Thursday, December 26, 2019


USUALLY I avoid going out on Boxing Day... it's just not worth the crowds and heat and frustration.

BUT... today I am going out.  Cos Spotlight is having a GOOD SALE on fabrics.  And I have a certain amount of money set aside to re-build my fabric stash.  So, I'm going to make a little dent in it today.

I really only want to get backing fabrics from Spotlight.  I'm not too fussed on the quality of the rest of their 'patchwork' fabrics.  Though I do sometimes get some if it's really pretty.  *smiles*

I think most of us are heading off to the sales this morning.  But we have to be home by mid morning as we are expecting Stew's sister Khady for lunch.

That will be nice I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I can put all the Christmas stuff away, and carry on with getting our home how we like it.  Though I think I've pretty much got the inside DONE?

There's masses to do outside on the other hand!
It's going to look SO DIFFERENT once we are finished with it.

But... for now... let's get a move on and be parked outside Spotlight bang on 9 am!  NOT that I expect it to be crazy busy, they are always having sales really.


Well... We all headed out bright and early for the sales.

Stew and I got to Spotlight just before 9.  NO CROWDS... just a handful of people waiting for the doors to open.

We got the fabric I wanted very quickly:

ABOVE:  I didn't go mad!  I could have easily, but no point when it's not fabric they 'run out of' ever.

After that we grabbed a few groceries and came home to an empty house.

I have a favourite photo from Griffin's visit yesterday:

ABOVE: These two more often than not clash, so it was GORGEOUS to see them relating so well yesterday.

ABOVE:  Hugs all round.  Really lovely.

Now... we await more visitors for lunch today.

We just had some neighbours visit us.  Trish and Karl.  They are lovely!  We had a very nice visit with them, then Steve and Bex arrived back from the shops, so they got to meet them too.

The little boys have enjoyed doing some Christmas shopping, and the family got our Christmas present today too.

They said it was 'perishable', I had no idea what it could be aside from food?

ABOVE:  They got us two new fish!  Very nice gift, thanks guys.

3.49 pm:  Well another lovely lunch!  Stew's sister Khady brought chicken kebabs, which were delicious.
Along with ham, chicken and salads, we are all in food coma's again.  *smiles*

And because I am not into clutter... I've just taken all the Christmas decorations down!  I know it's very early, but I just can't stand clutter, and things out of place.

So, that's a huge job done with help from Bex.  And it all fitted in the wardrobe of Bedroom 2.  No longer stuffed up in an attic.

We are now taking a little break before doing some vacuming and general tidying.  Got two loads of washing done today too.  First load is already out and in again.  It's so hot today, very oppressive heat.  It feels like it wants to rain. But hasn't ... yet.

ABOVE:  Khady and her little boy Max.  She spent a lovely few hours with us.  We will see her again in March, when we go on our South Island trip.  Not that she's in the South Island, be we will swing by Wanganui to see her and her home.

DOGSTARS:  Boxing Day is just an extra public holiday.  There is an old explanation for it, something to do with people giving boxes of food to the unfortunate I think?

Bex and I did another run to Spotlight late this afternoon.  Bex decided to look for some cheap wool/yarn.  And I wanted to look for some curtains for the dining room... just as side drapes, not to actually close at night.

I found some.  And ummm... some fat quarters!

ABOVE:  The purple batik ones caught my eye, and before I knew it... I had 'a few' more!
OH WELL... they were on sale after all. 

This evening I spent a couple of hours in the sewing room sorting out all the fat quarters and scraps of fabric mixed among them.
It feels wonderful having all that sorted out. 

And now it's bedtime.  It's been another long, hot day with no rain, even though it was predicted.
Just ruddy big, black clouds and one or two miserable drops.  Just enough to make ya hair frizz.


  1. Me to I hope parking could be a problem.Had a lot of rain yesterday 29 mls and 15 overnight.Dont need to worry about the fire danger for a while.THE OLD MOO.

  2. Hope the fish dont get too stressed over the shars on boys tshirts...what great gift

  3. YOU IDIOTS! ( Steve and Lacy )

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      hahahaha 😂 🤣 💋
      #Lacy 💙

  4. Merry Christmas to you and the family. It IS still Christmas in my part of the world! Can you explain boxing day? I have tried googling but the explanations are vague. What exactly do you "do" on boxing day?

  5. I'm with you - I only put up a few decorations this year but they are all away again!! Glad I'm not the only one who hates clutter - we are off away tomorrow too and I don't want to come home to stuff to put away.

  6. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Boxing Day is an old British tradition, "The name comes from a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants, and the day when they received a special Christmas box from their masters. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to their families." People still leave out gifts for people such as posties, rubbish collectors, etc. Audrey

    1. Anonymous9:14 PM

      so I did not actually know this, call me stupid and all but all for giving gift to posties and the rubbish guys and all, that's for the bit of knowledge Audrey 😊.
      and yea i did only go to school to eat my lunch 😁
      #Lacy 💙

  7. We all know you went to school
    To eat your lunch Lacy, that's when you actually got there.Who knows what you did with the time,you must have got awfully bored.THE OLD MOO.

  8. I'm excited to put our stuff away already too lol. We didn't put much up since I was so busy and we have kittens to ruin glass ornaments.


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