Saturday, December 21, 2019


First off for the day, some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  There's the pool arriving.  Doesn't seem that much 'stuff' for the price you pay.

 ABOVE:  Steve hung the heavy mirror above the credenza, it looks gorgeous there.

 ABOVE: He also hung the clock in the lounge.  I think it looks good there.

ABOVE:  Bex making a start on the Chirstmas tree.  She did well.

ABOVE: Another little video, this time of the sun room decked out for Christmas.

Now... today?

Bex and I are going to make a start on unpacking everything pertaining to the Studio... sewing and craft stuff.

When we need a break, we are going down to Spotlight to look at blinds for the dining room.
Their prices are really good compared to that quote I got.

As for the guys?  I'm picking they will be out in the garden.  Clearing the land, taking loads to the dump and so on.

Catch ya later...


Well... we have a rock FROM HELL.

 ABOVE: Steve and Stew dug down to find the bottom of the big rock.  And sadly, we found it was even bigger than it looked.

 ABOVE: Steve tried drilling holes in it, and then slamming with a sledge hammer, but it's just not going to work.

ABOVE:  Yeah.  Steve's a dick.

We had visitors mid morning too.  My Aunty and Uncle from Kinloch, which is near Taupo.

As for 'The Rock From Hell', we are now thinking to try and get 'someone' in to remove it for us.
It's just too big to move without a machine of some sort.

ABOVE: Bex and I have worked in here for about 3 hours, and are taking a break.  Bex has taken the boys to a local park to play for a while and the guys are doing a dump run.

They are going to work on the rest of the pool 
'area' for now, and hope we can get the rock out somehow.

RIGHT. I've just had a brilliant idea.  With the rock in mind.  Now I just have to present it to Stew and see what he thinks.  It will mean a big adjustment to what we were thinking of doing outside...  more later. 

 ABOVE: This is where the pool WAS going.  The rock was too close to the pool site, and would have to be moved.
Moving it was going to cost us hundreds of dollars.

So... I suggested to Stew that we put the pool here:

ABOVE:  On the FLAT lawn, and make the area where the rock is a lawn.  That way we get to keep all the trees and shrubs around the fence line, and have a nice lawn down the end of the section.  And kids can play ON THE BLOODY ROCK.

Then the pool can be put on a FLAT area, and we can fence around it so much easier. 

BOOM!  Problem solved.  I'm feeling VERY CLEVER right now  *smiles*.

Well we all got heaps done today. Everyone is knackered.  Time for bed.


  1. The Christmas tree and sun room look very pretty. Christmas is coming at your house! I absolutely love the mirror over the credenza and how you've dressed it. Gorgeous!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Bex you and Steve did an amazing job on that tree and sun room..

  3. Glad to see you winding down before Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tree loking grand. Rock might be cheaper to figure in the plan rather than moving it.

  5. Love your idea. That rock would be a nightmare to move.

  6. You are so clever. Knew you would come up with a solution.

  7. Inside looking great and now very Christmassy. Great idea for the pool.. The kids will have so much fun playing on the rock

  8. Great solution for the pool

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Maybe make a waterfall out of that rock?

    1. We don't want a waterfall in the middle of the new lawns, so we won't do that. Nice idea if we could have moved it though.

  10. Oh Good! I was on the side of keeping the rock from day one. It seems that with this new plan- the entire pool project will be easier!
    Big Rocks, Rock!


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