Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Today I will be attacking the boxes in the garage, that way I might actually get my car back in there by the end of the day.

ABOVE:  A peek at what's waiting to be done.
At least in the Studio there are not so many BOXES!  Just stuff to find homes for.

Lacy is coming over again to help today. So there will be three of us working on those boxes.

I plan on going to the mall at some point today,  as I need to do some gift shopping... and get one posted off in time for a birthday.
I also need to buy some ceramic stove top cleaner.  There's bound to be something else I need... but my mind is literally mush right now... still pretty tired.

The dogs had a grooming appointment back in Cambridge for early January, but it's so hot right now,  I wanted them groomed earlier.  So luckily I managed to get them both appointments (different days) just before and after Christmas at Animates just 5 minutes from here.

I think I will stick with Animates now, I don't see the point in driving the dogs back to Cambridge and having to wait hours for them to be groomed.  

Embracing Hamilton life right?  *smiles*


" Grab the step stool please, I want to look up above the kitchen cupboards to see what it's like ".... 

ABOVE:  Dammit.... need larger ladder.  I'm too damn short.

10.49 am:  Unpacked half of the boxes in the garage.  There's a good few (9-ish) that are fabric and sewing room stuff, and that can wait till I can actually work on the sewing room.

Got most of the towels, table cloths and runners put away.  Now for the rest of the linen:

ABOVE:   I'm not even talking to myself now.
Just overwhelmed with how much bloody linen we have.
I'm putting some aside for Brylee (when she leaves home), keeping some and taking the rest to the Hospice Shop.

Who the hell needs that many blankets/duvets and pillows???   Bloody hell.

 ABOVE: Both linen cupboards are done!  There might be more linen in the Studio... but for now... it's done.
All the 'spare' pillows are under Brylee's 'Storage Bed'.

ABOVE: Bedroom 2 is done too.  Not sure if that Zebra painting will go on that wall yet... but for now it's just sitting there minding it's own business... and staying out of the way.  *smiles*

10.55 pm:  So.  I went over to Cambridge tonight to Card Night.  Stew got home from Rotorua and then had to take Brylee to her work Christmas Function.  Then he came home and had to cook his dinner:  Sausages, Potatoes, Red Onion, Capsicum and herbs 'n' spices.
I had chocolate, chips, dips, Christmas Fruit Tarts and so on.  Not exactly healthy!

Now home and about to head off to bed. BONE TIRED.


  1. Soooo much stuff... my whole house would pack up in the boxes you have in the garage haha. I hate dusting and having stuff around me. Amazing how different everyone is. Looks like your smashing through it all! Have a good day.

  2. I have to agree with the linen. When we moved here I couldn't believe how much we had. So liberating getting rid of it all!!

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I downsized my bedding a few years ago and kept two sets of sheets for each bed. We don’t use flannelette ones so that means even less. I should do the pillow cases, some are really old
    I have one doona per bed but about 5 quilts (and 3 in progress) lol

  4. Ive spent about an hour looking for one darn pillowcase...still havnt found it so the bed wil just have to have a pillow covered that dont match the sheets. Not sure how it is missing cause usely fold them all together...we have had some very strong winds of late wonder if its in neighbouring paddock.

  5. I did a huge linen cull a few years ago. You are making huge progress, it won't be long before you have everything unpacked & then will spend the next year moving stuff around and rearranging the furniture lol.

  6. Anonymous2:28 PM

    We've never had much linen. Each bed has two sets which get replaced when they're worn through. Then each bed has one doona and two doona covers. And each bed has one quilt. And that's it! We also only have two sets of towels for use, and some spares for mopping up spills etc. Definitely an easy thing to downsize! Liz

  7. LOL "I'm not even talking to myself now"... that's funny. Get rid of it!! I am just a little bit surprised that you didn't spend the weeks before moving getting rid of more but I'm sure you'll get it sorted now. You are used to having a large family around you and now you simply don't need so much, I get it :)

    1. I actually did do a bit of a 'cull' when I was packing... but now I'm getting ruthless! I've got a carload ready to drop off to Hospice or Salvation Army tomorrow. Each day brings me closer to having less STUFF. *smiles*

  8. I am not sure what available space there might be in your garage cupboards, but I moved our pool towels to the garage. Off season they are in bins with lock down lids so any stray mice do not get any ideas. Made a huge difference in my linen cupboards in the house. Makes more sense to have them in the garage for us. And maybe for you too, with your washer/dryer in the garage.

  9. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I did a cull of some of our linen recently. Sent towels and blankets to the local dog shelter, used the pretty doona covers and sheets to make drawstring bags for shoes etc when we travel... the rest went to the op shop!

  10. Anonymous10:11 PM

    That anonymous comment was me, AllyS Melbourne. Can’t seem to comment using my Google account any more....

  11. Hope the boxes havnt gobbled u up completely Chris xx

  12. Debbie3:43 AM

    I could have written the part about the linen myself - I just spent 20 minutes angrily ranting at myself as to why we have so many sheets and blankets and why did I pack them all instead of donating some! Just got our broadband up and running at the new place so off to catch up with all your moving posts!


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