Sunday, December 15, 2019


Today Stew and I are going to try and concentrate on getting this lot sorted out:

ABOVE:  Because the gardens here are so much smaller... it's going to be difficult to find places to put this lot.

But... we will get it sorted I'm sure.

 ABOVE:  I have started putting out some Christmas decorations!

ABOVE:  Needs different lights to be more effective I think. Or I could just wind the lights around the bottle?  Yeah, that might look better.
And double sided tape would have looked better to hold them on there, but well... that's in a box SOMEWHERE in the garage!  So Blu Tack it is.

ABOVE:  yep... much better. *smiles*

Right... I better get up and start the day.  


ABOVE:  He's started on the gardens.  
And I've been hanging pictures since 7 am, and I've still not finished.

OMG KELLY... you say you offered to help us with our move?  Like HELL you did.  NOT ONCE did you offer, you only made EXCUSES why you couldn't.  I really don't understand people who believe their own bullshit.  

Rant over.... AND I'm fuming.

As THE OLD MOO pointed out to me just before, Amanda and Russell have been just as conspicuous in their 'absence'.  I had not planned on saying anything on my blog about it, but I'm just so DISAPPOINTED in the three kids who live here in Hamilton.  How hard would it have been to enquire if we needed a hand?  Offered even? 

 ABOVE:  Unexpected, but very welcome visitors this afternoon, Martyn, Jacqui and their two kids, and Harry the dog.

 ABOVE:  Sofia and Harry got to stay while their Mum and Dad and brother went to the mall.
Harry sat on top of the couch watching out for them... he was rather cute.

Stew has gone out to a Memorial Service for a long time friend of his.  I opted to stay home with the girls.  I'm not up to going out, hell, I've not even done my hair today!

Once everyone had left, I got a text from Stew.  Saying how about we go out for dinner? 
So we did.
We went to Portofino, an Italian Restaurant in town.  It was a very nice place and the food was wonderful.

Such a nice way to end such a busy weekend.

Now.  Off to bed early as we are both knackered.


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Really clever idea Chris kj

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Some of us have that one child, I’m at the point where as long as she’s happy that’s enough. Take care Jo

  3. It's all looking good! Those plants will be no problem to find homes for. They look great just like that - ina big cluster!

  4. With some children it's ALWAYS a one way street; they call upon you when they need you in particular to do something for them or to have you side with them in an argument. To be honest you can't do anything about another persons character, not even your own child(ren), there is nothing you can do if they're not kind, generous or genuine in terms of caring & helping others. It's not in their nature and enlightening them on their short-comings will only cause friction. I guess what I am saying is you just have to let it go...

    1. You are correct in relation to letting it go. I thought I had, but NO. I have been on a slow boil for weeks/months. I just don't understand how grown people can be so inconsiderate towards their own parents. Clearly I won't expect a Christmas Card.

    2. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Hope you didn't buy them any christmas presents!

  5. great pix and I love what you are doing with your FAB new house!

  6. Anonymous5:20 PM

    oml that's a bad pic of me lol or do I really look that old lol shit...guess might need to start using moisturiser lol 😂 🤣
    #Lacy 💙

  7. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Yes hard to get people to help...I thought Kelly worked and has the two little girls to look after? Nice that you are living closer to your children....

    1. Anonymous6:30 PM

      Chris's son also work's full time and has 2 kids to look after, he also lives in Auckland, but that hasn't stopped him from helping.

    2. EXACTLY. Thank You.

    3. Unless I have gotten your kids confused, I think anon was trying to tactfully make a point that Kelly actually is helping you a great deal.

    4. Yep I think you have my kids confused. Lacy has helped us HEAPS. Kelly ? Not lifted a finger. Just made, and is still making excuses.

    5. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Yes Vickey I think you may be confused, unless you are actually trying to say something else.