ABOVE:  I got block out roller blinds for the dining room windows.  They cost me LESS than the price of one blind from the Curtain Design Shop!

ABOVE:  Yes, that is the 'shoe rack'.  I wanted something nice at the front door.  This works.  The shoes go in the baskets.

Now... after putting me feet up for a few minutes, I'm going back into the Studio to finish unpacking.  We only have a few boxes to go.

ABOVE:  The final thing we did in the Studio... sorting out the cotton threads and putting them on the thread holders.
Then Bex vacumed... and...

ABOVE:  DONE!  I am a very lucky girl, having a gorgeous Studio to use.

ABOVE:  About to attack the two tree stumps (Sorry OLD MOO - I mean saplings!).

ABOVE:  The guys working on the stumps. 

ABOVE:  The final stump was a right bitch to get out.  It's root system was all twisted around itself and the stump.  But they did it.

Now, we are all taking a break and having a very late lunch (2 pm).

ABOVE:  And THIS is what the rock is going to be used for!  Fun for the kids to climb on, jump off and play around.  So glad it gets to stay.

8.48 pm:  Well... we had a fairly quiet afternoon.  Everyone just chilled out. I pottered around doing little odd jobs.
Steve and Bex cooked Lasagna for dinner with a salad.  Very nice.

Winding down for the night now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. It’s Maggie from Aus. My posts show as anonymous, don’t know why, it looks like a demolition gang and a bomb has struck your garden, my goodness, those two men of yours are hard workers.

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    From the first pictures you showed of the new property, I felt the garden looked rather overgrown and unkempt, so clearly the previous owners were not gardeners. You (or rather your willing "slaves", your hubby and son), will execute your vision and it will look marvellous!

    I am amazed at how fast you have unpacked and arranged things in your house. You are a machine!

    A fan in Canada

  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Sheesh Steve is a friggin legend you have made soooooo much progress and it's looking amazeballs!! George's Mum.

  4. Lacy im sure your help was needed lol

    1. Anonymous8:52 PM

      hey Felicity x I was there to help keep an eye on the boys as they attacked the tree stumps from Hell, I did get a turn with the Axe 😁.....oh and I ate leftovers xxxx
      #Lacy 💙

  5. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Awww you should have kept that statue and put her by the pond

  6. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Wow love it all. Shoe rack is gorgeous. So envious of your studio. What is the unit up by the left hand side cupboard. Looks like bins?

    1. Yes they are like bins. I have put all my fabric scraps in them... color coordinated of course lol.

  7. You've done so much!!!

  8. Man those tree stumps look like a bitch to get out!

    I've been organizing my new craft room a bit (not the last week though lol) I'm embarrassed by how much fabric I have lmao.


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