Friday, December 06, 2019



Start unpacking.
Buy a smaller laundry tub so our washing machine will fit in the gap. 
Get a plumber to install said tub.
The kitchen fridge is being delivered sometime today.
A glazier is coming to install the dog door in the garage.
A SKY technician is coming to install SKY.

And... we will keep unpacking !

I have more photos and another video too.... in no particular order:

 ABOVE: We have three sheds out the back. A corrugated iron shed which is an awesome size, a wooden  shed of a good size and this one... which is a mish mash of a thing. We are calling it The Marijuana Shed. I think it's for potting plants and so on. Lol

 ABOVE: This will be the dogs run.

 ABOVE: The gym room is about 80% done. We just need to get an electrician in to put power points in there.

 ABOVE: Our table and chairs JUST fit there.

 ABOVE: I put the brazier on top of the stump from that shrub I chopped down yesterday...  while waiting for the trucks to arrive. It looks nice there.

 ABOVE: I now have to find homes for all that lot! Bloody hell.

 ABOVE: The front door area is coming along nicely.
Some of the plants in those pots (above) will probably go in amongst the rocks.

ABOVE: A few more bits 'n' Bob's in the garden.

The VERY LAST thing the moving men unloaded was my letterbox.
They were not looking forward to that at all...  

ABOVE: Those poor men! It took 4 of them to do it... and Stew helped a bit too.
I could hardly watch.

But, they did it and we were just so happy to have everything here.

WELL. I say everything, but in reality we still have two storage units to empty on Saturday and Sunday. 

But for now... there's today to get through. 


11.15: laundry tub is purchased and a plumber is due soon.
The fridge has been delivered.
A curtain company has called in and measured up the dining area for blinds.
SPARK have given me free mobile data for a week because they have messed up the internet change over. We might not have internet till next Tuesday. 

The unpacking is going well.  I'm not looking forward to the next lot arriving from Tamahere!

Lacy was mucking around with my little  hand mixer... and I said just leave it.
But...then I realised what she was doing...

Wait.... DON'T MOCK ME...

ABOVE: I've had this little mixer for OVER 30 years and I never realised you could put the beater bits on the sides of the body like that.
Nope... never ever knew. 
When I think of the countless times I've hunted through the drawer for the bloody beater bits!!! OMG I'm a twit.

Well...I'd  say 70% of what was brought in yesterday is put away/unpacked.

The only tradesperson we are waiting for is the SKY guy. He came but didnt have the right gear for our job so he's gone... might be back today, if not... then tomorrow. 

The new laundry tub is in place so I can get the washing done now.

ABOVE: The new fridge... with onle Diet Coke and a dish of leftovers!  I doubt it will ever look that empty again. *smile*

ABOVE: My new laundry... ready to go.

And yaaa, the SKY man is back so we should have TV tonight. Excellent. Coronation Street is on. lol

Well everything on my list got done today. So cool.

We did a grocery shop before the cupboards are no longer bare.

Time to sign off for the day. Bloody tired.


  1. What in the world? How did you get that thing to your old house in the first place? Love that Giant Vase! Did that come with you or come with the new house?

    1. The letterbox has been with us for 20 years, my brother Vern made it for me. The big pot/vase was one we bought 3 years ago.

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    The Letter Box being done really was neat to watch being done
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Well done to the moving guys, that letter box must weigh a ton!! 😁

  4. OMG What did Lacy do? LOL

    1. Nothing! It was me who was a twit!

  5. Love the mixer! I only recently found out that there is a little thing inside the petrol flap to put the actual cap in when you're putting petrol in the car!
    The move looks as if it's coming along well. The storage units will be a challenge.

    1. Hahaha me too!!! I saw someone else do it at the gas station and thought WHAT??? Does my car have that? Sure enough....LOL.

  6. uh did the one mover guy have no shoes on?

    1. He was too hot. It was probably not safe but oh well... his problem if he dropped something on his foot!

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      nah he was a kewl guy lol 😂 he probably went bine with a sore foot and hand lol 😂 but anyways they were a neaf hearty group of lads 😂🤣

  7. Looking good. Love the house.

  8. You got a lot done in one day. Good on you all!
    Hope you had a good rest to face day 2 :)


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