Monday, December 30, 2019


I grabbed these a little while ago, I thought they might be a nice addition to salads.

 ABOVE:  They are really, really nice!  Heaps of flavour and really crisp.

ABOVE:  Where we once had lawn and garden, we now have dirt.  And the rabbits still love it!  They are just a bit funny to watch... doing belly flops one minute, then flips in the air for no reason the next.

Bex and Steve let them out every day, and I think they regret it when it comes time to put them to bed!  They don't like being put back in the pen... and run around trying not to get caught.  LOL

Oh well... they do eventually get caught, with a few swear words thrown at them.  

Today?  Sorry, but just more progress on the pool I think.  

Well... that's what the guys are doing.  Me?  I want to go and get some more curtain hooks so I can hang the lounge curtains in the Studio, and who knows what else I will get up to?

There's some shops I noticed in Claudelands I wouldn't mind checking out.  *smiles*

So, until I have more to yabber on about... I'll catch ya later.


Woke up with very bad lower back pain this morning.  Still in bed. I've taken painkillers  and am hoping they kick in soon. 
Its not been this bad in ages.

Probably been overdoing it?

Well... it's 10.12 am and I'm outta bed, have put me face on and done bugger all else.

I got some mail today, a lovely surprise in the mail from my girlfriend Sandra, down in Palmerston North.

ABOVE: She sent me a gorgeous little necklace of 4 girls.   I reckon they represent us 4 Palmy girls (Sandra, Chris D, Anne R and me)... am I right Sandra?  *smiles*

ABOVE: Lacy is here dyeing Bex's hair.  Let's hope it's not a disaster!

12.18 pm:  And I went to the Claudelands shops, and the buggers were closed.  So, I will have to visit them after New Year I suppose.

I then went to the supermarket and got a few supplies for dinner tonight.

Then I got home and ...

 ABOVE:  The guys concreted in the side supports this morning, then they scalloped out the middle so we have a deeper part.  Perfect for doing aqua exercises.

 ABOVE:  The little boys showing how deep it will be... well it will be slightly less than that once the sand is put down.

ABOVE:  Me in there too.  *smiles*

It's going to be awesome.

We are expecting Bex's brother, sister-in-law and baby son this afternoon.  So that will be nice.

ABOVE:  Oh yeah... when the guys came inside for lunch, we couldn't help but notice they were dressed almost exactly the same, right down to their underpants!  Too funny.

Well, the rest of the day has been fairly cruisy.  Our visitors came and went, then everyone except me went to the mall for a while.

I cooked Sherhard's Pie and garlic bread for dinner.  That went down very well.

Time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. That's a cool necklace.... representing friends. How groovy.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Lol laugh a minute at your house. I'm so envious that you have family around.

  3. Love the video of Stew and Steve ... looks like they have their work uniform sussed! It's so exciting seeing the progress being made on your pool ... I bet you are looking forward to the first swim in it ��

    1. I am indeed, though I think I will give that 'honor' to Steve and Stew. They are the ones doing all the hard work to make it happen. *smiles*

  4. Wow! I don't recall you doing that much prep work for the last pool. I mean, digging and concrete and what not??!!! I love the images on the sides of the video - it shows off the matching Stew and Steve!

    1. This pool is an upgrade on our last one.. hence it needs more support. We are also putting a small deck on this one to make it easier to get in and out of the pool. It also has to be fenced, unlike our pool in Cambridge.

  5. So funny, my brother, my nephew and my dad all wear about the same thing lol. I bet thinking of jumping in that pool is good motivation for them.


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