Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Seems someone is saying they didn't even know their mother was moving?

Ha ha!  And bullshit.

I have texts saying just that back in August, AND you acknowledging us moving in October.

So really?

And yes I can pick up a phone and ring or text... AND SO CAN YOU.  

It's a two way street.  Not one way.  

AND ... In our opinion it's up to the parents to make sure grandkids get to see and visit their grandparents.

We don't do the running around anymore.  We done that bringing up 8 kids already.

So I'm just a bit annoyed that you are playing the 'I didn't even know' card!  Bullshit like that really does my head in.

OH and by the way all you keyboard TROLLS, this is MY BLOG, and I can say whatever the hell I want on it.  I don't have to justify it.  I don't have to censor it.  It's MINE.

You don't like it?  Don't come back.
I will not publish negative/hateful comments.

Moving on.

Today I have a girlfriend visiting me.  A HAMILTON girlfriend.  How cool.
Shit I hope she likes bought biscuits ... 

She bakes.

Like a pro.

I don't.  Not at all.

Not saying I can't bake, just that I don't.

It's going to be another 'quiet' day.
I promised everyone I would take it easy for a little while, so I am.

Just as well really... I did go hell for leather getting the house unpacked and sorted out ... just a bit.

It's been really good pulling back, the body doesn't ache quite so much now.

And on that note, I'm off to get some washing on, do some 'normal' housework and so on.


I found some pretty lights that I used to have hanging in the kitchen in Cambridge, and decided they would compliment the wreath on the bench top.

ABOVE:  Of course they are blue!  In the photo they appear to overpower everything, but in reality, they don't.  

1.28 pm:  And my visitor (Sue #2) has been, we had a lovely couple of hours yakking.
Lacy popped in too... ate leftovers, vacumed the house and left.

I've pottered around all morning :

ABOVE:  Yet another little video for you.

Do you like the little videos?  Or would you rather have photos only?

REMEMBER :  I will not publish negative comments. So if your comment is not in the comment section... hmmm.  Please don't wonder why.

As I said earlier, I can put on my blog whatever I want ... YOU cannot.

Well the electrician just arrived, sussed out what we want doing, and has left.  We should get a quote from him by the end of the week.

Have I told you that all the lights in the house have to be re-fitted because they are obsolete?  Ya can't get light bulbs to fit them anymore,  and they are so DULL... it's like turning on a candle they are that weak.

NOT looking forward to that quote I can tell you.

Dinner tonight was the humble beef sausage, potatoes and lettuce salad.  Perfectly yum.
I popped out to the mall for some 'stuff' ... for a Wednesday night it was still CRAZY busy!
Christmas shoppers everywhere.

Came home, and just relaxed.  Nice evening in front of the TV.  

I'm ITCHING to get into the Studio... but holding off so I don't get growled at.  lol

Time to bugger off... another day tomorrow.


  1. Everything looks great! And a rest day or two is totally in order! You got that place livable in record time!

  2. And no it was not me saying I did Not know mum and dad were moving, just in case people jump on and think I'm causing mum greff..

    I knew from The start.

    And since the blog comment about me the other day.. Mum and I have spoken.. 💙💜💙 Love ya Mum.

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    The house looks so beautiful! I can't believe how fast you and Stew got so much accomplished. Hope you have a wonderful, RESTFUL, Christmas holiday!!
    Cheers, XOXO
    ~Nicole in CA

  4. Ohhh Love that blue! And about what you say on YOUR blog? Well, it IS your blog and if 'they' don't like what you have to say or think, then THEY need to leave... I enjoy reading your blog and I know you are so ready to settle into your NEW home - I love your new place!!!

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    B family ah. Least mine doesnt talk to me fullstop so no excuses or slander. But doesnt make me feel very happy
    Your blog is yours and I love it cause I know what an awesome woman you are.

  6. So do I love the new place,I love blue also. Dont worry about what your kids ramble on about,they think they know it all like most their age,when they're my age I hope they will realize how awful they were.THE OLD MOO.

  7. What on earth kind of light fixture would be out of date in a house like that? It doesn't look like an ancient house. I am perplexed. As long as the wiring is sound - that should cost too much. I hope.

    1. The house is 23 yrs old. Yes, I would have thought they would be OK... but nope. We are hoping it doesn't cost too much to replace all 17 light fittings that are affected!

    2. YIKES! I don't think light bulbs have changed here in the US for the past 23 years. There are more energy efficient bulbs now. But they fit in the old screw in light sockets. Plus we can still buy the incandescent bulbs as well. That stinks, a rather BIG and UNEXPECTED expense! Well, get something FUNKY while you are at it!

  8. I LOVE the little videos! Keep them coming (for as long as you are interested in doing them). You've made so much progress making your new house into your home - it's really inspirational.

  9. Isn't that something the home inspector should have noticed?

    1. Nope... we had no idea the lights were obsolete. As long as they are 'working' at the time you take possession it passes inspection. And they are working, but we cannot replace any of the bulbs when they blow out. One in the kitchen is gone, can't replace it.

  10. I love all the videos and photos...your house is coming along fantastically Chris, looks great .

  11. I love the videos. I can't believe people are so unkind. Please go somewhere else and look at other blogs. You are doing a great job, Chris. Your house looks really lovely.

  12. We changed about ten light fittings in our rental unit years ago - they all worked but we couldn't get the bulbs out without breaking them! It wasn't too expensive. How crazy though that your's are obsolete.

  13. You will most likely find that your house currently has incandescent bulbs, I'm pretty sure that is what they were called, which are not made any longer. Any new house will have LED bulbs the advantage is they cost a lot less electricity to run. I would potentially get a second opinion about whether by law you must change them but you will struggle to buy incandescent bulbs. My husband knows the residential building code really well being that he is in the trade so if you have the details about what you currently have and what the electrician is suggesting then I can run it past him and check that you're not getting ripped off if you want that reassurance. It might also be worth getting a second opinion or rather second quote, again you don't want to be taken advantage of as the electrician will no doubt pick up on that you're not up with all the in's and outs. I know Steve too will look out for you!! If it is just the fittings that need changing and you don't need rewiring, Steve could well do all that job. It depends what you currently have but you might find there are some options and choices to make like recessed lights. Changing the fitting can be straight foraward and Steve would be more than capable. just that before Steve mounts them fully on the ceiling the electrician just needs to "sight" that the red wire is in the red hole, blue wire in the blue hole etc and then he can sigh it off as being done properly - could be worth investigating if the quote is expensive. It's the last thing you need is these bills coming at this time of year. Fingers crossed it is not as bigger job as it sounds to us not in the know.


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