Saturday, December 07, 2019


Today Steve is coming down to help us empty the storage units in Tamahere.

AND he's returning our dogs... well he better be!  They better not have morphed into RABBITS! lol

I know Archer would love to keep the dogs. Poor kid, I hope he doesn't cry when Steve brings them back.

I'm really looking forward to getting all the bits and bobs that make a home YOURS  back again.

I expect it will take us most of the day to get everything back to the house.

Then ... unpacking again.

 ABOVE: Stew getting the new gate ready for the dog's run.

ABOVE: I think this might become one of my favourite places to sit. *love it*

SPARK have worked wonders... and I might have the internet up and running again today... which means I can use my computer. That will be bloody wonderful.


WE HAVE INTERNET. Steve arrived and got it sorted.   So happy !@#£%*!

1 pm: And Stew, Steve and I went out to Tamahere...

ABOVE:  And loaded up.
It took quite a while.
We are now back at the house and taking a break before we start unloading the first loads.

We will only need to do one more trip out there then everything will be here.

Then the fun starts... finding places to put all our stuff!  OMG we have tooooooo much stuff.

I am going to be taking heaps to the Cambridge Trash and Treasure market in January.

5 pm:  And we are finally back with the last of our stuff.

We could have STILL BEEN THERE though.  The Storage Facility is on a private road that is gated and locked with a padlock late at night. 

ONLY today, the security company decided to lock it at 4 pm... and the damn idiots didn't check that there was anyone still at Storage King... WE WERE obviously.

So when it came time to leave, we drove down the road and came to the locked gates and spat the dummy!  I was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  

I rang the company and got put through to someone in MELBOURNE, Australia!  He was there on holiday, so he got the local guy to ring me and give us the code for the padlock.

Thank god!  It was almost the last straw I tell ya.  

Thankfully, now we can all relax and just take our time unpacking everything, finding places to put it, or sell or gift it away.

Steve and Lacy have been a godsend.  Thank you two SO, SO MUCH.  

I hope tonight is our last night having takeaways.  I'm sick to death of them.

ABOVE:  Steve setting up our internet this morning.... it's awesome having my computer up and running again.  Makes blogging 100% easier.

ABOVE :  Today the guys loaded up one furniture truck load, two van loads and two car/trailer loads to get it all home.
They are KNACKERED.  I'm a bit tired too, though I didn't do anywhere near as much as them!

MY BIG JOB starts tomorrow when it comes to sorting it all out.  

That's going to take me weeks.

Tonight we did something we have never done before.  We ordered Pizza... to be DELIVERED to our home!  Cos I'm in me nightie, and both the guys just had showers and are drinking beers.

BLISS.... a relaxing evening ahead.

Signing off for the day... Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. So far, so good - it seems! Yay! Looks like a beautiful day!

  2. Yeah for internet!! That little bridge is very cute and a lovely feature of your garden. Seeing the pump working on the water feature made me remember we have a water feature hidden away in our fernery in our back garden - I haven't used it in ages, so must see if it still works. Happy unpacking today :)

  3. Sounds like great start to a busy day

  4. Can't wait to see how you sort your place out! :D

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    If you need a home for the boat let me know and the ship's wheel lol thank goodness for children helping Ma and Pa well done Steve and Lacy George's Mum.

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Um Wow someone has more stuff than me. Awesome stuff though. Lucky I dont live closer!

  7. Anonymous3:57 PM

    oh look my big skate board trolly thing
    how's it going guys
    #Lacy 💙

  8. You guys r doing amazing job

  9. Anonymous6:31 PM

    How annoying being locked in... and bit funny too....just what you guys didn't need...


  10. It's hard to believe you're finally in your new home... sorting your stuff will take all summer I am sure and then you will have the furniture rearrangements that you're infamous for! We look forward to hearing the updates!

  11. So happy you’re moved! I moved twice this year. But now you get to put together your home. That’s the fun part.

  12. My location is too rural for ordering pizza, but if I could, I WOULD! Is it starting to feel like home yet?

  13. Love the little video, you guys are too cute! Glad you didn't have to spend the night in the storage locker lol


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