Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Today is going to be BUSY.

Everything should be out of this house TODAY.

We will be spending our LAST night here in Cambridge tonight, before heading off to Hamilton tomorrow morning.

Mid morning today, we will be going into Hamilton, as we are doing the Pre-Settlement Inspection of the house we have bought there.

Tonight the new owners of this home are doing the same thing here.

So... I'm off to get dressed and get back over to the house before the movers arrive again.


Oh and... I woke at 4.10 am AGAIN this morning and that was IT for sleeping.
I feel ILL, I'm so tired.

But moving on.

We arrived back at the house at 7.30, ate some McDonalds for breakfast and got back into cleaning.

There's one bathroom, one bedroom, the garage and the kitchen/dining/family room to go.

But we have to wait for the movers now, so they can take the last of the stuff away.

Then we can finally get everything done.

I keep stressing out over stupid things that I probably don't need to stress over.

Like... the biggest one is : HAVE the people in our new home removed the old spa pool, and did they do any damage to the house getting it out?

We need it gone so we can put our gym equipment in that room.
And of course, they no doubt HAVE.  But I'm still stressing over that.

We are really, really looking forward to our pre-settlement inspection!  Fingers crossed all is at it should be.

 ABOVE:  Last night, for the first time EVER, Brylee and I got to park our little cars in the garage!
We will be doing the same tonight, then.... off to Hamilton!

ABOVE: The view from our unit at the Motor Camp this morning.  It's a very nice motor camp, beautifully kept.

Damn birds started chirping at 5 am ... LOTS of them.  *sigh*

1.09 pm:  Well.

Feeling a bit concerned.
The Hamilton house is being emptied tomorrow.  It's a SHAMBLES as you would expect.  But most concerning to me is :  How do they expect to empty that house of everything ... AND  clean it by tomorrow afternoon?

I have a feeling we will be cleaning tomorrow night till the small hours. 

And OUTSIDE in the gardens?

They have obviously done NOTHING in 8 weeks.


ABOVE:  There is a deadly nightshade plant to the left (out of picture), that is 3 feet high!

ABOVE: Some parts of the section.  Under the grapevine is just a mass of weeds, and the paths are choking with weeds too.  In fact, ALL the gardens and outside areas have been let go. TOTALLY AND UTTERLY LET GO TO WEED.

We expressed our disgust to the estate agent, but it probably won't be any better when we move in on Thursday.

And now... I'm gunna go and wash the garage floor.  NEXT....

 ABOVE:  Lacy giving the house a hug goodbye.  Awwww.

ABOVE:  Apart from the 'Hidden Vista' name, the front of the house is back to how it was when we bought it exactly 3.6 years ago.

ABOVE:  I'm thinking we are just a bit lucky with the weather!  And it's supposed to clear by Thursday for when we move into the Hamilton house.  

2.53 pm:  And we are literally twiddling our thumbs till the new owners of our home come to do their pre-settlement inspection.
And Stew is lying on the floor... SNORING.

I'd take a video, but he might not like it!  lol

LIZ:  yes the spa was gone, and no damage done.  Yaaaa.

 We just got an email from the moving company.  We are seeing RED.  More on that... after the move is over.  Don't want to rock the boat right now.

Well....we took the kids out to dinner for our last day here.
Indian of course...its so yum at the local Hello India restaurant. 

AAbove: dinner was lovely... and it's always neat seeing Griffin. 

Oh.. the new owners of our home were VERRY HAPPY with everything.  We gave them a lesson on pool care and all the other things they needed to know about various things in the house.

Job done. *smiles*

And that's a wrap of the day.

Going to relax now. Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. Wow, exciting. Sounds like you have planned so well that all will go smoothly.

  2. I will be very pissed off on your behalf if the people you have bought from don't present your new house in the way you have left your old one! You are amazing.

  3. Is that the motor camp at Leamington?

  4. You can hold back some money to pay to get it done.

  5. I remember as a child helping clean houses we moved out of. My mom said it was the right thing to do and she didn't want anyone saying she left it dirty. It was a matter of pride. I can't imagine anyone leaving a mess for someone else to clean.

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    How disappointing for you at the new house after all the work you have put into the old home.

  7. Maria1:52 PM

    I wonder if you can charge them for cleaning if they don't do anything? When we moved the previous owners backed into the letterbox with their moving truck and our lawyer had words with their lawyer, end of story we took $200 off the money we paid to them. Maybe cleaning could be handled some similar way? The gardens weren't well kept like yours so that part doesn't surprise me, but they need to clean inside the house!

  8. I'd definitely be getting professionals in and forward the invoice to the estate agent to take up with the vendor.

  9. Anonymous3:12 PM

    yea that wether like came out of no where, like wow man did the heavens open...and please try not to stress about tomorrow Mum, everything will work out, and I'm just down the road xx
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Was the spa gone from the new house? I hope it is not too dirty when it officially becomes yours. It's a shame house sales don't carry the same conditions as rentals which have to be left spic and span for the new tenants. Liz

  11. Anonymous4:43 PM

    If your new house isn't cleaned maybe you can spend an extra night in the motel to give you time to clean or even hire somebody?

  12. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Your old house will be a dream for the new owners.sad to think it probably wont be as good in the new house. Rest day tomorrow? Or is that wishful thinking on my behalf.

  13. You must feel gutted seeing your new home in less than ideal condition. Can you talk to your lawyer to see if he can negotiate a contribution towards having a gardener spend some time bringing the garden back to the state it was in when you made your purchase? You've worked so hard to present your place to the buyers in pristine condition that it seems so unfair if you have to slave away over coming weeks bringing your new place up to a similar standard.

  14. Uh Oh! I don't think many people in this world would take as much care as you are in prepping a house for sale. I would LOVE to buy a home from you. I hope your sellers do manage to tidy the place up. But, I would not expect it to be as PERFECT as the house you are leaving. No matter what you will have that place spruced up , immaculate, and homey in no time!

  15. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I hate cliffhangers lol


  16. I would be gutted to see the condition your new home has been left in... BUT I also know that you will have it looking amazing and clean in no time. It will be a massive job unpacking too but it will all work out.

  17. ugh of course the house you are buying owner's aren't as considerate as you guys are with the yard and cleaning :/

  18. Sandy in the USA9:54 AM

    Well done Chris and good on ya for leaving your 'old' house so clean for the new owners. So nice to be able to move into a home that has obviously been loved and cared for and unfortunately I've never experienced that! Have ALWAYS had to clean a filthy hole at every place to which I've ever moved LOL Wishing you and your family health and happiness in your new place.


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