Thursday, December 19, 2019



Under me boobs.  

Anyone else get them?  What do you use to stop them happening or getting worse?

I'm so sore.

I have been using Curash powder, but it's not really helping that much.
I remember using Neat 3B years ago, but can't remember if it helped or not.

ABOVE:  So... apart from those two, does anyone have any other suggestions?

I'd show you how bad my rash is... but well... it's the boobs!  Ain't gunna go there.  *smiles*

I went out last night and bought some of the 3B... fingers crossed it helps?

Right, what am I up to today?

I'm going out first thing this morning to look at pendant lights for the kitchen.
I don't really know what I want yet... so it will be an adventure.  

I might even look at a pendant thingee for above the dining room table too.  While the electrician is here, I might as well get it all done.  (not sure when he's going to do the work yet though)

Then I am coming home to wrap Christmas presents... which is something I loathe even MORE than grocery shopping!  And that's saying something let me assure you.

Later on... this afternoon, we have the plumbers coming to install the insinkerator and new kitchen tap.
I can't tell you how much we have missed having a working insinkerator.  It will be WONDERFUL to have one again.


ANON:  NO,  I'm not going to publish your comment!  I don't consider it 'VULGAR' to talk about rashes on my blog.  End of Story.

Been out for a few hours.  Looking at lights.
I am always drawn towards blingy, over the top things... the prettier the better.
But today I surprised myself and .... well ha ha!
I'm not going to show you until they are up.

I got three pendant lights for above the kitchen bench, and another one for above the dining room table.

 ABOVE: This is my 'collection' of herbs and spices.  Not exactly neat and tidy.
So while in town I looked for a new spice rack.

ABOVE: And at Farmers I found this, 50% off.  They are having such good sales in there, and have for quite a while now.  Hopefully I only need one of them.
I can still use some of my Sistema containers for the stuff I want to have more of.

Nice to be home, it's stinkin' hot in town.  

Off to start wrapping presents now... before the Plumbers arrive.

CRACKED IT!  Got all the Christmas present wrapping done in 2.5 hours.  Super duper happy about getting that out of the way.
Now I'm taking a break. 

I've got WW weigh in tonight, then I'm off to Cambridge for a Christmas get together with some girlfriends.

ABOVE:  Well the plumber is here.  And so far (after half an hour), nothing is done.  The tap might not fit.  So he's fluffing around with that right now.
I'm crossing my fingers right now.

1 hour later.... he's got the tap in.  But the pull down bit isn't 'right'.  But I think he's just going to leave it?

And the insinkerator?  GOES!  Thank god for that.  

Now he's just got to put the filter in for the water tap and he should be done.  And that is done.  Yaaaa.  

Well, it's almost 5.30 and I'm getting ready to go out.  First WW, then Cambridge. I've got me plate ready, gift?  Shit ... where did I put that???


LOL...imagine me jumping up and hunting for ONE LITTLE GIFT... after I'd wrapped dozens already today!  Luckily my befuddled brain remembered where I'd put it.  

So I'm sorted.

I will be back ... (much later), to give you a final update for the day.

10.45 pm:  And I'm just home from my social function in Cambridge.  A lovely evening with some really good friends.

Thanks for all the rash remedy ideas!  Wow there seems to be plenty out there.  Let's see what works for me over the next few weeks.

Signing off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Bummer about the rash! I bet that is uncomfortable. Can't wait to see the lights you choose! (and these old out of date buggers too - still baffled about that one).

  2. Ask at the lighting shop about your "old" lights. Take a photo of what you've got with you, a person in a lighting shop should know about this kind of stuff. I'd be getting some second opinions. I left a long message on yesterdays post for you with my opinion for what it's worth. Sorry Steve, could involve some more DIY for you! ;-)

  3. I get that rash too and under belly fat area too. I use similar products and found that also putting antiperspirant in same area.

  4. i suffer from the occasional heat rash as well. What usually works for me is I clean the area and make sure it is dry then apply an antiseptic cream like Savlon. I hope yours clears up soon. It can be quite painful.

  5. My sister swears by stick deodorant rubbed under her boobs to prevent the sweating that causes it. I do not have as much of a problem as she does, since she got the big ones and I didn't.

  6. I find Neat 3B amazing stuff for heat rash. Very little is required for it to be an effective solution.

  7. I use anti persperant and when its REAL bad i sleep with a teena pad under them...mind you i do sleep alone, not the most romantic sleepwear lol

  8. Lucas Pawpaw for the rash, makes it go away within a day generally then use roll on deodorant to avoid it in the future, or some more Lucas pawpaw. I use it & Siobhan also. You can also use Lucas Pawpaw to for chafing between the thighs (take THAT Anon).

  9. lol... and where do I get Lucas Pawpaw from?

    1. Supermarket in the aisle with the soaps, shampoos etc. It is in a red tub with black writing or you can get a smaller tube. It is around $ 25 for t he tub. Can be used for heaps of stuff including sunburn, chapped lips, dry skin on elbows etc as well.

  10. Lorraine2:19 PM

    The Pharmacy sells the Lucas Pawpaw cream.I also find Bepanthen Cream(also at the pharmacy or Supermarket)

    Southgirl x

  11. I hope Anon is having conniptions over all this talk of rashes!!
    I love hearing peoples hints and ideas as I, too, suffer from the boob and belly rashes.
    And that is one of the reasons I love your blog ... you keep it real.

  12. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Hi you need a cream called hydrozole ask the chemist it has canesten in it for the bacteria and cortisone for the irritation....good for groin rashes too...or on any skin folds...I have been thinking of Anne in Sydney Lose to Live...have you heard from her at all? I miss her blog...

    1. Anne is on Facebook. Anne Kean.

  13. For my herbs & spices, after spending a fortune on fancy spice racks & jars etc, I gave up & now have 2 same boxes in my pantry that they sit in, in the box I buy them in so they don't have to "decant" them into another container - because who has time for that?? When I need them I just grab the boxes from the pantry, use what I need then pop them back. Sometimes they are in alphabetical order (okay that was once!!) but I find it easy to use, takes up less space & no need to remove them from the box they come in to another container.

  14. Hi Aunty, if none of the above methods work for your rash it could be fungal. Try clotrimazole cream (available over the counter) If you are not having any luck with the others. Good luck xx

    1. Thanks Shelley... I will have to work my way through all the suggestions now! Or one at a time and see if any work. lol

  15. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I got something from the dr for the rash under my boobs. nothing else worked. Kj

  16. I think it's fine to discuss rashes on here :) I don't get boob rash thank goodness. I gave up on spice containers as those tree ones took up too much room in my tiny kitchen so I do what Tracy does but buy the jars and actually label them on the top so I can see what I'm looking for. They are all in a tray which I pull out when I'm cooking (well two trays, one on top of the other in a draw type thingy).

  17. Anonymous8:23 PM

    lol haven't commented much lately 😂 suck about ya rash Ma but some rashes you just can't get rid of lol 😂 🤣 ***yes im calling myself a rash***
    #Lacy 💙

  18. I have been using Kiriwai natural deodorant under my boobs for 2 summers now and no rash!! It is all natural and made here in Hawkes Bay. No nasty plastic packaging either.
    Highly recommended it!

  19. I get eczema rash and heat rash under the boobs so I use Palmers Aloe Vera Gel or Banana Boat sell it as an "after sun gel". Just google for local brand. Love your new home.


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