Friday, December 13, 2019


ABOVE: I've managed to put the sewing desk in it's place (for now, cos I might still move it ... ya know!).  And then I put the sewing machine on it and plugged it in.   AND IT GOES!  What a relief.   I left the sewing machine up to the moving company to transport here... that might have been a bit risky.  But all good. 

ABOVE:  I had no idea where I was going to put the tea wagon!  Then ... thought of this space.  The previous owners of this home had a huge 'Glory Box' here.  I think the tea wagon looks way better suited here.
I'm not sure what I'll put on it yet, not too much or it will look cluttered.

So, today I'm concentrating on the Studio again.  There is still lots to do in there.  I haven't even started unpacking actual 'sewing stuff' yet!  I've just  been working on getting things out of there that don't belong, and arranging shelves etc.

It all takes time right?

WEIGH IN LAST NIGHT:  I lost 2.3 kgs.  I'm sure that's quite a bit of fluid loss, as I've been sweating heaps!  Let's see what happens over the next week.


8 am:  And I'm outside filling up the fish pond.  I forgot to turn the pump off overnight and it lost over half it's water!  I don't know where or how.  Something to look at at a later date.
But anyway, I'm out front and Delia from Number 19 walks by with another lady, so I call out 'Hi Delia' and they stop for a quick chat.  The other lady was Pauline from Number 20.  *smiles*  Getting to know the neighbours, it's neat.

I'm going out this morning, I've a few jobs to do ... groceries, Heavy Duty picture hangers, maybe a tree?  lol

Well STEVE... I took the entire morning OFF and went shopping.  So stop stressing out about me over doing it would ya?  *smiles*

We got some plants for Wairere Nursery... just a Robinia Lace Lady tree and a Hydrangea.  Stew will get to plant them tomorrow.

We let our fingers do the walking and found some water lily's just up the road...

 ABOVE:  Palmers at Rototuna is a really awesome shop!  Plants, gifts, outdoor furniture and BBQ's etc... love it.
And they had 17 lily's, so I got two.

ABOVE:  Don't they look wonderful!  The one on the right is going to be blue-ish/purple.

Then we went into town on a wasted trip to find a Christmas Wreath holder for the front door... so I've ordered one, and after THAT... we grabbed some groceries and came home.

And now I'm actually taking another 'break', cos shopping in this heat is tiring.

I've just been out again and paid for our new pool!
It should arrive in a week or so.... which means once we clear the area where it's going it can be installed... it's 'just' an above ground, Para Pool ... a slightly better version of the one we had in Cambridge.
With a gorgeous liner:

ABOVE:  isn't it just lovely?  So much nicer than the standard dark or light blue.

So... we decided to prank Steve, and sent him this photo of me about to chop down a tree:

ABOVE: He fell for it and rang me immediately! lol ... as IF I'd chop down trees.
Actually, hold on... YES I WOULD.

But... I will be sensible and leave that up to the men.

Well... after doing bugger all today, I did do a little bit of sorting in the Studio tonight.
And now... it's time to do nothing again.  *smiles*


  1. Thats a great loss. I am sure you had gained some fluid/cortisol weight from stressing over the move too that has now sorted itself out.

  2. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Well done on your weight loss. It could be because of all the physical work you've been doing and not stopping so much to eat ???

  3. What a awesome loss mum good work... I've lost 4kgs in the lasg few weeks and I'm sure it's down to sweat 😰

  4. Awesome loss! Congratulations!!!!! Keep the sweat, I mean weight loss up! 😜😜😜😜

  5. Congratulations on this week's loss 🏆

  6. I wonder why the water disappeared? I didn't know you should turn off the pump at night????

  7. Great result!!!
    Maybe a plant/flower arrangement on the bottom of the tea thingy and a fancy teapot on the top?

  8. Great loss Chris. Pond looks lovly...water lillies do best in still water they would do great in my swimming pool at mo its green and gundgy. Bought the stuff but no idea how to measure water volume lol

  9. Great loss at ww Chris.
    Loving all the pics as you settle into your new home and sort out the garden.

  10. Well done on the weight loss! The pool is going to be a very welcome asset given how hot this summer is probably going to get.

  11. Anonymous4:42 PM

    oml mum your a twat

  12. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Steve is gona get you back for that Ma 🤣😂 :)
    #Lacy 💙 😂

  13. Have a wonderful weekend. Looks like you are powering through the unpacking.


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