Monday, December 23, 2019


I bet Stew's a happy man today.
He's going back to work... so no gardening or digging for him today.  lol

Nah, he's not REALLY that thrilled to be going back to work... but he's only got two more days at work, then he's off for two weeks.

Steve and Bex are going out to the mall to do their Christmas shopping today.  I'm watching the boys for them.

Once they get home I'm going out to do some last minute stuff too.

I unpacked the FINAL box last night!  It was one of the shittiest boxes too.   Full of things from our old computer desk, our bedroom and odds and ends from all over the house.  I'm damn glad there's NO MORE BOXES to unpack.

It's been over two weeks of friggin boxes!

Now the 'fun' starts, trying to remember where I've put everything!

I go into the kitchen for something and just go around in circles trying to work out WHERE it might be.  Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get used to where everything is.

Oh the other thing I want to do today is go down to the Doctor's and register us as a family.  And make an appointment for myself.
The cramps are still plauging me... not quite as bad as a week ago... but they are still happening too often.  My legs feel like they are on the verge of cramping ALL. THE. TIME, as is my left arm!  So weird that one.

I have doubled the amount of magnesium I'm taking to no avail too.  So, time to see a Doctor me thinks.

And that's about all I have for now!  No photos.  No videos.  Nothing.
So... maybe I better pull finger, get outta bed and find something to show ya?  Let's see what I can do.


I found a photo:

ABOVE:  Late last night I decided to make a start on the letters for our home's name.

Bex gave me a hand, so it didn't take too long.  Step One done.  Step Two and Three will probably happen today.

1.32 pm:  Well... it's just been go, go, go today.
Up.  Washing. Tidy house a bit. Go shopping... a few last minute presents, then groceries.

It's a bit of a nightmare out there, too many people/cars, and bloody hot.

ABOVE:  Rabbits.

 ABOVE:  This is Lulu.

ABOVE: And this one is Albie.

They loved being in the yard.  Took Steve a while to catch that big white one to put him back in the pot shed.

This afternoon has been dedicated to little odd jobs.  We, (Steve, Bex and I), have hung net curtaining at the end of the garage.  A necessary thing as it is overlooked by the neighbour's living area.  I didn't feel comfortable being in the garage, and having them looking at me.

Steve is hanging a tennis ball in the garage so I know EXACTLY how far I can drive in, and where centre is.  Handy.

I can't remember what else we've done... just little things really.  OH... wrapped all the last Christmas presents, which is good to have done.

ANON:  House name?  If you are a 'friend' on my Facebook, I have let slip on there what the name is.  But I will reveal it tomorrow, so everyone knows.

Tonight we took a drive to Harrowfield, which is a suburb just one over from us.  To look at the Christmas Lights display that suburb is known for.  Well... we were rather underwhelmed, there were not that many decorated houses at all.

The little boys enjoyed it, so that's the main thing I suppose.  We think perhaps it's not as good as it was years ago?  

Oh well, been there, done that now.  

Time to wind down for the day now.  Another day tomorrow, then it will be Christmas.


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    You guys are amazing - so much work undertaken in just two weeks. We still have parts of our garden that haven't really been touched much in 20 years but we love all our trees and shrubs that would probably drive you mad. We have a riot of bright orange peruvian lillies at the moment which come up every year and make us feel so happy. Audrey

  2. Thanks Audrey. I like trees and shrubs too... just not if they are in the way or too overgrown, or YELLOW lol. There's a couple of yellow conifers that have been pruned into round shrubs that are going to get short shift too. But not yet. Far too much else to do right now. They have to wait. Have a lovely day, Merry Christmas.

  3. Leg and arm cramps are also a diabetes sign where blood sugars are out of control. Yes, go to the doctor! I'm glad the boxes are all unpacked and I'm sure you'll move stuff around for weeks (and months and years). Try and relax too and enjoy the family :) Merry Christmas to you and Stew and all the family.

  4. What are you going to call your house.Or do we have to guess.

  5. Just at McDonalds having an icecream after riding around ashburton checking out the lights some folks have made an amazing effort. Much more impressive than last year i went down to dunedin... drive home to lok at my own now

  6. No I'm not on facebook ,but how about the rocks,or 5 fishes,or just the crazy house.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  8. The rabbits are huge!


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